Let’s just get something we both know is true out of the way before we go any further –

You and I both know you are different. You’re one of the crazy ones, and always have been. You’ve spent your entire life either wondering if something is wrong with you, or KNOWING something is definitely wrong with everyone else. How they don’t do the things you do, know the things you know, see things the way you see them, which is to say – the obvious way, the right way, the driven can’t be stopped won’t be stopped WILL change the world with her magic badass way.

The you way 🙂

I know that for a long time, you pushed down what’s inside of you. Told yourself it is possibly bad, that you think these things, want these things, want MORE. More what? Uhhh … der. EVERYTHING. Everything you see and feel inside of you and straight KNOW is available.

I know you’ve been told that you are too much.



And that you should tone it down a little, honey. Or some sort of version of that.

And I know, too, that you listened. For a while. And maybe even – for a lifetime.

Wanna know what else I know?
Done and DUSTED, baby.

And they ain’t never coming back, because you? The REAL you, the truest and most unapologetic you? YOU’VE COME OUT TO PLAY NOW.

Maybe for quite a while already.

Maybe just recently.

Either way, the truth of the matter, which possibly you’ve still been just a LITTLE bit hesitant to own, is that you’re BARELY EVEN WARMED UP.

You want more STILL, from soul, from PURPOSE, by doing what you love and were always BORN for, and all of it completely on.your.terms. And?


Because you’re demanding, or materialistic, or think too much of yourself, or let your ego get in the way? No girl, no. BECAUSE IT’S AVAILABLE. Because it always has been. Because abundance is infinite, and unlimited, and a choice, and you’ve always known this! And ultimately?
Pssssst … when I say start?

You KNOW I mean go straight to the end goal, like WOAH.

Introducing ...


A 6 Week Home Study Program, with Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Katrina Ruth to Completely Rewire Your Money Beliefs, and Uplevel Your Financial Reality, Now!
Gorgeous (driven badass revolutionary leader one!), I am so excited to do this work with you.
I’m excited to share the concepts and learnings and the exact day to day practices that have enabled me to go from broke AF and over $145,000 in debt to now heading up my very own soul-led multi-million dollar per year income producing online EMPIRE!

I’m excited to work with you personally on recoding your beliefs, your mindsets, your perception of ‘normal’, your expectations –
And I’m excited to WATCH you change what you are RECEIVING as a result!
I know how badly you want to go to the next money level because it really wasn’t that long ago that I myself was walking around knowing it was available and possible, but not QUITE figuring out how to snap it into reality!

Wanna know something cool?? What I’m working with you on in Aligning to Your New Money Normal is NOT just what I did to completely change who I AM, from being the ‘always broke and penny pinching’ girl who felt SO much fear and shame, to creating a multi 7-figure biz from soul, it is also exactly what I STILL do to continually grow to that next level!

You’ll learn my CURRENT daily and weekly money practices –

Exactly what I do right NOW to manage and also grow real financial wealth (as well as how I got started when it was truly scary to save even $5 a week!) –

What goes on behind the scenes in the cashflow of my business as well as my own personal cashflow –

My CURRENT feelings about money and relationship with money (as well as how I steadily ‘dialled it up’ to be able to think like this, and relate to money like this) –

And even my day to day spending habits, and how I make choices around where money gets to go and flow in order to receive more of it!

Plus, since this is a one-time only course, you’ll also be able to ask me anything your heart desires!

Oh, and that’s all on top of the actual structured content I am taking you through to guide you out of the ‘how do I’ zone and into the ‘JUST FREAKIN' WATCH ME OF COURSE I DO AND AM AND THAT IS THAT’ zone. Details on that below 🙂

AND you will get to keep all content and bonus tools, materials and resources for life, including any additions that are added in the future!

I know!! So good!

Because here’s the deal –

I want you to understand as much as I do that you really really really REALLY –

Do get to be rich.

