Success/Success Mindset


I just had a fascinating session with my kinesiologist, who I’ve worked with for absolutely years, in which it came up that 70% of my available energy is being taken by other people! Not just ‘accessed’ or ‘read into’, but actually TAKEN away from me. Motherfuckers … I told you guys you can access my energy anytime you like, and even let me dream coach you if you know how to do that; I never said you could actually STEAL it from me. No wonder it’s been a daily battle to feel on my game lately, and I’ve constantly just wanted to nap. I’ve been trying to run at 30% bitches!

Okay, okay, so obviously if peeps are enjoying a free ‘open anytime for anybody who knows how’ dip in the lifeforce of Kat (lol… sounds weird …), then that shit is on ME. That can only happen if I’m available for it. I guess I just hadn’t considered that when I frequently talk about people tapping in to my energy field that could result in me actually losing out because of it!

Anyway, I’ll come back to this and explain more of it and also how it might be relevant to YOU in a sec, but first let me tell you this:

I want you to know that excellence in all areas is your birthright, and it’s always ALWAYS available to you.

There’s not a single point in life in which it is NORMAL to feel like shit. As a great health mentor of mine used to say, the one and only Charles Poliquin, who I trained under for 8 years and worked with privately as well, “it might be common, but it’s not NORMAL”.

It might be COMMON for people to look and feel terrible the older they get … or when life is busy … or while having a business … but it’s not normal.

NORMAL is excellence.

This is what your body and every part of your ‘youness’ is designed for, and it’s true in all areas as well.

As an artist, a messenger, a coach, a leader, it might be COMMON – in your life or in the world at large, apparently! – to have periods of feeling flat, stagnant, stuck, down, and like you’re just not ‘feeling it’, but no. It’s not normal.

Or at least that’s not what I want to accept as normal, do you?!

For me it’s just not acceptable to live in a world where I don’t feel ON FUCKING FIRE and lit up with creativity, energy, motivation, vibrancy, and more, all while swanning around in the body of my dreams and creating ever more of the business and LIFE of my dreams at the same time!

So when I at times do find myself feeling in a slump, sometimes so damn slumped down that it feels as though there’s no way out, I choose to QUESTION that shit.

It’s a curious dance between allowing what is to be … acceptance of the now and all, and knowing and trusting that ‘this too shall pass’, and everything happens for my learning and growth and ONLY for my higher purpose and the higher purpose of others … (’cause I choose this) … versus a mindset of fuck THIS shit, and fuck it good.

The allowance of what is side of me DOES understand that there are seasons to rest, hibernate, go within, and seasons to hustle like a mofo. She does understand that feeling out of the zone is temporary, always. And she does have faith that soon enough she’ll be back to her normal lit up self! And so with all THAT being said, she understands that it’s ALL okay, always.

But the fuck this shit side of me? That bitch wants answers; DEMANDS answers, yesterday!

She believes and knows that while all the allowance yada-yada is TRUE, and that it IS all okay, that there is also a reason for EVERYTHING.

That the ‘growth’ side of things will often come when that reason is revealed!

And most of all – that being HIGH ON LIFE AND FEELING FUCKING AMAZING really IS normal, and just how it should be.

Where the greatest shift comes, I believe, is when you join those two sides of you together. What could be more powerful than being in FULL allowance and acceptance of what is, surrendered to the now, whilst also demanding and INSISTING upon more more MORE, and an immediate return to fully-fledged badass, thank you very much!

Nothing! Nothing could be more powerful than that! Well, except for maybe plugging up the damn energy leak that put you in that meh state in the first place! But doing that probably requires you be the first two things in order to get there, anyhow 

When you are in ACCEPTANCE and ALLOWANCE, coupled with INSISTENCE on being the next level you and having it all (energy / certainty / motivation / flow / badassery / etc!), then you are by definition NOT in a state of panic / anxiety / ‘woe-is-me-ness’, or indeed any other thing which would result in you having your vision CLOUDED, such that you couldn’t go within and understand what the fuck is going on and why you’re not vibing the way you wanna be.

Reminder: EXCELLENCE in all areas is your birthright, and this is true and possible at ANY age and in any life situation … you can believe that or no, whatever works for you … so basically, there IS always a reason.

It could be nutritional, it could be movement related, it could be somewhere you’re not in alignment or integrity, it could be you’re fighting against your own SOUL, it could be as simple as needing more rest, it could be a toxic or draining person or situation, it could be any number of things!

When you look –

The answer will show itself.

But you most DEFINITELY need to continue the daily practice of just being YOU, regardless. In whatever way you know is required. It’s not ‘sit on your ass and look’, unless that’s what you’re being shown to do.

