Live Your Passion, Money Mindset


Do you think it’s possible that there is stuff you don’t see in your business? I wonder if, with my experience and knowledge and the way I see the world, if I were to come in and look under the hood, there’d be stuff you are MISSING.

Think about this:

If there is an infinite amount of money available to you …

And if you truly believe you were put on this earth to do great things …

And if deep in your heart you KNOW you were born to make millions –

Impact millions –

And change the world –

Then doesn’t it just stand to reason that all of this is available to you NOW?

Let me tell you a secret:


You just don’t know what it is you don’t KNOW yet. You can’t see what you can’t see! There are, 100% guaranteed, ENDLESS opportunities in your business and life for you right now for you to create money like BOOM, elevate your impact like WOAH, step fully into your calling like NOW.

Do you believe that?

I believe it fully! I know it’s true for ME as well, I’m sure there are a ton of people out there whose expertise and wisdom fills in gaps that I’m not aware of, who, if they were to look at what I’m doing, would wonder why the fuck I’m not monetising THAT, structuring THIS, getting my shit sorted the way that, to them, seems so obvious!

(A secret: I actively look for those people And when I find them? I fucking pay them, fast, and try not to let ’em get away!

Extra secret: I believe that every cent I invest into my dollar is returned to me tenfold, at a minimum. And so it is! Just a belief you might like to adopt for yourself as well, it really does make life so much better!)

Anyway –

I look around online, and who knows, maybe YOU are even one of the people I’ve been looking at, and I see SO much lost potential.

I look at how people are showing up (or not, usually!), and I wonder why on EARTH they don’t just do what I would do, what works, what would make money!

I see people’s passion and purpose shining out of them and it makes me so frustrated –

But also excited!

Because I can see how EASY it would be for them to take that and MAKE their millions, IMPACT their millions, change the WORLD, if only they’d JUST – !

But, most of the time, they don’t.

I was chatting with Regan just now in the Town Car where I’m writing this from (road trippin’ from San Diego back to LA) and we were joking around – but not! – and I said to her, in all seriousness:

“I just want you to know how GOOD we are at what we do. Just in case you don’t know!”

You see, to me the pathway to millions, to impact, to purpose, is one that I’ve learned to let be easy. For years I struggled … I fought … I TRIED … I was broke … nearly bankrupt! And over 100k in debt …

I did all of the THINGS! You know the things? The things that are supposed to make you MONEY, supposed to get your audience growing, supposed to get you THERE …

I hustled, baby, and I really and truly did my best!

But I couldn’t see what I didn’t know at the time. I couldn’t see from the outside looking in what somebody who was already WHERE I wanted to go would see NATURALLY. I didn’t know what I ultimately had to evolve to learn to know and then BE!

Do you feel as though you’re truly doing your best to get to where you want to go, and you can’t understand why it’s not working, or working faster?

Let me tell you: RAPID results and money flow, a life and message of purpose and impact, that shit ain’t gonna happen because you keep climbing up the never-ending success ladder one painful rung at a time. You sure as all get out better hope you’ve got the right ladder as well, if you insist on doing things in such a painfully slow fashion!

Ultimately the thing that will get you there is stepping into SEEING things from a different perspective, from the perspective of somebody who has BEEN there, who has FOUGHT the fights you’re now fighting, who has learned how to STOP STRUGGLING and just let it flow. I promise you – if you could see what I can see in your business, your message, your calling, the way you show up, you’d be appalled at how much you’re leaving on the table, at how HARD you are making it for yourself, at how slow going you’re choosing for things to be!

I guess if you think about it that way you can understand why I do get so frustrated – but also excited! – when I look at what you’re not doing because you don’t see it.


So 🙂

Here’s the thing –

If you want to elevate to where you CAN see, fast, and get the results accordingly, you have two options. I would SUGGEST you do BOTH! Unless you prefer to take the long-as-fuck route of course!

1) Before you ask yourself what you need to DO to get to where you need to go, ask yourself who you need to BE. Step into being the 2.0 version of you who is already there, who would look at the way you’re doing things now, and wonder what the fuck you’re making it so hard for. Who would then kick your butt into immediate alignment and ACTION!

2) Get someone who is there and can see what you can’t see to LOOK THE FUCK UNDER THE HOOD and get you sorted.

I was thinking this morning, as I journaled, about how I can MOST help you right now. I was thinking about how I so deeply want to see you live your purpose, and press play! I was thinking about what I could do for you that would MOST elevate you, firstly into BEING who you need to be –

And secondly into DOING what needs to be done, based on the oh so very obvious (to me!) stuff that you’re just not actioning, living, being.

And it hit me:

How I can most help you, what you MOST need from me, what would elevate you FASTEST OF ALL?

Let me come in and take a GOOD hard look around under the hood of your business.

See what you’ve got going on there.

Get to know and feel EVERYTHING about your purpose, your passion, your message, the work you’re called to do (trust me, even if you can’t see this stuff, I will find it. I ALWAYS do!)

Point the fuck out for you what it is that YOU can’t see, what I would be doing and in fact AM doing that’s causing so much money and impact flow for me daily.

And then?

Well then baby –


– get you pressing the fuck play to DO it, exactly the way I would do it if I were to step into your shoes and soul and monetise the FUCK out of your business and life.


You can keep on trying to climb your way to the top, hoping it’s the right wall your ladder is leaning up against, praying that one day you’ll get there and make it –

Or you can say hell to the YES to having me come in –

Look around –

And then COACH MENTOR ASSKICK you to make your millions –

Impact your millions –

And change the world.

I have 5 places I’m opening up to do exactly that, starting from Monday! We’ll start with an initial deep dive session, and then we’ll be working together day by day to roll out what YOU CAN’T SEE. This level of private mentoring is not for those who want to hide their light, put it that way!

But if you’re ready –

And you’re sick of not knowing what you don’t know –

And you want to darn well know it!

Message me 🙂

And let’s get you elevated baby, ’cause really?

It’s time to stop missing so many damn MILLIONS in your business, not to mention holding back the IMPACT you came here to unleash in the world.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.




WARRIOR LEADER begins May 1st. Our PRE-WORK begins this week! (It is personalised to you!)

The initial price has been extended / is still on!

Here is what this comes down to though. Because it’s not really whether or not you join in the initial price intake.

This is 6 weeks in which you will be SHARPENED THROUGH FIRE TO BE WHO HE SENT YOU TO BE.

Yes this pertains to business.
It pertains to life.
It pertains to YOU.

This is work unlike anything I’ve ever led or created before.
And unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.

It is 100% God revealed. God led. And God ENTRUSTED.

It is,
quite simply,

+ your place
+ visions God shared with me for you


For the Woman With a Burning Desire for MORE, Who Is Ready to See Fire Raining From the Heavens in Every FACET of Her Life as She Says Fully Yes to Who God Designed Her to Be.