That it is NOT as hard as ‘they’ say, or what you have allowed yourself to believe.

That while of course there is always work to be done, that work gets to come from flow, from soul, from you just being you!

That just as you know and have always suspected, it really IS just an energy thing.

And that you can absolutely learn how to rock right INTO that energy. The flow lane baby. Not just now and then. Not just randomly or kinda sorta by fluke or accident, so that you’re left wondering how to get back in, pulling your hair out as you eternally ‘TRY’.

But all.

Because it is what you were DESIGNED for, and so ALL we are doing is flicking you into the YOU lane.

The way it freakin' well should be.

At some point?

You’re gonna wanna pull the cord on that whole struggle train, and just decide to be DONE.

Good news:::

Some point is now 🙂

Payment plan available. 

Exactly How Aligning to Your New Money Normal is Going Down!

All content is yours to keep for life, including any new additions which are added in the future.

You will have recordings of all of the weekly trainings that took place during the entire 6 week course with me..AKA Katrina Ruth!

In addition to each weeks deep dive video training you’ll be receiving:

  • Audio trainings
  • Journaling prompts
  • Exercises and worksheets to help you dive in to things that need to come out of YOU
  • ​Templates of my own personal cashflow and money creatin’ spreadsheets (plus up to the minute explanations on how I track and create it all!)
  • ​Bonus resources and tools to support you in areas not directly about money alignment and receiving, but related and INSANELY helpful for you in your biz and life (more details below!)
  • ​Surprises and shenanigans as required!

Let’s Talk About Exactly What You’ll Be Learning – and Seeing Happen!

Week 1: The Truth!

In week one we’ll be taking a good hard look in the mirror (naked!) about your money situation.

What’s really going on right now in your beliefs –

Your expectations –

Your practices (or lack thereof)

And your actual money REALITY aka where it all is and what’s happening with it!

YES this is going to confronting, scary, the kind of thing we so often want to stick our head in the sand about. It feels icky or sad or just plain frustrating to have to face up to possible areas of neglect, or repeat limiting beliefs and patterns you’re allowing to play out.

But? If you did this week, and this week alone, I can PROMISE you that it will FREE you. Not just the whole facing up to the truth bit, but the fact that I’ll be guiding you on exactly what to DO with that truth, and how to shift the situation, FAST.

Think of it like data collection to form the foundation of being the automatically and TRULY wealthy you.

As part of this week you will learn my personal daily and weekly money routines and practices –

how I do my money energy work –

my own feelings and relationship with money, and how I created that and stepped into it –

And I’ll teach you exactly how to create and also follow through on your own soul-aligned money practices, routines, energy work, and next level relationship with money.

This week alone could be an entire ‘change your money sitch for ever’ course in and of itself, but it’s just Week 1!

In Week 1 we will be doing a deep dive video training –

Plus additional audio and worksheet based trainings, journal prompts, bonus resources, and more! 

Week 2: Energy Shifting Like a BOSS

This week we’re looking at exactly where, to just say it like it is, your energy is all sorts of messed up.

Where you are blocking and shrouding and clouding and PUSHING back the receiving of not only next level aligned monies, but, well – everything that would be in your physical space right now if you were dialled in to being fully you!

(Yep … the not so secret secret of this course is that REALLY you’re learning about aligning to your new LIFE normal, just that we are using money as the key talking and teaching point).

Here’s the thing –

We’re not trying to get you someplace that is not already part of you. This is not about accessing things external to you!! It’s about returning to what was always meant to already be there.

Shift your energy??

Shift your LIFE.

As part of this week we will dive into how to know when it IS time to align to your next money goal, what that goal is, how I myself would know (and then what to do about it),

and we will also go into a literal ‘what to do and how to do it’ process to align YOU to your next money goal, right there and then together, within this week’s training!

PLUS we’ll be getting real about how to tune in/stay in flow throughout the day when you are doing normal human things and talking to normal human people (as little as possibly in my case).

