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One of the most intricate, entangled, and often toxic relationships we have in our lives is with money. The typical adult will go their entire life without ever truly feeling safe or abundant when it comes to their finances, and carrying some sense of shame or frustration that they’re ‘not doing it right’.

“I just wish I was smarter with my money!” is a refrain that even the most intelligent and successful person will find themselves sharing to those close and trusted, or simply stating in their own head.

For many, their money habits veer wildly between excessive spending on things that don’t actually meet any sort of real need or result in any true fulfillment, and then returning to the victim mode of being poor and in total lack! Spending can feel like a release for the soul when really it’s a quick dopamine hit, or alternately miserly saving and holding on to every penny can mean that the person is never truly relaxed in enjoying their life!

The reality is that all of this is a choice. It’s all (largely) a result of poor conditioning and money beliefs as well as true wealth and abundance education. And it is all 100% fixable. You can have a healthy and joyful relationship with money, and you can start now!


1) Abundance is an Energy First and Foremost

The biggest breakthrough you can have around money, even though it may feel difficult or perhaps infuriating to try and get your head around at first, is that money is an energy. Quit thinking about it as bits of paper and pieces of metal that you need to somehow figure out how to grasp onto, and start to understand that, quite literally, he or she who FEELS wealthy, and feels that abundance – financial and otherwise – is readily available, will also start to notice this reflected in his or her physical reality. Yes, in order to have a healthy relationship with money and also build true tangible wealth, there are practical things you will need to do.

But your energy, your emotion, your attitude towards something, and what you believe about it – these things are the foundation, and they set the tone for how you interact with money, and hold on to or lose it accordingly.

2) Understanding Money Bingeing and Other Sabotaging Behaviours

Bingeing with money, similar to bingeing with alcohol or food, is more often than not a way of seeking to take back control in a life that feels out of control, out of alignment, off the rails. It’s a quick fix and a band-aid, and often becomes a habit, an easy ‘go-to’ to push down anxiety or fear or provide some short-lived pleasure.

The way out of this is THROUGH: through understanding what it is you’re actually seeking in those moments. Where in your life are you not listening to intuition, operating in integrity, or according to your own values? Where are you perhaps simply not taking time to breathe, to be, to pause in your busy life! All of these things, if not attended to, can result in ‘acting out’ with something like binge spending. Binge spending and other sabotaging money behaviours can also be a result of programmed beliefs about not being worthy of money, or money being bad or wrong. More on that to follow!

3) Purposeful Spending and Investing

Let’s be clear here: there’s nothing wrong or bad with spending, and you certainly don’t need to feel guilty, even if what you’re spending on is something that’s just for fun or indulgence! The distinction to be looking for is: is this in alignment for me? Does it expand me, do I feel GENUINELY good about this?

We’re looking for a sense of deep satisfaction and knowing you’re making a positive choice for your own true enjoyment, as opposed to a quick fix.

When it comes to investment choices, similar is true: are you acting from fear or desperation, or do you feel informed, proud of yourself in alignment with your values and money goals?

4) Start Now, You’re Good Enough and Ready Enough Now

As ridiculous as it seems, if you step outside of the situation and look at it rationally – removing emotion! – one of the reasons so many adults never reach their financial goals, or start to feel good about money, is simply that they don’t start making small steps, NOW.

Yes yes yes, you should have started 5, 10, 20 years ago! And? Does that make it logical to now continue to not start, because you feel bad about it? Equally, is it logical to hold off on making small steps to save, invest, make conscious and soul-led choices with your spending because some part of you feels unworthy?

Worthiness is a choice. Right now you can start to act like a person who feels amazing about his or her relationship with money, and trust that the ‘feelings’ bit of it will follow the action.

5) Start Small

Along the same lines, don’t let the fact that you truly can’t save or invest big, or start to buy things your heart desires, stop you from making gradual adjustments in the direction of wealth and aligned behaviour towards money.

As with anything in life, achieving huge results, the kind most people wouldn’t even dare to dream of, really only starts with a very small action taken, but taken consistently.

What if you just made an 0.01% adjustment each day in your actions around money, as well as in your thinking?

6) Creating an Environment of Wealth

When you are wealthy, and feel free and lit up in the area of money, what will be different in your life, in your environment, and within you?

One of the fastest ways to shift results, in any area of your life, is to ‘hack’ the environment. Meaning – create an internal and physical environment representing what will be true when you are ‘there’. Doing this allows you to naturally start to adjust your thinking, the way you see yourself and the world, and in turn your actions. It’s kind of similar to how, if you started to hang out with only fit and healthy people, you’d naturally start to adjust your eating and movement habits. It wouldn’t necessarily feel hard – it would just happen.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend up and ‘act rich’! It’s about asking yourself what smaller things, to start with at least, many of which may cost nothing, allow you to feel abundant and proud of yourself.

7) Rewiring Your Mind and Programming New Beliefs!

Did you know you can rewire your mind, and program in new beliefs? Your current reality, and the way you think about money (and also perhaps think that money thinks about you!), is simply a reflection of what you believe, what you think is ‘fact’.

Well – what if you simply changed your perception of fact? Imagine to yourself what a person who is free around money thinks … feels … believes. Take 10 minutes each morning to practice writing out these new beliefs. Ask yourself what your day would look like; what would be different, if you really believed. Trust that this small focus each day really can shift your inner state over time, and ultimately shift your reality.

8 ) Drop the Story

We all have hurts and grievances to do with money, or areas where we feel ashamed of our actions, and beat ourselves up for not doing ‘better’. How is this serving you? Singing a tired old tune of what you could have done different is certainly not going to help you to see yourself as abundant, or free!

Decide right now today that you get to be FORWARD focused, and that you’re allowed to create a new story.

9) Watch Your Words

By the same token, start to pay attention to words and expressions you use over and over again in talking about money, or what is ‘normal’, or ‘just how life is’, and so on. Your words really do create your reality, in fact they are one of the most impressive tools at your disposal for wiring your brain!

Notice where you are literally creating a future of lack by claiming it through your words. Pause instead, and ask ‘what would I say if I believed I was great with money?’, and then ‘and what action might I take?’.

10) You Are More Powerful Than You Think!

Finally, remember that you are more powerful than you think! In any area you have the ability to change your thinking, your beliefs, your energy, your emotions, and also your actions.

No, it might not happen overnight. But it sure won’t happen by continuing to not take SOME sort of action. So start today. Start small. And start with determination and the knowledge that you are 100% worthy of a GREAT relationship with money – and that it’s available if you simply refuse to quit.

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