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The thing with trying to create a life of magic, and the kind of receiving most would never even dare to dream of, a life where you’re truly in a dance WITH life itself, and you KNOW you got da moves, is that you can’t use your conscious mind too much for this shit.

And maybe not at all.

A strategy, a thing you THOUGHT of, planned, listed out carefully, based on whichever pre-conceived ideas you’ve aligned yourself with of what proper action looks like, is something outside of you –

Separate to you –

And by definition, ties you to a paradigm of always having to DO.

When you use your thinking mind to try and determine next steps forward, you block soul certain guidance.

The two simply don’t work together – you’re either in a paradigm of ‘what do I gotta DO to get there?’, or of being led from within, in trusting in what you FEEL and, more often than not, can’t even put into words.

I know this is a shocker, but if you want to create a soul led life then every bit of how you show up along the way to that life has to come from soul!

In a literal or practical sense this means that when it’s time to make a decision, or decide on a path, you NEED TO BE CONNECTED.

This means pause EVERYTHING to do with decision making and action UNTIL you are dropped in.

Yes, I understand that there are numerous reasons why this may be impractical, or you don’t have time, but guess what? Too fucking bad. You either GET how damn inefficient – foolhardy, really! – it is to continue to try and act and create your dream business and life based only on the data of everyone around you and your own surface and often fear-driven thoughts, or you don’t. If you don’t, what TF are you even doing on MY page haha? BUT REALLY. Get outta here, you’re one of the norms and you’ll never be or create any different TO a norm.

But if you get it, then GET it. Don’t just nod your head sagely in recognition of the fact that at some point you really need to do that whole trust thang you’ve been talking about for so long, PRESS FUCKING PAUSE AND BECOME NOW THE PERSON YOU ONE DAY SAY YOU’LL BE!

You’re going to work, create, take action anyway. It may as well be coming from the right place, so that it can have the impact it’s meant to have, so that you can live the life you’re meant to live!

And let’s get real here –

The ONLY reason you don’t do this is fear, isn’t it? Well, fear coupled with a lack of damn discipline!

You may well be the hardest working badass on the block, and so you wanna punch a bitch (me!) for suggesting you’re not disciplined, you bleed and sweat baby; you do what it takes! But if you don’t have the damn discipline to BE CONNECTED TO YOUR OWN SOURCE before doing, then you don’t have jack shit.

Nothing that’s gonna get you anyplace other than where all the other worker bees are headed, anyhow.

FEAR is telling you that you’re too busy to pause, that you’ve got too much going on to consider where the fuck you’re going before you actually try to get there, or perhaps that there’s no point anyway, and you can’t TRUST.

Do you actually believe this though?

When all is said and done, do you actually want to CHOOSE to believe that you can’t trust in your own inner guidance?


I don’t think there is a CHANCE you would say ‘yeah, nah Kat, on a soul level I don’t actually think I can trust in myself’. I get that you MAY question whether you can. But if you go deeper, beneath that fear, you KNOW you can trust in what’s inside.

And if you know that –

And yet you continue to forego taking the time and doing whatever is NECESSARY (the actual ‘what it takes’) to connect into that inner certainty –

You’re a fool.

You are literally saying, through your actions, that even though you know the only blueprint to your true aligned success is the one you were damn well born with, that you’re not going to take the time to unearth it.

Just stop.

Just stop, right now, and think about this, think about the RIDICULOUSNESS of continuing to hack away trying to get to destiny without ever stopping to sharpen the damn saw OR attend to where you’re going!

Just stop asking ‘can I afford to stop right now, trust right now, follow the madness within right now’, and ask what you really need to ask –

Can I afford not to?

What’s incredible, what you maybe need to be reminded of right now, is that when you DO make a decision to live from soul, not just now, for a moment or a Sunday, but day in and day out, it gets PRETTY DAMN EASY.

It may feel so far away right now, tricky and confusing, and you don’t know if you can trust in what you feel, or what intuition is actually saying –

But it’s a practice.

It is SUPPOSED to be a practice.

A daily thing, to connect in. Not even a ritual or routine, although this can help to kick start it. But more so something that you BECOME practiced at, meaning that it becomes automatic.

It really does become automatic, that you ARE dropped in, tapped in, dialled in, and able to easily and clearly read guidance from within.

Those who live this way, live with a magic and a level of creating that simply can’t be imagined in the mind of the typical person. It’s not POSSIBLE.

And when you’re there, when you become this sort of person, the YOU who communes continually with God and higher self?

EVERYTHING is simple.

Yes, there will always be a new mountain to climb. Growth inherently requires overcoming, duh!

But yes.

You will always know which action to take,

how to take it,

and that it’s taking you exactly where you are meant to go.

Pull the damn emergency cord now, and connect in to life the way it’s meant to be lived.

Or do do do forever and wonder why you’re still in the same fucking place.

But just don’t bitch about it if you want a life of more and you’re repeatedly not willing to be the person who automatically has it.


Life is Now. Press Play.


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