And so much more!

In Week 2 we will be doing a deep dive video training –

Plus additional audio and worksheet based trainings, journal prompts, bonus resources, and more! 

Week 3: You, The Soul-Led Multi-Millionaire

Ooh, this week is maybe my fave! Okay, they are all my faves!! Haha. Especially Week 1. But especially especially this week, because this week I get to teach you the MOST powerful visioning and creating work which I have consistently done for years now in order to call in what I see inside of me.

As part of this week we will be shedding and SHREDDING all that is in and around you that is not in total integrity and alignment to you being who you are meant to be (the you who receives automatically at THAT level), and –

I’ll also be showing you how to do this so it is truly simple, straight-forward, and ACHIEVABLE. Right now you might be so far, in so many ways, from the life you know you’re meant to be living, but I’ll tell you –

I didn’t do anything that was not absolutely doable, and INSTANTLY result-based. I just figured out which threads to pull on to slip from the life I’d unconsciously chosen into (the struggle and broke AF one) and into the rich from soul lane. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself, because I feel like I myself didn’t change at all, but yet the whole world around me did. That’s what I want for you – to know that the multi-millionaire you (or wherever it is you see yourself being) is just YOU, there is nothing to have to fake, ‘try’ at, or play at being.

It’s simply about dropping in.

During this week you’ll see your mindset sharpen and deepen around money truths your soul has always known –

It will start to feel very ‘done’, a calm and peace will come over you, a knowingness –

Things that felt hard to grasp or figure out will suddenly be clear –

And you will be filled with so much energy as you see the world around you start to change due to the deep soul work AND practical work we are doing!

In Week 3 we will be doing a deep dive video training –

Plus additional audio and worksheet based trainings, journal prompts, bonus resources, and more! 

Week 4: Clearing Obstructions to Flow, and Speeding Up Receiving

In Week 4 we get to rev.it.UP. All the way up!

At this point we will have gone deep into who you need to be in order to have not just your NEXT level money goal be normal and done, but also, automatic upgrades beyond this.

(I only teach the things that results in you automatically upgrading … this is because I only teach the things that are about you being fully you, and THAT version of you DOES just keep on upleveling continually!).

So now we’re going to go into everything you ACTUALLY need to know about clearing these things, and how to know when there IS action to take on that, what it is, and how to take it.

Obstructions to flow?

GONE IN ONE FELL SWOOP. Plus everything you need to know to dance with this moving forward.

Receiving is not about how much effort you put in. It’s about how open the channels to receive are. We is gonna be opening them all the way up!

In Week 4, like every week, we will be doing a deep dive video training –

Plus additional audio and worksheet based trainings, journal prompts, bonus resources, and more! 

Week 5: Biz and Personal Wealth Expansion

This week is our ‘let’s get our serious faces’ on wealth expansion week! The great news is, I will teach you how to let true wealth accumulation be FUN. And NON scary. I put this stuff off for so long, because while I ‘got’ the whole soul flow craziness thing I was so scared about being a ‘real grown up’ with my money.

And then??

I got over it. I figured it out. I STEPPED IN TO WHAT WAS MEANT TO BE.

This week I will be teaching you allllll my personal as well as Multi-7-Figure business money systems and structures, including how I started putting things into place way before I had a team, or, well, any real money!

We will go behind the scenes of how money is called in here at The Katrina Ruth Show, how we run our biz and finances, and you will also have a guest learning and Q&A session with my brother and COO Ash! Ash is instrumental to the cashflow side of the biz and comes from a high level accounting background before I poached him away (hehe), including that he personally instructed and helped me on MY finances through the exact time I became rich!

Literally this week’s training is PRICELESS!

In Week 5 (of course!) we will be doing a deep dive video training –

A hotseat Q&A –

Plus additional audio and worksheet based trainings, journal prompts, bonus resources, and more!

Week 6: Into the Quantum and Beyond!

