You ready? Shit is about to get REALLY fucking real up in here!

Oh. My. God.


Is some next level awesome so damn fine I just about can’t even BELIEVE I’m about to launch it at you …!

But first, can we just take a moment of silence to respect the fucking fact that despite my OBSESSIVELY posting about fitness and being hot AF all the freaking TIME … and despite the fact that I clearly DO know some shit when it comes to achieving these results … this is –

Somehow – !

The first fucking fitness or fat loss program I’ve launched since, what?

2011? 2012, MAYBE? Either way, MADNESS, and suffice to say I am PRETTY sure I am about to let out a TON of build up as far as what I do want to say when it comes to YOU getting your ass in super fucking fine shape, or more specifically?

Let’s get you stepping the fuck UP, as a Badass With a Hotass, baby! And let’s just be HONEST here … isn’t that who you already ARE? Time to unleash the fucking GORGEOUSNESS then, isn’t it, and also, REALLY:

Time to start playing PHYSICALLY at the level you say your life is supposed to be about, because make NO mistake:

You can’t fucking segment success.
You do NOT reach the pinnacle of the entrepreneur or leadership or SUCCCES world if you’re not taking care of your BODY, and just ONE more thing:
You deserve to look hot as fuck.
You were BORN to look hot as fuck.
And baby?

It’s time to look hot as FUCK, and I am here to help you do EXACTLY that, but be WARNED:

This is gonna hurt.
A little!
In the BEST possible way!







Presented by me, Katrina Ruth!

Okay, let’s get straight to it gorgeous:

You wanna be hot, you wanna be RIPPED or pretty dam close to, you wanna have awesome energy and feel amazing inside out and what’s more you wanna do it all with BELLS on and WHILST ruling the world, well I can HELP!

I work with seriously DRIVEN entrepreneurs, leaders, creators, artists and revofuckinglutionaries who KNOW they were born for more, who want it all, no holds barred, no filter and NO B.S, and who are ready to get out there and freaking CLAIM it, and who know –

Deep down –

No matter how much they’ve been ignoring –

That fitness, health, energy, and more relevantly still (be honest!) looking hot as FUCK is non.fucking.negotiable and who are ready to do the WORK to HAVE it all!


You have the highest of ALL get out high standards in your business …

You NEVER accept second best …

You know WHAT you want –
HOW you want it –
And you will stop at NOTHING to go get it!

So why is it –
Pray tell –
That when it comes to your BODY –
The thing that houses and CREATES all of this –
The thing that gets you up in the morning and in THEORY keeps you going all day –
That you treat it like a sub-par fucking piece of SHIT?

Enough is enough baby.
You were born for more, YES, but you ain’t very well gonna be able to get out there and GET it when you repeatedly stuff your face with crap –

REFUSE to move your fucking ass –

And SABOTAGE with all manner of garbage and excuses because you don’t underestand that you do NOT have a willpower problem you have a get your ass in alignment and ACTION problem!

Enough is enough baby. I’m here to tell you that you CAN rule the fucking world and also be in shit hot AMAZING shape, get your ass into the finest of fine hot as FUCK badass WITH a hot ass shape AND still make the money –

Have the impact –

Do it ALL –

And ALSO –
By the way!!
Love your fucking life and INDULGE in the stuff you wanna indulge in –
With WHO you wanna indulge in it with –
In the WAY that is most exciting to you –
And COMPLETELY on your terms!

Oh, what’s that now, they told you it had to be HARD … that you have to DIET or some shit? That you have to GO WITHOUT … feel like shit … not get to ENJOY yourself or live it up in FINE badass style?

Don’t make me laugh …!

If you could see how I and my friends live it up –
The way we wine and dine –
The way we go all IN …

How we refuse anything BUT the best …

But yet still get to walk around in the bikini body of our DREAMS …

You’d go freaking CRAZY to get your hands on our secrets! And now, for the first time in like 4 YEARS, I’m gonna let you in on MINE!

On exactly how it is I get to maintain the bikini body of my dreams, do it all on my terms, have the money, the body, the life, the lifestyle and NEVER go without … and how easy it can be for you, no matter WHERE you’re right now at, to do exactly?


The fucking same!



It’s time:

It’s time to stop telling yourself that how you feel is NEGOTIABLE.

It’s time:

It’s time to stop pretending you don’t have control over how you LOOK.

It’s time:

It’s time to stop kidding yourself you don’t want to be hot as FUCK and a total badass with a HOT ass!

It’s time:

It’s time to join Badass With a Hot Ass and let me kick YOUR ass over 21 days of RAPID fat loss, designed to get you ripped and pressing the fuck play in every single AREA!

You ready?

SIGN UP NOW, because this is gonna fill FAST!

Badass With a Hot Ass Is $197 but right NOW you can sign up for just $137, and save BIG! 

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Let’s Talk Details!

You want it all, you want it now, you want it ON your terms and NOTHING less, well you can have it, and specifically you can have and also BE a badass with a HOT ass, and you can start now!

We go: For 21 days of Get Ripped FAST Badassery!

There are: No excuses and NO B.S and this is NOT for the faint-hearted so you best be ready to ROLL and rock!

You will: well duh … isn’t it obvious? You will create yourself into a BADASS with a HOT ass who is ready to rule!

I will: I will bring it for you baby. Day in and DAY fucking out. Everything you need to know. And EXACTLY how to do it. To make it simple. Basic. FAST. For you to get the body you want, the energy you want, the motivation you want and ROCK that fine ass all whilst OWNING it in your business AND your life!


