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After launching somewhere in the neighbourhood of several hundred products and offers online, it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about how to choose ideas that sell.

The thing is, for me, I don’t really ever have to THINK about how to come up with ideas and I also don’t need to remind myself of the points I’m about to map out for you – selling, effectively, has become more than even a habit for me. It’s become part of who I AM, you can’t take the sales machine side of me out anymore than you can take the Australian part of me out.

But it wasn’t always that way. Sure, selling has been in my blood since day one and I HAVE always been naturally good at it, a hustler since 4 years old in fact! But I’ve also learned a lot about sales over the years and sometimes I think I don’t give enough credit to how powerfully all of that has influenced me, a layering process of years of learning, watching, implementing, making shit up, throwing it at the internet, seeing what sticks, seeing what doesn’t!

I could go on and on about THIS, but let me get into the list for you!

There AIN’T no magical fucking solution, but if there were one for selling, and specifically for how to choose IDEAS that sell, this here would be it!


Okay, so I kinda tricked you on this one by bringing it in as one of the key points rather than goin’ on and on about it in the intro, but the reason for THAT is it IS one of the key points! And look, let’s just talk OBVIOUS fucking success rules here:

If you want to be GREAT at something you need to do it on repeat. More still than that, the smart thing to do is to just do it as part of who you ARE! I don’t have to ever go looking for an idea because they just pour out of me; I can’t keep up if I try! And the reason for THAT?

I practice being an ideas machine every day. I do this mainly in my journaling practice each morning but it’s also ingrained in me all through the day. So step one:

Actively practise coming up with ideas. Do this daily until it becomes automatic for you to just HAVE ideas come to you all day every day, whether or not you’re looking for them. However that doesn’t mean not to do THIS:


Ideas are EVERYWHERE, but you HAVE to be tuned in to them to access them. Think of it like a radio frequency … it’s there the whole time but if you’re not dialled in you’re not going to hear it! Side note: this is true with money also!

So how do you dial in? SIMPLE you choose to. You can command yourself right now!

“I now choose to be dialled in to amazing, high vibe, fun, creative ideas for my business and life all day, every day!” And then: start fucking paying attention.

To things people say –
Or you see –
Or that pass through your mind –
Shit you’re triggered by –
Stuff that excites you –

Don’t for a second however imagine that just deciding once and then putting it out of your head is gonna keep you diallled in. You need to dial in DAILY until it IS automated, hence point 1.

Next up:


That’s it.
Do NOT try and save ideas for later, also don’t try and re-use old ideas that you didn’t act on or which for whatever reason bombed.

That’s disgusting, like trying to paste back on dead skin cells.

Ideas come to you when they’re alive, you don’t act on them they die; simple.

Okay, now let’s break down what SORT of ideas sell.


I believe this is the number ONE most important thing when it comes to choosing which idea to run with and launch. For so many reasons! People totally pick up on your energy, so if you’re into something they WILL feel and respond to that and if you’re not? Well they won’t, they can’t, and selling it will be a painful process for all concerned.

Also when you’re selling something you fully believe in and are excited by ideas for HOW to sell it flow naturally from you. You don’t have to manufacture a join the dots sales process, and that’s how it should be!

The other reason you should ONLY sell shit you fully believe in … aside from the fact you’d be kind of an asshole to sell stuff you DON’T believe in … is that you’ll just struggle to do what you need to do as far as motivation and hustle, if you’re not into it. This is going to be true whether or not you’re driven to make the money from it, no point pretending otherwise!


If you’re truly stuck on ideas that sell or if you have some kind of story going on in your head that people don’t want to buy what YOU are into, then this is one of my simplest hacks or tricks to get you in the ideas that SELL zone.

Simply ask yourself what is the stuff that you’re SO into in your life that you actually forgot you’re into it, because it IS so automated … stuff that to you seems obvious but which is actually something you benefit from because you LIVE by it and have mastered it through discipline and probably years of practise.

When you share with people something that YOU do well, day in and day out, and the results you have from it, and it’s of course relevant to their desires, they WILL buy it. Think about it, would you rather buy information on how to do something just because someone promises to teach it to you, or would you rather just know what THEY do?

Some of my most powerful sales offers have been also the easiest for me to do because they truly are things I do each day without thinking about it, and which people KNOW they need to bring in their life.

My recent Journal Your Way to Rich, Successful, Free program is a great example of this, as was my 30-day Daily Hustle challenge, or many of my previous fitness programs such as my Lean It Up Challenge. Honestly everything I sell is based on what I personally do, and that’s how it should be! But here I am specifically talking about creating offers based on the stuff you do which you think is obvious to everyone.

Go brainstorm on that shit right now!