What else could we finish with but the quantum side of all of this, the supernatural, the dancing beyond the physical realm and into where we just PULL DOWN WHAT WE WANT?

I can’t think of anything better, can you?!

This week we will be talking about, well, how to dance between the physical and supernatural –

How to ‘instantly’ receive what is already there for you and just not appearing in the physical –

How to ‘go in’ and access from that place –

PLUS! Week 6 Bonus! For the first time EVER I will be teaching on exactly what most people completely SCREW UP which blocks them from dropping in, even if they take the time and space, do the soul work, and so on!

Understanding what I’m teaching in this Week 6 bonus was literally one of the biggest breakthroughs in my journey, and allowed me to go from ‘some things working some of the time’, to ‘everything working, ALL the time!’

I’ll also be taking you through my own personal daily practices and routines around accessing the supernatural / superflow worlds.

In Week 6 we will be doing a deep dive video training –

A hotseat Q&A –

Plus additional audio and worksheet based trainings, journal prompts, bonus resources, and more! 
Payment plan available.

About Katrina Ruth

Over the past nearly 2 decades I've been blessed to have brought through me a multiple 8-figure coaching brand online. I have a new ministry Katrina Ruth Ministries, and God has taken over the 'show' at the coaching business The Katrina Ruth Show.

I write, speak, create and share whatever He leads me to each day. Always Spirit-led. 
I run programs and courses for faith-led entrepreneurs who desire to walk their true path of destiny in Him. And to see all that SHOULD be come to fruition in their business, wealth, relationships, stewardship of their spiritual and supernatural gifts and anointings - all of it.

I am a prolific creator and have created over 300 successful courses, workshops, and the like in my nearly 20 years online … and hundreds more which I would not term as so successful. These span all sorts of topics from traditional business, to all elements of online sales and marketing, to money mindset, fitness, and most of all / my favourite … the things which just come through and remind you of how to be YOU. 

I learned a long time ago not to question whether it meant I am not 'doing something right' to keep creating.

I was born to let things through. It is like BREATH to me to do so.

Praise the Lord I get to now do it only in what is TRUE!

Is Aligning to Your Next Level Money Normal for you?

The simple fact of the matter is that I made this for everybody who KNOWS they get to receive to a greater level in their finances, but also in their wealth.

Who knows that it gets to be from soul.

Who knows it gets to be a HELLUVA lot easier than what it is now!

Who is not afraid of work, but who also knows that the real work SHOULD get to feel fun, and easy, and flow!

And who is SO done with going to bed each night knowing that, without being able to put her finger on WHY or HOW exactly, she is definitely somehow making things so much harder than they need to be!

Also?? For the woman who wants to learn FROM another soul-led and ‘crazy creator’ woman who refused to back down from ALL she saw inside of her, but also refused to follow the rules in order to make money! Who knew she could have it all, on her terms, and without compromising a THING in terms of her values OR her wants! Who did the ‘hard yards’ of not being able to afford even COFFEE, but who kept her eye on the vision inside and found a way to tap into a whole different way of playing life.

It’s such an honour for me to do this with you, and for you. To pass on my best and most powerful truths and learnings, and watch you fly as I and my clients all around the world, have been able to! I have help thousands of woman change their reality, and bring what’s inside of them to life, and now I want to help you.

For the first time ever I am bringing together over 13 years of soul-led multi-million $$ business building money TRUTHS, the energy side AND the practical, and teaching it to you all in a 6 week course!

Piece by piece and bit by bit EVERYTHING I got to learn, tap into, download, and figure out around COMPLETELY rewiring money beliefs, and then upleveling my financial reality on repeat.

What I teach you here will change your life now and FOR life. So, what are you waiting for?

Reserve your place today, and then hold on – we’re about to take a ride you’ll wonder why you never knew it could be this good, or this freakin' accessible.

Don’t forget …

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x
Payment plan available.
Payment plan available.

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