About Your No Space No Time BS


Here is your problem.

And yep, today we are going to be unspiritual AF and just call it that; get our back-to-flow-and-truth discipline ON without needing to wishy-washing the damn thing first.

You ready? You’re gonna like this. If you like getting punched in the face now and then! And I know that you do.

Your problem is you continue to act from a place of ‘if I had the time and space to flow and then I could just relax and be, I would’.

You know the EXACT things you’d let yourself figure out, take time for, drop into, if only you felt that you were ABLE to let go, and you continue to not do them because you actually believe your own internal BS which is telling you that in ORDER to have time and space to flow and create and BE and let your soul work unfold, you need to first have time and space to flow and create and be and let your soul work unfold!

When in actual fact, all you’re doing is continually spoon-feeding yourself a vomit-worthy stream of nonsense and having to on top of THAT icky little reality also have to get through the entire live-long day each day full conscious of the fact that YOU get to command time,

that it responds to YOU,

and that YOU are the one who is perpetuating the so-called reality of not having time and space, by – choosing to not take time and space!

If you don’t wake up now, yank that emergency cord as hard as you can, and just say STOP to the continual busy-ness of this race you’re running, this not-quite-right-but-hopefully-it-will-still-get-me-someplace-good race, then it will NEVER end.

The list will keep growing.
The people will keep pestering you.
The distractions will keep flowing.

And you will spend your life GIVING that life trying to get to the promised land of HAVING a life; the one you dream of or ‘would’ have if only you could just be.

Busying your days and your mind eternally as you push to do enough, check off enough, get far enough forward to be able to take a breath, and all the while not even noticing fully you are falling for everything except THE thing or things,

which you say it’s meant to be about.

Of course when I say ‘not even noticing’, what I actually mean is – of course you’re freaking noticing.

What? You’re actually going to try to pass off an idea that you can’t feel your soul bit by bit shrink,
claw at you from the inside out,
and ultimately eat you alive?

Yah, okay. Sounds believable.

Of course you might be right! I guess you won’t notice TOO much, because the soul screams will be drowned out by the continual pinging of notifications and shoulds and lists and coulds as you give give give your life for everything the world demands of you, and everything the part of you who doesn’t just BELIEVE thinks you’ve gotta just get on top of,


before you can be.

Meanwhile, of COURSE, the reality is –

You’re just not choosing to trust.

And you refuse to GET it!

To get what you already know, and that of course is this –

Time will stop for you, even stand still, when you require it to.

When you put your hand up and say NO. I no longer allow myself to be pushed and pulled by everything EXCEPT for what is actually pulling me!

I choose to put first things first.
I choose to value my values.
I choose to prioritise my priorities!
I choose to live by the principles which I know are true!

Around where time and space and flow and and RELAXED-ness comes from.


so that ultimately you can build the business and life you see inside of you and dream of, whilst also being fully surrendered to what your life is meant to be about,

then why on earth are you first trying to build the life,

that will allow you to be?!

The things follow the being.

There is no way around this.

Stop the world, today, and act accordingly.