The firmer your boundaries are, the faster you’ll create what you want.

The more certain you are about WHO you are, the faster you’ll become it.

The more absolute you are around how it gets to BE for you,

(with money flow, client flow, product or program flow, LIFE flow, or indeed –

anything else at all!)

the more you will find that that is precisely what you experience.

How life WORKS, is simple:

The deeper you draw the line in the sand the more life MUST respond to it.

And the higher you draw said line, or set the bar? The more life must step up.

This makes it easy to recognise, and kick your own fine ass around, the fact that the REASON YOU DON’T HAVE WHAT YOU WANT YET,

or that you get so triggered by the fact that ‘she’ or ‘he’ does,

is that you didn’t set the bar the way they did.

Or, more relevantly, you didn’t set the bar the way YOU being all of you would do.

What did you do instead, hmm?

You half-assed the fuck outta your own life.

Sure sure,

I know!

YOU ain’t no half ANYTHING sort of gal, fellow, whatever.

You’re kickin’ butt and taking names everywhere you go!

YOU are the one who others look to, and wonder –

“HOW, though!”

You inspire the world.

But yet you look in the mirror, and, whilst grateful for your own badassery and accomplishments and what-not, and also for all that you HAVE indeed created, what you can’t NOT admit you feel is this:


Because you know you’re barely warmed up.

You know you’ve barely begun.

You KNOW you’re NOT laying down the law with your own SELF.

Your boundaries are blurred AF baby, and not in a cool way.

This ain’t no art show where you supposed to be mixing paints and shit!

Except that it is,

it’s the art of you creating your LIFE,

and yet you’re colouring away ALL between the lines in the corner,

wondering why you can’t just splash shit around all over the place the way you LONG to.

Like them.

Like the you who you see inside.

Like the you who you DREAM of being.

Like the next level you keep talking about reaching, and yet –

never do.


Because you don’t actually have what it takes to play THAT all in?

No girl, no.

Because you don’t just make it that this is how it is,

and that that is ALL it is.


whaddya wanna do about that, hmm?

Quit telling yourself a silly bedtime story that it’s because of any other reason than the straight up fact that the monsters are only real because YOU LET THEM BE.

And then go do what you know you need to do.