So let’s come back now to the energy drainage thing, yes? Obviously ALL of the above examples of why you might not be feeling on are examples of energy leaking out, but, as healers and coaches and messengers in particular, we have to also be aware of guarding and protecting our own energy just day to day.

I don’t even mean to do with toxic people or anything like that … I just mean, what we DO is we give of ourselves. And sometimes, as I’ve been doing, we do it SO effectively that we give of our ACTUAL selves, in a way in which it takes AWAY from us.

In an ideal world, and what I have now locked in as my new intention and choice after my session today, we can allow others to receive of us without something being TAKEN from us. Kinda like how doing exercise builds more energy, even though it uses energy. I believe that giving to those who matter in our lives, whether private clients or community / the world at large, should get to be something which adds value for ALL parties, and I believe – know – that I can just choose it to be so.

Which I have now DONE. Energy leak PLUGGED motherfuckers, no more freebies at the store of Kat! Except, nah … you can still receive. Just that I’ll be KEEPING at the same time.

So, if I was allowing my energy to be taken, then, how my mind works in thinking about it, and thus elevating my future standards of excellence from NOW, is, well, why would I have been allowing that?

What part of me perhaps felt like in order to be the best version of myself for others in my life I had to allow my own stores to be depleted?

Or that maybe I don’t deserve to always be ‘on’.

Or perhaps simply an old program running, telling me that surely if I’m doing so much and giving so much it has to be COSTING me as well.

Any or all of these things could be relevant and they all DO resonate with me to some degree. How about you?

What resonates the most though, and what excites me, is not even needing to know exactly what the reason was; I don’t feel it necessarily to go into deep analysis, instead what gets me fired up is just that ‘aha!’ feeling of of COURSE there was a reason I’ve been struggling. I’ve been able to fully show up for my trainings, my programs, my clients, but for ME it’s felt really really hard lately. I’ve still done my usual shit … but I’ve noticed an inability to connect as deeply as I usually do to my own soul, and intuition.

When this happens, there’s a part of me which naturally thinks ‘oh well, that’s just how it ebbs and flows sometimes’. Like I said – the allowance and acceptance side of me.

But also like I said, there’s that other part of me which just knows – fuck that shit! I GET to feel lit up and on all the time! EXCELLENT is my NORMAL STATE! And I refuse to accept anything less! Even while allowing that what is just IS, in these times of feeling off or unsure.

You know?

So here is how this comes back to you-

Firstly: it’s a choice to believe that you deserve a standard of excellence in all areas.

I remember making this choice for myself years ago, I think it was Charles Poliquin who planted the idea in me. The truth and the KNOWLEDGE, excuse me, not the idea – ! That every cell in our body was born to be perfect. Some of ’em have just forgotten how. And that this goes not just for the physical, but for ALL bodies (energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc) and in all realms.

So – do you choose to believe this? Or do you prefer to buy into the idea that a DECLINE, across the board, is ‘just how life goes’, that it’s natural to feel and look like shit as time passes, or that things only get harder? I don’t know why you’d wanna choose to believe that, but each to their own!

Secondly: allowance and acceptance, coupled with insistence on fully-fledged badassery! We spoke about that 

Third: ask. Go looking, and ask. Be unattached to what comes up or if nothing comes up, ’cause meanwile you DO gotta keep showing up, but by all means ASK.

Check in with yourself, your higher self will tell you:

Is this nutritional? Is it energetic? Is it physical? Is it I need more rest? Or do I need to push harder? Keep asking, keep testing, don’t SETTLE. It’s only your life, after all! Don’t quit until you create EVERYTHING you want, and that starts with the inner state, and it also means coming BACK to the inner state when it at times sneaks out of your grasp!

Fourth: Find the right mentors or guides to support you. This could be people you work with directly, or it could be simply by being in the energy of those who you align with. Maybe like me! So long as you’re not actually STEALING it, lol 

And maybe that’s exactly why you’re here today. Maybe this entire post, and perhaps even my entire EXPERIENCE of having had to go looking for why I was off, was so that you and I could be here now, and I could remind myself, and alongside me, remind you that hey –

You always get what you’re energetically available for.

And you ONLY get what you’re energetically available for.

So if you’re feeling anything you don’t wanna be feeling, if you’re experiencing anything NOT hell yes, or if you’re struggling to GET to your hell yes, then perhaps the greatest question of all is ‘what do I now choose to be energetically available for?’ (and the follow on to that —> ‘and how would I be showing up right now if that were true?’), and the greatest STATEMENT of all is ‘I am no longer energetically available for anything which depletes me or robs me of my me-ness’. (And how would you be showing up right now if THAT were true?).

And with that?

Fully-fledged badass status REINSTATED.

It’s always so simple in the end, isn’t it?