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I just finished reviewing my company cashflow for the upcoming month.

I love looking at this neat little spreadsheet, I love seeing all the many places money is going through me to, I love seeing my various property and stock investments ‘expense’ requirements listed out alongside the monthly repayment for my car (I bought my 200k car for a 70k down payment as I wanted the extra $$ for property, so I pay a monthly repayment), I love seeing how much we pay out each week to team (about 22k per week including my own wages – less than 10k / week, more than 5 😉 – and including all team super), I love ALL of it.

I love seeing the smaller but yet so important payments which go out to various contractors, people who help me get my message out in a bigger way, the different software companies we use (not that many; we’re pretty low key on the tech side of things!), various other ‘actual must haves’ for running a multiple 7-figure business, various at home expenses whether it be gardener / cleaner, or bigger and fancier things as I continually style up my house.

I even love seeing that between the company and my own personal income, we pay a considerable 5-figure sum each month in taxes!

When I look at my weekly cashflow / expense requirements, and even more so when I look at the monthly expense sheet of everything which is paid every month on repeat, I don’t see a list of bills totalling in the high 5-figures per WEEK, what I see?

Is a nice little excel map of how I’ve created my dream business and life.

I could see it as scary that I ‘have’ to come up with more each week than the average ANNUAL income, I could feel pressure, and responsibility, and ‘help’! And if I’m being honest I DO feel these things sometimes.

When I get into my fear mind, when I let worry take the wheel.

If I allow THAT to happen, I might start spiralling into some kind of (Lord help us) THINKING approach to making more money; a terrible idea if ever there was one.

I might make plans.
Even start doing math on how much I need to sell of this, or that, or the other thing!
I’ll spend a LOT of time getting into ‘what will make us money this week’, I’ll then roll that shit out like the A+ student I am, and then inevitably? It will work roughly in the way trying to roll a ball of sloppy mud up a hill with no container or barrow of any sort would work.

Aka it will NOT, and you will end up messy and grumpy as all get out.

So mainly, being the smart gal you know me to be, I do not let fear have a voice. It’s a life hack I’ve found to be useful 🙂

Another rule of life which I’ve found to be true?

The more I look at my money, observe and notice and say yes to where it needs to go and am CLEAR on that, the more money shows up for me! I don’t mean look at it in an obsessive Scrooge-esque way. I just mean: know what the sitch is. Keep my head firmly OUT of the sand, where, in my broke AF days, it used to be well and truly placed. What you observe grows; it’s pretty simple.

For years I was TERRIFIED to look at my money stuff.

Not just my money beliefs or so-called blocks or fears, I’m talking about my actual money situation.

Dollars and cents and columns and tabs and where did it all GO, and where does it (oh shit!) NEED to go.

Ugh, the first time I did this it took HOURS. It was an absolute clusterfuck, I mean that in a literal sense in terms of my method of tracking money and expenses up til then was, uh, I had none, and it was just really freaking painful to sort out.

It was also emotionally and energetically supremely confronting, as I had to face up to the fact that despite making no SMALL amount of money in my life up til then, I had nothing to show for it except WELL over 100k of debt to the tax office and my various credit card lenders.

I felt so deep in the hole that I couldn’t even see a pin prick of sky. Except, wait, what was that now? There it was, a tiny little light, a whisper of hope, a VIBE of something, a feeling of, hmmm, let me recall –


Even though I was so far from where I wanted to be –

Even though I couldn’t have possibly imagined having millions of dollars in assets the way I do now –

Even though my NORM was to live in fear and feel guilty to even buy a $3 coffee –

I immediately gained freedom and power just by finally laying the whole situation down bare so I could see it for what it was.

You can DEAL with a monster you can see, the one you imagine in your head and live in constant terror of? He’s a lil harder to know what to do with, and all you do is HIDE, in contraction, in panic, in ‘please, no, not that!’.

If you’re not where you want to be with money right now, I will TELL you right now that the answer is not to budget.

It’s not to feel guilty every time you spend a few dollars on yourself, or even when you want to invest in something bigger, for growth, or business, or just FUN.

It’s NOT to tell yourself you ‘shouldn’t’ yet, you ‘can’t’ yet, and so on.

And it’s certainly not to continue to spout off the repetitive lack based shit you currently do, often without even noticing it, failing to acknowledge just how much you are RE-creating your ‘don’t have’ reality through your words!

The answer is simple:

Get your damn head out of the sand, OBSERVE fully your entire current money reality, get Excel for Dummies if need be (that’s what I did when I first started taking charge of my money, AND I read it at the library ’cause I couldn’t afford to buy it!), and figure this shit OUT.

Get clear on your EXACT monthly requirements for all business and life and giving and fun / adventure expenses as well as WANTS.

List out all your debts, all repayments.


And then start to pay attention. Because I bet that you’ll find, if you really dig into it and break this shit down, that somehow, whether you currently make 1k a month or a hundred k a month, you ALWAYS manage to pay exactly what you (really and truly) have to.

In reviewing my cashflow doc just now I couldn’t help but smiling at how the weekly ‘break even’ amount required across my company and personal expenses, i.e. the amount needed to cover ALL expenses and requirements, is literally LESS THAN $60 under the weekly average income received thus far for 2019.

We are talking about a high 5-figure amount per week.

And consistently what I pull in is under $60 more in revenue than what is required each week for expenses.

THIS IS NOT A HAPPY COINCIDENCE; #PHEW, we can just make it!!

This is entirely by design and it’s about me understanding what works for me and money!

Before you feel all sad for me that I only ever ‘just’ cover expenses, let’s remember these expenses include all of my purposeful WEALTH creating expenses, investments, and investment-based savings. It also includes (as part of my own wages) tithing as well as (separate to tithes, as tithe is tithe) giving. And saving for my children and so on. Basically – it includes everything! Even putting aside money each week into a ‘first class travel’ account, something I have done for years so money is always there when I wanna book a random trip.

So, it’s the cost of running my life. The cost of living my DREAM life, and meeting every expense and desire relevant to that.

If I want to increase my income, all I need to do is increase my expenses, purposefully! Knowing myself I know that the best way to do this is by what I call ‘dialling it up’. A gradual increase in what is required works best for me, and always has done so. Kinda like the proverbial boiling of the frog in water thing (which apparently is not true, but you get the idea!) – you don’t really notice the adjustment if it’s gradual.

Doing this is EXACTLY how I got from 30k months to 50, 80, 100, 200, 300, then over 400!! And even up to 30 in the first place of course, although I was less deliberate about it then.

For a lot of that, I ended up with nothing to show for it. Because I ALWAYS BROKE EVEN. Then, I started to add wealth creation in. Now, breaking even includes savings and growing wealth! I know I’ve said this several times, but I really want to drum it in for you, because I believe that MOST of us are really really good at hitting what we ACTUALLY believe we require.

Change what you require??

Change what you RECEIVE.

But here’s the thing –

If you refuse to look fully at what you require, and also at what you have right now, you don’t very well know where you’re even jumping off from to try and change things, do you?!

So it might be good, today, to take a deep breath and decide to FACE THE SITUATION HEAD ON.

Get naked and stare yourself up and down in the mirror baby!

Observation is the secret, and it really does get to be that simple.


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