Success Mindset


One of the greatest portals to abundance is to quit operating as though you are trying to get more than you give and to start pouring out all that you WOULD be giving if abundance were already the vibe.

Not just abundance, but trust, safety, knowing who you are and where you stand, seeing it all as though you’re already THERE, and already that person.

You know –

the one who inherently understands and owns her own value and worth, and sees it as a done deal that the world sees her that way too.

Not because she somehow PROVED that she is, but because –

she is.

When you’re stuck in fear, scarcity, lack, and uncertainty has got you firmly by the throat and your operating system is “I have to get there, I have to get, I have to get, please God let me be enough”, it SHOWS, and worst of all it goes TOTALLY against the grain of you actually being you.

You know –

the you who naturally pours out and pours forth because that is who she is.

The you who gives so fully, and with such unlimited abandon, that there truly is nothing left to give or pour forth and the result of that IN you is that you are completely filled up.

The you who has nothing she is trying to earn, get, be good enough for, or prove because she is already IN the embodied energy of being that fully receiving a version of her.

What we’re talking about really … is showing up fully, with open arms, body, heart, soul, spirit, and mind, and with full ABANDON, for your life.

> We’re talking about no longer holding back parts of you you would give if you first got
> We’re talking about shifting the lens from what will this do for ME to what am I here to do
> And we’re talking about doing that fully
> Most of all, we’re talking about giving like that BECAUSE IT IS WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE

The thing you have to understand about your endless trying to get energy is –

it’s fucking exhausting.

And it will, quite literally, cost you your life.

Because the things you think you’ll somehow squeeze forth if you force or push or wait for ’em, or that you’ll give yourself over to fully once you do get ’em … well. Don’t you see?

They’re the exact things that are already yours if only you’d be willing to give your life over,

as though you knew it were already yours.

My prayer for you today is this, and it is also a PLEA, from my soul to yours, because I see what this fear is costing you.


And pour out all that you came here to be.

> where do you need to apply this today?

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