21-Day Build Your Self Belief Challenge

21 Days of Powerful and Inspiring Video Guidance to Grow Your Self-Belief and Determination So You Can Take Confident and Massive Action on Your Biggest, Most Scary Dreams!

Join the 21-Day Build Your Self Belief Challenge and receive a daily video with simple transformational tools, strategies and tasks to get you fired-up, confident and passionate about YOU and all that is possible for you.

It’s time to stop saying ‘One Day’ or ‘I Wish’ and start grabbing hold of the life you want to create with both hands!

Have you ever found yourself saying –

I can’t do that?

Perhaps your way of saying it is “I don’t have time”, or “I just need to finish ‘x’ first”, or ‘I wish I could, but …”

Or perhaps you just look at other women – you know the ones; they seem to have it all together and then some – and think “well that’s just not me”.

Can I tell you a secret?

The women who have it all together and are smashing milestone after milestone out of the park? They have nothing you don’t have in terms of skill or knowledge or luck. And I’ll bet they’re just as scared, nervous and uncertain when they start taking action on a big dream. The difference between you and them is simple:

They just believe in themselves enough to take action regardless.

Can you imagine how your life would be different if you –

  • Truly believed you couldn’t fail
  • Thought that anything was possible for YOU
  • Stopped listening to your own excuses

Can you?

Tell me –

In what way would your life be different right now, really, if a year ago you’d started spending an hour a day working on that big, crazy dream to have your own business (properly on your terms)?

Or working on getting the body you want?

Or creating?

Heck even 15 minutes a day spent working on your dreams will get you there eventually.

But you know what WON’T? Not taking action because deep down you’re believing the lie that you can’t.

That you’re not good enough.

That you don’t have what it takes.

And you don’t know where to start anyway.

It’s your time to start creating the life you really want, and the key to that is believing that you CAN!

We’ll cover:

  • How to escape patterns of fear and self doubt
  • Learning to truly GET that you are good enough
  • Breaking through your ‘upper limits’ about how good life is allowed to be
  • Making time to work on your big goals and dreams
  • Daily ‘must-dos’ to feel confident and sure about yourself
  • Who and what to avoid!
  • Bonus resources and tools
  • And a ton more

And I’ll give you lifetime access to the challenge materials as well, so you can revisit them anytime you need to!

It’s time to stop pretending you’re just going to wake up one day and charge out the door to live your best life.

The truth is that most people never get ‘around to’ being who they are meant to be, not because they can’t but simply because they don’t think that they can.

It’s SUCH a lie, and incredible sad.

Say YES to building self belief and taking on the world in the way you know you can.

Join my 21-Day Build Your Self Belief Challenge today and get ready to truly ‘press play’ on your dreams!

Right now, when you join the 21-Day Build Your Self Belief Challenge, you will pay only an INSANELY awesome $29 and that is IT!

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***Oh yeah I DO have fine print! And if I do say so myself, it’s pretty damn fine 🙂

Join the 21-Day Build Your Self Belief Challenge today and pay not $497  $247  $147  $47  $49 just $29 and you will be automatically subscribed to ONGOING monthly payments of $29 for future monthly challenges! *Examples below.

NOTE: you can unsubscribe from future payments ANYTIME, you do NOT have to pay for even one more month after this challenge. The 21-Day Build Your Self Belief Challenge is part of my monthly success mastery membership program “Ladies With Attitude”, and each month we focus on a different topic. Over the past 3 months we’ve done a Success Rampage, a ‘Look Great Naked’ Cleanse, Wealth Explosion Challenge and we just finished the Get Shit Done Bootcamp. Each month we focus on a different challenge! Over the coming months we’re planning a, Lean It Up Challenge, Selling YOU!, Intuition and Inner Power, Living the First Class Life, Make Facebook Love Me Challenge.

So HOPEFULLY you will want to stick around for our future challenges, and remain part of the kickass group of women in our Facebook forum who just like you are COMMITTED to massive success, but like I said – you CAN leave after your initial $29 payment!

So that’s the fine print! Enough detail discussion – let’s get you IN and ready to take action!

