5 Quick Tips To Tighten Up FAST!

"get lean fast"Are you sure you’re doing enough in that ‘hot body’ quest of yours? Are you truly ticking all the boxes? Are you sure?

I mean sure, you do the gym thing. The workout thing at least. You’re pretty regular with it too, aren’t you? That’s something to be proud of. And you eat right, certainly enough of the time. You follow smart principles for making clean eating effortless, and you feel great. Happy with your choices. In control. Even your treat meals are pretty impressively healthy!

The supplement thing? You’re onto it.

Quality protein powder, organic no less? Check.

You’ve even started eliminating gluten and dairy from your diet as a way of fine-tuning.

You are, quite frankly, a paragon of clean living and rightly deserving of some self-love-talk and pride.

So why in God’s good name can’t you get rid of that last little bit?! You know … that poochy lower tummy that just won’t quit. The thicker-than-you’d like back of your arms. The overall puffiness. The extra bit of of booty you’d rather NOT be carrying around.

Do me a favour.

Over the next week (5 days even!), pick one thing each day from the following and just give it a go. It’s true, you ARE doing most of the big stuff really well, most of the time. Enough of the time. I’m definitely not trying to say you should be squeezing in more STUFF. Just being smart about some of the little things.

Cause the supposedly-little things? They can often have the biggest impact. Trust me. Try it. And thank me later 🙂

5 quick tips to tighten up FAST

1. Check the salt.

As a clean eater I rarely choose packaged foods containing added salt.

But you know what I do eat quite often? Ham. Bacon sometimes. Smoked salmon. Turkey from the deli. Ricotta. All very high in salt. Even on a protein/greens/fats based diet you can easily end up with too much salt, and this can bloat you and add puffiness from fluid retention.

Switch to completely unprocessed proteins for a few days and notice things tighten and lift almost like magic!

2. Sleep baby, sleep.

You know that thing called your body clock? It actually matters. Like, a lot.

When your sleep is all over the place (irregular wake and sleep times) and when you don’t get enough sleep or it’s not good quality, your resistance to the fat-storage hormone insulin goes up. Meaning – a lack of sleep or irregular sleep is directly linked to difficulty getting lean. As well as to obesity, diabetes, heart disease.

Sometimes, you gotta prioritise rest. What goes up must go down and all that. And no, doing more is not always better. Speaking of which –

3. Do less.

This go-go-go lifestyle that you lead? What is it really for anyway? What are you chasing so fervently? And do you think you’re going to get there soon? ‘Cause you’re starting to look really tired. Run down. You seem frazzled and stressed. Is it worth it? And – is it working?

You need rest to recover. This means not just good sleep, but days off from the gym. From being busy-all-day-long-with-no-room-to-breathe.

You need stillness as well. When was the last time you did nothing, even for 10 minutes? I don’t mean even meditating but actually doing NOTHING. It’s okay you know. You’re allowed. My favourite blogger James Altucher talks about the importance of doing nothing to allow awareness and clarity to appear and I agree. Try it.

4. Sweat like you mean it!

You don’t have to be a gym bunny for hours a day or even a week. It’s about quality. If your workouts aren’t working, change something! Check out my 12-months+ worth of workouts in my Look Great Naked Training Plan. You won’t be lost for variety or results there!

Long story short, if you feel like it’s just the same-old same-old, I’ll bet your metabolism feels the same way. So try something new. Duh, right? But often we get caught up in our little ‘this is my routine’ habits.

When you do train, make sure you truly sweat and burn at least 3 x per week. This can happen easily in under 20 minutes. My training plan has 21 BONUS options that get you doing just that in 15 minutes or less! Yesterday I hit some sprints for 16 minutes (20 seconds on, 10 off) and I was on the floor like a gasping fish.

Sometimes a stroll – whether it be through the park or the weights room, and I know you know what I mean by that – really just isn’t enough. Remember the important detoxifying and uplifting benefits of a TRUE sweat session and really give it 110% next time.

5. It’s all about the love.

My biggest tip to change your body FAST is to start some serious self-love. Get that mind out of the gutter, I mean with your mind and your words!

How do you talk to yourself? How do you perceive yourself? How do you describe yourself to others or just in your head?

If you know that negative self-talk is an issue for you, you need to do some serious work on this. Your thoughts create your reality, so even if you do everything ‘right’ in the physical world, the way you perceive yourself and what you expect to happen or not happen for you, will absolutely and irrevocably have the power to overcome even the best clean eating and training regime.

You might need to do some deeper work on this, especially if you find yourself often self-sabotaging. But a good place to start is just by daily journalling. Planting seeds of positivity and success. Here’s a mantra to start you off –

“Every day I am becoming leaner and healthier. I love my body. It is easy and fun for me to create an incredible body both inside and out. Including a mighty fine ass!”

You can adjust that to suit you 🙂

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