• From: Kat Loterzo, Author, Speaker, Professional Butt-Kicker & Success Coach to Leaders, Revolutionaries and Top Entrepreneurs.

Look. I get it. You're the QUEEN of taking no shit from anyone (not least yourself!) and of getting. shit. done.
You tell it like it is -
How it is -
To everyone who'll listen (and most who won't).
You're willing to do what it takes -
No matter what it takes -
For as long as it takes -
Until it takes!
AND YOU DO. You pride yourself on getting up earlier, staying up later, hustling your fine ass off and not just in business either! You get the job done in your biz of COURSE. But you also push hard, sweat hard, play hard and go hard at life.
Is there anyway other way, really?
Either go hard or go home, correct?
So why is it then -
(Dare I ask, but you know I DO)
That for such a no-BS take-no-shit QUEEN of making awesome HAPPEN
You've still got a FEW things (shall we say) that you're not making happen?
On the surface it looks great:
You're OH so busy, day in and day out.
You're hustling.
You're moving.
You are shaking things UP!
And the results are showing, OBVIOUSLY.
You're getting more done than anyone you know.
You're REACHING your goals ... kinda.
Because the truth is that as much as you ARE that superwoman, you DO do what others won't so you can live a life they can't, you are indeed DOING THE WORK and you're netting the REWARD of the work you do, there's more.
SO much more.
Your dreams are a LOT bigger than what you're letting them be, aren't they?
And you're hiding. Holding back. Telling yourself that in the REALLY big areas, the stuff that scares you or would just be TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE that you can't do it that way -
Not yet -
And maybe not ever.
Can I tell you something? (You know I will anyway!)
You're running around here! And there! And everywhere! You're the busiest person in the room! You're like a freaking jack-in-the-box, and nobody can keep up with you or know where you'll pop up next! You're moving so fast that YOU don't even know where you'll pop up next!
And that's kinda the POINT here, isn't it -
Just because you're BUSY and even just because you're ACHIEVING doesn't mean you're automatically busy at achieving the things that you REALLY want to be doing.
So how much longer then?
How much longer are YOU, the "no BS" gal, going to keep BS-ing yourself that you can't FULLY embrace the business and life you REALLY want?
How much longer are you going to keep conforming -
Performing -
And shutting up while you suck up doing work you don't REALLY want to do ... in a way that doesn't SUIT you ... and for a community you don't absofuckinglutely adore?
For how much longer are you going to tell yourself it's not that SIMPLE, when you know it's God damn simple?!
For how much longer are you going to keep trying to figure out what you need to TEACH in order to make SALES when you know what you need to do is show up and fucking LEAD?
As who you are.
As who you've always been.
As who nobody else BUT you can be, but also as who YOU CAN ONLY EVER BE?
You're never going to succeed -
Just so you know -
At being someone you're not.
So isn't it TIME then, isn't it time for YOU, Miss Superwoman! Miss Have It All! Miss My Way or The Highway! to actually. fucking. HAVE IT ALL?
I KNOW you don't wanna say no to that!
But yet that's what you've been doing, isn't it?
Every. damn. day.
So enough.
Enough waiting.
Enough hoping.
Enough fucking KIDDING yourself that you're going to magically step into FULL BLOWN LEADERSHIP and owning the awesome crazy wonderful messy madness that is you and your MESSAGE without actually -
(And really quite simply) -
Just doing so.
You wanna know what it would take, to get the fuck over yourself and just do the work you're called to do?
Here goes:
No excuses.
NO more waiting.
And absoLUTELY no more BS.
Either way you want this, were born for it, and it's NEVER going to go away, or you LET GO OF IT AND STOP TRYING TO PLAY WITH THE BIG GIRLS.
So IF you know you were born for this.
And IF you know it's NEVER going to go away.
And IF you know that now is your time to wake up, step up and RISE the fuck up to take OWNERSHIP of your message and the TRUE work you're here to do.
And IF you know that as much as you DO KNOW all of this is true and you do BELIEVE in yourself and you are ready to do. the. work, that you also need a YOU in your corner; except one who isn't going to take ANY of your nonsense and who will not only lead and guide and inspire you but also PUSH YOU OFF THE FUCKING LEDGE?
Then I can help.
I will kick your butt to the high heavens if that's what it takes - and I'll do it as much as it takes, until it takes! - to REMIND you of what you're here for.
I'll get you into alignment and CERTAINTY faster than YOU even preach possible.
I'll DESTROY your excuses and one days.
I will inspire you ANEW with your OWN vision for your life, and then I'll get you into simple, immediate, and MASSIVE effective asskickin' action to actually start living this shit.
You know ... the shit you tell EVERYONE ELSE is possible.
How can I be so sure I can help?
I AM YOU. I've been ALL of where you are. I've ridden that wave WAY out, and then way back in again and I've done. the. work. I CONTINUE to do the work and to kick my own butt as well as allow it to BE kicked by those who are in my corner.
YOU need somebody who, just like you, was born to have it all.
You need somebody who, just like you, KNOWS she is gonna lead.
You need somebody who, just like you, insists on MAKING millions as well as IMPACTING millions.
You need somebody who is LIVING the no BS all-out #revolutionaryfuckingleader life to drag you out of your own crazy head shit and into your own revolution.
And most of all you need somebody who, just like YOU, takes no shit, from anybody, and least of all from YOU.
That somebody is me.
Apply here to tell me where you're at, and if we're on the same PAGE OF AWESOME then I'll be in touch to talk about how I can PERSONALLY kick your butt into alignment and MAJOR effective asskicking action, so that you can:
- Get CRYSTAL clear on your message
- Start shaking the WORLD with it
- Create a LEVERAGED income based on doing what you ACTUALLY WANNA DO for money, and what is also mad cool and FUN
- Attract in your TRUE tribe
- And finally, FINALLY, get past your own BS and into consistent. massive. EFFECTIVE. ruling of the world.
Remember ...
Life is Now! Press Play.
PS. Apply ONLY if you are serious about stepping up as the leader and revolutionary you were born to be. You must be ready, willing and ABLE to do the fucking WORK, and to invest not only serious MONEY in working with me to get the results I CAN GET YOU, but to also invest serious time, energy, FAITH and emotion. If that is you and YOU ARE READY NOW, click here to apply.