Badass With a Hot Ass Is $197 but right NOW you can sign up for just $137, and save BIG! 

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 I’m ready to kick your ass and get you into the most shit hot amazing shape of ALL get out, and by the way? WHILST empowering you to step up further into the life you KNOW you were meant to be living so you can rule the WORLD, and have it all!


Long story short, you and me, over 21 days of complete badassery and NO excuses are gonna get YOUR fine ass in seriously hot.fucking.shape.

But this ain’t no quick fix diet plan …

And actually? This is not about doing stupid shit that makes you FEEL like shit in order to try and drop a few so that then? What? You can pack it back on like a motherfucker and end off worse than what you started?


NO. We’re going to get you into PROPERLY fine shape, so that you not only lose fat FAST and can reveal the new you in only 4 WEEKS, but also so that you learn how to SUSTAIN that shit, week in and week out, for evermore!

See I believe that just because you wanna be wildly successful as an entrepreneur it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice how you LOOK or FEEL.

You deserve to have it all …

And you can!

In Badass With a Hot Ass we are going to get into immediate action to educate you on the TRUTH about fitness and fat loss, in a way that – full on as it may well feel initially – is SUSTAINABLE and actually?

About seriously epic health and energy not just a fine ass!


We’ll be covering:

  • Exactly what you need to eat and exactly how to time it all
  • Individualised nutrition and knowing what works for you
  • How to get your fitness ON in as little as 15 minutes a day, or longer if you prefer
  • My favourite sneaky treat foods which actually SUPPLEMENT fat loss
  • How the fuck it is I get to eat what I want, drink an unreasonable amount of espresso martinis, wine, campari, etc, AND consume chocolate daily, and yet still stay lean!
  • Dealing with emotional eating and self-sabotage, knowing why you do it and how to manage it (hint: it’s NOT about willpower … extra hint – I battled bulimia and emotional eating for 10 years, I freaking KNOW what I’m talking about here)
  • The essential (few!) supplements to help you accelerate results almost like magic
  • Motivation, mindset, how to keep your head in the game and just BECOME that person who is, no matter what, a badass with a hot ass and refuses to accept ANYTHING less, and –
  • Of course -!
  • My PERSONAL approach to eating, training, nutrition, fat loss, energy and feeling damn FINE, no matter how busy I am or what’s going on!
  • So.Much.More!

Long story short, if YOU are a busy motherfucker who wants to have it all and do it with bells on AND a hot ass then you NEED to be in this program and it WILL change your life!


Badass With a Hot Ass Is $197 but right NOW you can sign up for just $137, and save BIG! 

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Honest to God truth? I know this might come as a surprise and it IS easy to judge a book by it’s cover, but trust me:

I know what it’s like to hate the way you feel …

To be SO self-conscious …

To feel uncomfortable within your own skin and as though you will NEVER be good enough, pretty or fit enough, ACCEPTED enough as you are.

I know what it’s like, also, to battle SERIOUS emotional eating shit, to fight so damn hard all day every day to present a successful facade to the world and let people think you got your shit TOGETHER but behind the scenes be falling the fuck apart.


The truth is that us successful folks? We got it kind of hard when it comes to inner turmoil shit, and often it’s the BODY stuff that takes the toll. For me personally, I’ve never been more than about 12kg (20-25 pounds I guess) over my ideal weight, but I think you know what I’m getting at when I say that I know what it’s like to just HATE what you see in the mirror, to be so TORMENTED with your own suffering and struggle and to feel like you’re never –

Going to escape.

And do you want to know what else?

I know what it’s like to escape. To break free of that shit. To LOOSE the chains that bind you when it comes to the inner shit that tells you that you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy, you don’t HAVE what it takes and nobody will like you ANYWAY.


Enough is enough lovely. I know I’ve been jumping up and down on this page and getting excited about all the BADASS shiz, but honestly?

This is your life.
It’s time to live it on fucking purpose and also like you plan to BE here for a while.

I promise you that when you join Badass With a Hot Ass not only will I whip your butt into FINE as fuck fear in only 28 days, or less, but I’ll empower you with EVERYTHING you need to know to take charge of your inner bullshit for LIFE and finally say yes to the body, the energy, the YOU that you deserve and were BORN for.

SAY YES NOW – Badass With a Hot Ass is HERE, and I Have a Place With Your Name On It!


Badass With a Hot Ass Is $197 but right NOW you can sign up for just $137, and save BIG! 

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Well here we are.
And here you are.
And here it’s TIME.
For you?
Honestly – !

To say.fucking.yes! And let me show you, teach you, push you, EMPOWER you to be the baddest of ALL badasses with the hottest of ALL hotv asses, but not just for 28 days?

For life.

It starts here!


Badass With a Hot Ass Is $197 but right NOW you can sign up for just $137, and save BIG! 

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Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.





Badass With a Hot Ass Is $197 but right NOW you can sign up for just $137, and save BIG! 

Hell Yes Kat Buy Button

PS Did you SEE that THIS is included??!

My PERSONAL approach to eating, training, nutrition, fat loss, energy and feeling damn FINE, no matter how busy I am or what’s going on!

This ALONE is worth 10x the cost of this entire freaking program, because this is what WORKS … needless to say, if I’m doing it you can bet your ass it’s sustainable and MOTHERfreaking effective!

PPS I can’t WAIT to share all this with you! Let’s get you your BADASS with a HOTASS place now, it’s time to say yes to having it ALL!