Sales 101:

No matter how awesome the offer is, if there’s not a reason for people to buy NOW then they probably won’t.

So when you see, choose one or all of these approaches:

– Make it available only for a short time, activate FOMO
– Make a hot deal that expires after only a few places are sold, or after a short timeframe
– Same thing but with a bonus or add-on gift


You can have ALL of the above stuff in place but if you’re not push push PUSHING that idea out there, assertively telling people why they HAVE to have it and why NOW, then guess what?

Your stuff is gonna drown in a sea of social media blah-ness.

Don’t for a second imagine that just ’cause you emailed a couple times or posted on social about it that people saw it, either! Hit the God damn list, as my mentor Frank Kern would say! Over and over and OVER again! If you’re on my list you’ll know I typically email 3+ times a day ANYWAY, but when pushing the final day or two of a launch it can be as much as 8x a day!

Doesn’t seem to hurt me any 😉 … in fact the opposite is true I’d say!


Well, that’s obvious isn’t it?
DECIDE to be an ideas machine.
Do the work I’ve just given you in the above points to do so.
Repeat repeat repeat!

Ultimately the fastest way to achieve success in ANY area of life is simply to create a habit around it and from there to step into BEING it, where it’s so much part of you that you can’t turn it off if you try!

In my Explode Your Biz in a Day workshop, happening live online AND also fully recorded for you this week, I’m going to show you exactly how to do just that.

Success and creating EPIC fucking results in your business and life shouldn’t have to be about thinking, trying, connecting dots,.

It should flow OUT of you because it’s PART of you, and this is absolotely something I can teach you. Quite frankly, learning this will be the single most transformational thing you’ve learned EVER. I know that’s a big call, but I can say it with ease because I also know it’s true, and because I’ve seen it over and over again not just in my own life but with my clients!

I can promise you that if you’re not currently flowing into ideas and selling daily automatically then you NEED to get your hands on this knowledge, and live by it!

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In the Explode Your Biz in a Day Workshop we’ll also be covering!

** The mindset of being a leader and at the top of your niche NOW: I do NOT believe in moving my way to the next level one step at a time, and I don’t believe YOU should have to do that either! When I became ‘famous’ online, it happened in a matter of weeks because I DECIDED for it to. I want to share with you exactly how I did that, how I stepped into it, how I LIVED it and created the results I have now!

** Locking your ONE DAY vision in NOW – this is NOT just about knowing your vision, this is about being able to create it NOW, and know that there is nothing except YOU stopping you from doing that! Let me show you how!

** CONTENT – what do you need to be doing, how much, when, where, what works, what will people listen to and what will make ’em BUY? We’ll cover ALL of that!

** Leveraging and re-purposing! Look, I create a LOT of content, no question. And I will SHOW you how to do that fast. But also? We re-use EVERYTHING. We have systems within our systems, and I’d love to share with you how simple it can be to be EVERYWHERE, all the time, and then some. It’s critical!

** Social media – where to be, how to be there, how to get people to LISTEN – you can’t just show up! You gotta show up with purpose, and a plan. Let’s get you one!

** Email marketing – I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty freaking good at that shit and I’m going to map it down to the T for you!

** FAST funnel magic – my funnels just KEEP kicking more butt, and the best part is? We keep ’em pretty simple. I’m constantly evolving and learning what works on this as in ALL areas, and I can’t wait to show you the latest and how I have conversions over triple the norm, right from the day somebody opts in!

** Authentic sales & marketing – ESSENTIAL gorgeous. And it has to be tailored to you! The cool thing is? When you let yourself DO it authentically, it FLOWS with ease. But in order to do that you need to be tapped in to your message AND your market, and you do need to understand sales. We’re going to go into this in DETAIL.

** Day to day productivity and hustle – let‘s break down exactly what you gotta do each day to get all of this HAPPENING, including the mindset side as well as ALL the work. Balance may be a myth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get all your shit DONE. And you will.

** Getting the right team around you. Support is critical. Obviously. I’ll share with you how I call in exactly the right people on repeat, and how you can do the same as well as when to take support ON.

** Keeping your head in the game and showing UP. ‘Nuff said!

** Plus a whole lot more besides! Be sure to watch the video for all the details on the page for all the deets!

At the end of the day, you can keep on doing what you’re doing now and let success takes its course as it always WILL if you refuse to lose the focus of your vision and keep moving towards it.

But what I’m doing in this one-time live workshop is breaking it ALL down for you, not just the how but more importantly the MINDSET of being this person. Creating, launching, selling, that shit does NOT have to be hard and it does NOT have to take time! Join my Explode Your Biz In a Day workshop today before it closes out and let me know you how!