“Lately I don’t really do any of my normal work things at all. I just kind of sit around answering messages when I feel like it, and doing wedding stuff all day.”

“Have you made more money?”


“Okay then.”

^ I just had this mini convo with Seraphina on my team after saying I think I’ll write a blog now.

For weeks now I’ve been WAY out of my for-years-prior ‘normal’ routines. Yes, even in the midst of total flow-led do-what-I-want-all-day vibes, I DEFINITELY have my typical routines, habits, behaviours. The things I’ve stood for and by as they become pivotal parts of the unfolding of my soul led biz, money, life!

But lately, yeah … not so much. I have so many other business ventures, deals, companies outside of my coaching company, and these things have taken time which is generally focused on my online showing up. Also – wedding planning! It’s a thing. A pretty time-consuming one, even with the worlds best wedding planner by my side from the other side of the country doin’ all the do!

It took me a few weeks of kind of not … DOING my normal coaching biz stuff to realise my income had gone up. And another minute or two afterwards to realise this:

I’ve been giving myself an even higher level of permission to simply be.


to ‘be’ the magnetic, funny, inspiring, badass one,

or any other representation of what the internet mostly knows me to be,

OR (and this is important) any sort of idea of what I have at times thought I must BE, in order to be enough, be cool, be seen, continue to be paid so damn well, etc,


to be.

To be who and what I am led to called for and required for NOW. Which has meant, in this season –

not really showing up

not really showing my life

not posting that I bought another luxury car or property or whatever every time I did

not posting or going live because my hair just got did

not doing it at all

Yes, on the one hand, my ‘barely showing up’ is probably more in a day or two than what most people manage in a month or two …

but that’s because I’ve for years now built an epic team behind me to run this thang.

And meanwhile? My bit is to do whatever it is I feel led to do.


But not just to only DO what I am led to do and actually aligned to do, but also to BE who and what I am actually led and inspired to be.

And the truth is that of late … I’m not really that interested in BEING anything overt online.

I’m not really interested in showing my life so much.

Or turning my every parenting lesson into a wise or funny post.

Or taking any of the million epic cool or inspiring or informative things that happen or I learn each day and making them into content.

I asked my private clients today, on a live training with them, “who would you be if the cameras were off and nobody was watching and nobody was EVER going to get some kind of documentation of it afterwards?”

I was talking about what their true FIRE would be, but it’s also about –

what WOULD just be.

This industry long ago started to let go of the idea that there is something that must be DONE in order to create or receive.

But we replaced it with an idea of what we have to BE.

“It’s all about your being!” became –

Be like this.

Be like her.

Be like that.

Be cool.

Be magnetic.

Be showing up.

Be dialled up.


And while some of these magnetic lit up YOU vibes definitely are extremely attractive to your ideal client …

so is the actual motherfucking essence of you being you. The NOW you.

In fact that is the most attractive thing.

Being magnetic ain’t being magnetic if you’re reminding yourself to be it.

In many cases it is your ABSENCE or your NOT showing that is magnetic. The fact that you’re … somewhere. Doing and being with NOBODY WATCHING OR NEEDING TO KNOW ABOUT IT LATER.

This is not a message to hide. Pull back. ‘Not’ show up.

This is a message to actually be with what is.

Why has my income gone even more dramatically up during the time I’ve been doing less on this particular business than ever, and talking about even less of it than ever?


Even in the mundane.

Or fiddly.

Or endless back and forth on wedding details.

Or just – being a Mum. A partner. A human. A boss. Whatever.

In the end, the reason you will EASILY receive what is there for you is that you learned to go into the place where it already physically exists, and to choose it.

Not because you labeled ideas of who you THINK you’d be in that place and then made sure you remembered to be it,

all the while bit by bit ignoring what actually IS, in order to be with what you think an ideal IS is!


Don’t be scared,

and do not fear.

The place where your everything exists is simply right here.

Where you are.