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Your Self Belief Challenge Host – Me!

If you’re new to me and my work, big welcome! I’m excited that you’re thinking about jumping straight in and working with me. Love an action taker!

Here’s a little about me …

I’m an author, speaker and entrepreneur, Mum to my beautiful 4 yo daughter and 6 month old son, and I am passionate about helping women just like you to dream bigger than big and make sh*t happen! I spent over 10 years creating success as a Personal Trainer and took my business online in 2007 as a way of trying to cut back my 1:1 hours and escape burnout.kat-main-optimised

After a few years of ‘figuring things out’ I started making money online in 2009, and by the end of 2012 my business was grossing over 30k per month, completely online, and with less than 20 hours a week input from me! These days I live all around the world – living the laptop lifestyle and my business now makes over 6-figures a month, so I can do what I love and live the life I love while helping others!

I specialise in helping other kick-ass women to make money online, doing what they love and have up until now only done that via my private coaching, which is priced to reflect how much I value my time. Meaning – not cheap!! Now, for the first time ever, I’m making my strategy and support available in a way that is affordable for every woman wanting to have her biggest, brightest and most profitable year ever, starting now!

MOST of all what you need to know about me:

There is NOTHING I love more than inspiring, motivating, educating and EMPOWERING incredible women like you to get out there and PRESS PLAY on living the life they were born for.

It truly breaks my heart to see women allowing another day, another day, a week, a month, a LIFETIME passing by and they’re not doing what they said they would, not being who they long to be, not living the life they were BORN for.

I simply can’t stand for it.

I’ve had my share, of course, of failed or forgotten dreams, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that if you want something to happen it MUST happen now. You MUST start now. Because of learning the discipline and ‘what it takes’ of being able to DO that, I’ve been blessed to create a 7-figure (and growing) online business that is also location-free and allows me and my small family (2 kids, more in the pipelines!) to travel the world currently endlessly, and live an incredible life.

I’ve also been able to hit and maintain my big dreams in other areas, such as my health & fitness, my business ‘joy’ and love, the types of places we stay in or live in, how I spend my free time, even the types of friends I have.

My point in sharing this with you … whatever you desire CAN be yours, but if you want it to happen then YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

A Question for You Lovely, Possibly a Tough One –

Be honest now –

For how long, have you been saying that today, tomorrow, this week, this year, whatever, is the day?

And for how much LONGER would you like to continue delaying on the stuff that matters to you?

You do know, I trust, that one day it will be too late?

You do realise, I assume, that just because you HAVE a destiny does not also mean you’ll live it.

The wonderful thing, gorgeous, is that it’s up to you.

Of course the terrifying thing, gorgeous, is that it’s up to you.

So – what’s it going to be?

Another day, another week, the rest of your LIFE frantically trying to make space and time move for you on your own steam, PROMISING yourself stuff that is just not TRUE?

Or are you ready, finally, to commit to creating a new you, now?

I’d love to help.

Ready to take action?

Click the YES Kat! button now and say yes to YOU in joining my 21-Day Build Your Self Belief Challenge, plus automatically subscribe to ongoing ‘kick your butt to success’ monthly challenges (opt out any time!) NOW!

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If you’re still reading, still not sure, still don’t KNOW if you really want to get out of your current state of letting life happen to YOU and level up FAST to getting the stuff that really MATTERS to you done, there’s probably nothing I can say at this point to convince you.

But I will say this:

Life is now beautiful.

If you’re not going to press play now, then when?

You know you can do what you want to do, you know if you’ve been letting yourself done the way you’re doing things now, and you know if – no matter how much you already know or how easy it ‘should’ be to just DO it yourself – you need the support, accountability, guidance and ass-kicking to do this.

Enough is enough, yes? Time to press PLAY!

Click the YES Kat! button now and say yes to YOU in joining my 21-Day Build Your Self Belief Challenge, plus automatically subscribe to ongoing ‘kick your butt to success’ monthly challenges (opt out any time!) NOW!

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Click here to pay $250 upfront for a full year’s membership and save $98!

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