Here is what I know right now about you:

You get. And I mean fully get. That what it’s really about, and what it can only ever be about?

Is that supernatural SOUL flow baby. 

Long story short? You’ve been around this here internet block a time or three, and certainly long enough to know that the whole monetize what’s inside of you thang is a) SO not just about joining those dots right, doing the launches and funnels and marketing and whatnot right, doing it like ‘they’ say (whoever they are right now!),

and b) even if it was, even if following all those ‘RULES’ was what actually worked, even if tearing your hair out strand by strand to make sure you ‘do it right’ was gonna get you there … you don’t care. You don’t actually have it in you to conform, to follow. And deep down? You don’t believe you have to.

So yeah. You get that ‘it’ is all about tapping in to that deepest and truest and most HOLY WHAT IS THAT yes part of you. Letting it out at the world. Magnetizing your soulmate peeps in in return. The End!

Except -


Mebbe not the end.

Because the thing is … you’ve had times where it’s worked. This whole ‘make it up as you go and just follow flow’ thang.

Times where you just drop in, the spirit takes over you, what comes out is GOLD AND FIRE BABY AND EVERYBODY SHOULD SEE, and, well, they do see!

These times may have resulted in monies made,

maybe even a lot,

or it may be that they’ve resulted in eyes on you, a FEELING you’re on path, but hm, well. Still not that result flow you actually kinda sorta want.

And so you do more inner work, you get your energy game on, you go out there ready to activate and BE activated! Booyah! That is what a good supernatural-preneur does! 


You also wonder -

Is there maybe more to it than this?

And you also wonder - 

What if I wanted there to be more to it than this, even if this whole flow thing IS the vibe, and freakin' yes you know it IS a vibe, but yeah … what if you don’t want your business to be all about that vibe?

What if you want to know that YOU can get your vibe on, your flow on, your YOU on, anytime you want, because um, hello … that is pretty much how you do, and what could be cooler than bringing that to your art, your message, your soul work, your work, but also?

What if you want it to be that you get paid no matter what?

Day in and day out no matter what?

All day and err’ night on repeat no matter what?

What if you want your FLOW to be built on solid SYSTEMS, structure, and grounded into some serious biz-niz shiz that

What if you want it to be that you may or may not ‘show up’?

You may or may not be feeling magnetic, charismatic, high vibe, or … not?

You may or may not wanna talk to people or not? (Let’s be honest, often not, because you got BEING to do!)

And speaking of being, what if you want it to be that you not only don’t ever have to DO anything … hence the whole follow flow thing being desirable …

but also that you never have to BE anything?

Sink into the relief of that. FEEL it wash all over you. DRINK IT IN.

And then know this:

All roads will lead to money flow when you decide that that is how it gets to be,

and then you set it up accordingly.

Nope, it’s not gonna be just because you decided it should be and then, um, did nothing, and waited for your vibe to get you paid.

This whole ‘only flow’ thing has been taken way out of context.

You gotta come back to some DISCERNMENT.

And discernment will tell you:

Flow is built on discipline.
Habits that create success are integrated INTO the beingness of any person you admire or love who seems to just float around getting paid.
EVERYBODY who is ‘there’ did the work.
It’s just that a part of that work was finding the work that truly madly deeply doesn’t feel like work and just kind of … happens. Through their being. Or non-being! Through their showing up. And non-showing up!
But also?


All of which is to say?

It’s time to put things in place that support you not only being who you know you’re here to be, but doing it whilst CONSISTENTLY getting the results you’re here to get.

The ones you see inside of you.

Are sick of not seeing in front of you.

And are ready to make happen for you!

It’s time?

For My Brand New Workshop
“All Roads Lead to Money Flow!”

In this one-time only workshop event, we will:

Create a from soul and truth and also from doing the WERK, baby, plan for your business to produce like the badass it should be.

This means … we will identify exactly what offerings, free or paid or both, you need to have in place to ensure that no matter which way people find you, they’re gonna pay you.

To do this, we will identify what YOUR particular special brand of crazy (sorry, I mean magic ;)) is, that thing which, once people get a taste of it, they won’t be able to NOT say yes to more.

We will figure out how to get them in FRONT of said … magic, okay fine, magic AND crazy, what the best and most flow AND structurally sound way is to do that. 

We will identify the 1, 2, 3 or more (frick, how creative you wanna be?! I’m here for all of it!) ways that YOU are most meant to get paid. The types of next level offerings, pricings, existing things you have going on, new ones to bring in, all of it, and how to best string ‘em together so that the peoples naturally select themSELVES through into ever more saying yes to their journey with you.

I will take you (of course!) piece by piece and step by step through how we here at The Katrina Ruth Show ensure that all roads lead to money flow! This will include: 
  • How our funnels operate 
  • How I ensure we are always getting PAID for our best ‘leads’ (I don’t like to pay for stuff when I can get paid FOR it!)
  • The ‘one thing’ I know we always have to have in place in order to guarantee money flow (and how to identify that one thing for you)
  • Exactly how we use email marketing, the structure, frequency, breakdown, what goes into the emails, the copywriting, the timing, and also when we switch people from automated emails into the madness of my main email list
  • ​The part that social media plays in all of this
  • How truly quick and simple most of this is; it may sound like a lot but really it’s just consistency around habits
  • The mindset side of things in terms of how I create the outcomes I want internally, how I use journaling and other forms of connecting in to plant and water those beliefs, and then how I turn the inner game stuff into rock.hard.aligned ACTION and results
I’ll also be speaking about how to best leverage your time on social media, KNOW you are getting the bang you want for your buck.

And we’ll discuss how best to flow through your day knowing you are ‘following what’s inside’ whilst also getting shiz sold.

AND we will cover long-game visioning, meaning … the small daily or weekly things to start having in place now to ensure that you, like me and so many of my highest earning clients, are able to build a business that ultimately works FOR you and does not DEPEND on you.

And that is perhaps what all of this is really about, isn’t?

All Roads Lead to Money Flow 
Bonuses When You Say Yes!


But also … because your business is just one thing you do, one reflection of you. Presumably there are many others in your life, or you want there to be.

Personally, my coaching company, and the money I’ve made online, is not only just one part of my life, it’s just one out of a good handful of also very successful business / companies I run or am involved in. It’s just the most public one. My coaching company was a springboard for me to venture out into other things, some of which I’ll probably never bring online, either in terms of how they operate or in terms of whether I speak of them! Just like in my life there are many things that are not relevant to what I do online, and many things I’ll likely never speak about online.

The thing with online business is, it’s an incredible GATEWAY to whatever you want it to be. Somewhere along the way, a whole bunch of people seemed to start thinking it was a gateway to, um, living your entire life online and HAVING to be a certain way and then show every last bit of it in order to get paid. Not only is that eventually tiresome, darling, it’s also … not true.

YES, you can leverage what’s in you to make a TRUCKLOAD of money.

YES, you get to bring all of you to the party, and if you’re a messenger and an artist like me then I believe your online biz likely SHOULD be built around that!

But yes. That is just one part of the story.

And YES. The part of you that just wants to wake up each day and see BANK.ROLLING.IN?

Is valid and is about freaking done with you not feeding it.

It’s time to wake up. SHAKE things up. Realise that being a supernatural super flow badass does not also mean wandering around the internet all floaty like with your head up your own ass hoping you’ll find some gold coins in there if only you ‘align and flow’ better.


It’s time for All Roads Lead to Money Flow! 

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It’s time for All Roads Lead to Money Flow! 

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