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Join My Aggressive Sales Hustler Workshop Today And Let Me Show You How To Generate An Endless Stream Of HELL YES Ideas That Make Your Ideal Clients Scream YES, So You Can Get Paid Every Day Without EVER Using Boring Launch Formulas Or Selling Shit You Don’t Adore, In A Way That Doesn’t Suit You And For People You Don’t Love! Aka: Let’s Get You Cleaning UP!

Fact: If you can learn how to sell, you can do anything you want, with whomever you want, in any way you want, for the rest of your LIFE and basically just live as you please.

Further fact: if you think you know how to sell but you’re not DAILY smashing your targets, and you don’t COMPLETELY know that you never have to worry about money again, then you don’t know how to sell and you ain’t selling yourself OR me.

Final fact:

I can teach you how to sell and make millions, in a way that is easy, authentic, RAPID result-based and allows you to build a business and life you love.

I’ve done it in my own business.

I’ve helped COUNTLESS others.

And now I’d love to help you!

Wanna know what else?

I can show you how to have a DAMN fun time doing it.

My latest online workshop is HERE and boy is it a doozy! I can’t believe I’ve NEVER, in all my 9 years online and multiple MILLIONS of dollars created, done a straight up sales training! Well, it’s about freaking time and I am BEYOND pumped to bring it for you, because what I have to share with you here?

Is going to make you rich.

CRAZY rich. And then some.

Not to mention –

I’m Going to Show You:

  • The Daily Practices of Being an Ideas Machine
  • My Precise Daily Sales Activities Breakdown
  • The Mindset, Motivation & Energy of a Successful Sales Hustler
  • How to Know When to PUSH, and When to Play it Shy
  • My Personalised 5-S System of Shit Hot Selling: STORIES, SHOCK, SCANDAL, SURPRISE & SCARCITY
  • How to Get Into the Selling VIBE
  • The Critical Importance of Bring Passion and LOVE to Your Sales Process
  • My Create Like a Motherfucker Approach
  • What You NEVER HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO AGAIN When it Comes to Creating, Launching, Selling
  • How Often You REALLY Should Be Launching and Selling, and How to JUGGLE the Multi-Offer Madness!
  • My Simple Rule on ALWAYS Knowing the Right Way to Price
  • The One-Two Punch Upsell, Which Gets You As Much as a 300% INCREASE on Initial Sales!

And You’ll Get These Bonuses!

  • How to Go From Idea to Launch in a Day Secret Audio Training
  • My Hustler’s Cheat Sheet: 10 SUPER High-Level Sales Strategies I Deploy When I Really Want to Blow Up My Sales OVERNIGHT
  • Sales Badass Affirmations and Mantras: 100 Powerful Manifestation Statements I Personally Use to Get My Aggressive Sales Hustler Mood ON and My Ass Into Aligned RESULT-BASED Action

I’m SO In Kat!

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But Wait! There’s More!

As an EXTRA BONUS and to make this way more fun and easy for you, I’ll be creating a Facebook group for you to join on the day, participate in the live discussion, and also I will KEEP it open for a full week after the workshop, so you can come back and ask follow on questions as you get your sales hustle ON. This will be a killer kickass community of fellow HUSTLERS – and me! – to lift you up and hold you accountable.

Why You Should Join NOW!

Duh – you want to make more money, and FAST.

You know you’re holding back and that if you really got your head in the game never mind learned the EXACT sales mindset, principles, and activities that a multiple 7-figure hustler such as myself uses you could easily 10x, fuck even 100x your income over the next few months!

You’re smart enough to realise that if you apply what I’m teaching right then and there you can even make your investment back ON THE DAY, and over and over and OVER again afterwards.

Plus you’re done fucking around and letting everything drag ON so long, you want to know how in God’s good name I am able to create, launch, hustle and sell so MUCH, so OFTEN, so quickly, and you want to NEVER AGAIN HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT sales or launch formulas or ‘rules’!

If all of this is you and you’re nodding your head YES then put your money where your mouth is and say yes now!

Plus if you sign up today you’ll receive a whopping 30% discount!

Was $497, Now Only $347!

Extended payment plan now available on the order form!



I’m a 40-times PLUS Amazon best-selling author, an internationally in-demand speaker, and a private mentor to incredibly successful entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, revolutionaries, celebrities and performers.

I kick the ass of the 1%.

I’m also a Mum to 2 amazing kids (Alyssa and Nathan) and have spent the last few years living permanently location-free and traveling in FINE style all around the world.

I have a 7-figure plus (on its way to 8-figures!) all online business which has evolved gradually since 2007 when I first started blogging. I always knew I was born to be famous and rich and the truth is I always knew what FOR as well, and what my purpose is, even though it took me a long time to learn how to express it and then longer still to stop sabotaging myself! At one point I was over 100k in debt and nearly went bankrupt, but honestly? I didn’t give a fuck because I knew my higher purpose.


I want to help you tap in and act from yours too. It is EVERYTHING.

I cannot (okay will not!) function without AMAZING coffee (this is the one downside of travel, Aussie coffee ROCKS, Italy is not bad also ;)), red wine, my Gold mac and of course wifi.

I pretty much live in my gym gear, and carry my backpack around all day as I like to work from cafes by the beach, in whichever city I’m in, or even on top of a castle in one case! I’ve also been known to run the odd webinar or two from a toilet (don’t ask) and basically I will do what it takes no matter what it takes until it takes to reach MY goals and to also help YOU to step into your fame and wealth as kicking your ass to do that is exactly what I was born to do!

My values are alignment, transparency, a no BS approach to business and life (you won’t see me beating around the bush, I’ll barrel straight through it!), creativity, and doing what it takes. I live and breathe the philosophy of doing what others won’t so you can live like they can’t! If you don’t wanna hustle we’re not going to get along! But I believe in HUSTLE ON PURPOSE and in having it all on your terms and in finding a way to do what you LOVE and (coincidentally!) to get famous and rich for it!

What are you waiting for gorgeous?

You can keep thinking about whether you’d like to MAKE MORE MONEY … or you can COMMIT to the fact that it’s done and you WILL, and then get inside my head, my mindset, and my MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR strategy and learn exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it, and then DEPLOY IT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.


Plus if you sign up today you’ll receive a whopping 30% discount!

Was $497, Now Only $347!

Extended payment plan now available on the order form!





That’s it baby! Time to CREATE –




Remember …

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat xx