Success Mindset


The biggest slump I ever had in business was when I got myself trapped thinking I had a problem to fix.

Every day I worked at it harder, more determined than ever to do what was required to FIX things and get ’em back on track.

And every day things CONTINUED to need fixing.

I’m not saying working hard to create what you want is a problem. In general, I think HARD is unfairly criminalised as a dirty word, and more people should be gleefully embracing leaning into the hard.

It’s called GROWTH. It’s a true gift! Some of my favourite parts of who I am have come as a direct result of learning to show up and genuinely look forward to the hard.

But the key is in ‘trying to fix’ versus ‘showing up to create.

The more I worked my butt off to get out of that slump, the slumpier everything got.

Because I was SEEING it as broken. Worrisome. ‘Off track’. The switch didn’t come when I got my head above water enough to take a breath. The switch came when I decided to breathe fully ANYWAY.

I promise you this: your next breakthrough is already here. But it does require you to breathe.

For me this has always always always looked like reminding myself to go into my purpose work.

To say what needs to be said because it needs to be said, not for an outcome.

To know that the outcomes show up when I once again surrender to the work, but FULLY, and for its own sake.

To harness the creative flow which is always present, and waiting. In each of us.

To show up for the MAGIC. Relentlessly. Determinedly. Drawing on some of that resilience I built through hard 😉

And ultimately, leaning on my certain fundamental trust and knowledge that flow is always right there waiting to show up for you when you show up for it.

Maybe today is the day you quit trying to get somewhere.

And show up as though you know it’s already right there in you.

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