Build Your Fucking Funnel Live Online Workshop with Kat!

Build Your Fucking Funnel Online Workshop with Kat!

Create a Minimum of 10k Per Month in Automated and Recurring Income!

Build Your Fucking Funnel

Ready to stop letting your BULLSHIT be bigger than your RESULTS?

I have something that’ll kick your ass, and get you making MONEY.

But YOU need to already be that person who knows that they know that they KNOW they’re going to get there, and ALL the way.

I’m just not interested –
Honestly –
In working with you or showing you my EXACT wealth-creation strategies and how I GOT here –
If you’re not.

So if you KNOW you have what it takes and you’re actually fucking willing to do it, and you love the idea of finally AUTOMATING your income, then here’s what I’ve got going on!!

Build Your Fucking Funnel Online Asskickery with Kat!


We’re going to map out your fucking funnel live, with me, right then and there, showing you what to do, showing you exactly what’s in my funnel, helping you to actually plan it out then and there!

I’m doing this because I’m sick of people taking forever to build their fucking funnels and actually create AUTOMATED and RECURRING income (over 50k per MONTH of my total revenue comes from automated sources so I’m pretty passionate about it!!), and I don’t want to just TEACH or SHOW you something without you actually also DOING it.

This is NOT even a high-ticket offer, but it STILL requires you to be that hell YES person who figures out the HOW later and makes gut-based decisions based on the RESULTS she desires.

I’m going to:

  • Show you my entire funnel
  • Give you all of my scripts, templates, processes, exactly what I do and how I do it
  • Let you in on the exact WORDING and SALES strategies and also sneaky but real SCARCITY processes I use to have people buy NOW
  • Show you how I use a VERY freaking simple upsell process to have roughly 25% of all buyers then purchase something MORE at a higher price
  • Show you how to leverage that into REPEAT sales
  • Teach you how to balance your FUNNEL offers with your DAILY hustle, and also how to down or cross sell if people don’t buy now
  • Show you how to put your funnel together NOW even if you don’t have a program or offer to PUT in the funnel now
  • Show you how to QUICKLY put together an offer if you don’t have anything yet TO offer, so that you’re ready to then sell right after the workshop
  • FORCE YOU TO ACTUALLY TAKE ACTION via the hands-on implementation that this asskickery is all about! What this means is that you will THEN AND THERE build your funnel, or else do so while listening to the recordings if you can’t attend live.
  • Make all of this super freaking simple and overwhelm free for you so that you can GET RESULTS NOW!
And before we go on, I have another confession to make, just a TEENY tiny one –


Which is EXACTLY why – the real reason, which I’ve not SAID till now! – but here it is. It’s 2.5 hours of badass getitfuckingdone RESULT based strategy and asskickery, + my help and ++++ follow on support.

Not seen the funnel workshop, or gone through the details? The long and the short of it is I’m going to show you the exact ins and outs of how my funnel works, such that over 50k of my total repeat monthly revenue comes through automated, recurring income.

This all started when I got sick and fucking TIRED of never being able to pay my bills, of running scared, of living hand to mouth, of living in FEAR.

I always knew I was born to be RICH but I needed to start with just being able to LIVE the way I wanted to live, so I could be free to create and BUILD this empire from flow.

Within 4 weeks of implementing what I’m teaching in this workshop I created a RECURRING $10,000 per month revenue stream.

Since then I’ve grown my RECURRING monthly income to in excess of 50k per month.

That 50k per month (plus, and growing!) forms the basis of every other higher-level sale I make, making it EASY to sell high-end because I’ve already proven myself.

In other words?

It’s why I now make over 200k per month.

I BELIEVE in recurring income!

And in the funnel workshop, I’m going to show you exactly how I did that, how I do it, how it works.
I’ll give you all my scripts, templates, systems.

And I’ll show you exactly how to build your funnel right then and there, as well as how to even come up with your offers!

This is for you if … you want to build your fucking funnel finally and create recurring and automated income to the tune of TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars per month … AND you are a hell yes person who DOES WHAT IT TAKES!!

Say yes now to access the training right away!

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Hell Yes Kat

Let’s get real here: how freaking long have you been telling yourself you’re going to put a proper FUNNEL for automated CASH together and yet it’s still not done?!

Even if you DO have something going on in there is it working for you the way you WANT it to be?

I’m super excited about showing you EXACTLY behind the scenes in my funnel, how simple it is to set up, HELPING you right then and there as well as through the follow on support to implement YOURS, and see you too create tens of thousands of dollars of AUTOMATED and RECURRING income as you continue to grow your empire online!

Time to pull your finger out and get rich baby.

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Was $997, Now Only $697!

NEW Extended Payment Plan also added!

Hell Yes Kat

BONUSES: Bonus Gifts for You! 

Create Your Signature Program Audio Series

check_15-20110903141426-00023Create Your Signature Program Audio Series

Are you looking to create true and lasting wealth, doing what you love? Are you looking to make a DIFFERENCE in a big way?

Do you have skills, knowledge and passion to share with the world and a deepset knowledge that you have what it takes to succeed online, but yet for one reason or another you haven’t yet got things up and running?

If you answered a resounding YES to any or all of those questions, then you’re going to love my Fearless Wealthy Warrior ‘Create Your Signature Program’ 6-part audio series.

I’m going to teach you the exact ins and outs I use in my own business as well as teach my high-end mentoring clients to create beautiful and successful online programs – some of which have generated several hundred thousands of dollars in as little as 6 months!

If you have a big dream, a big message, and a burning desire to ‘make it’ online NOW – this is the program you need to get your butt into gear!



check_15-20110903141426-00023Launch It!

To the fast-thinking, fast-talking, SUPER creative SUPERWOMAN who is sick of fucking around and not making the money OR the difference she’s born for … this one’s for you!

Launch It! is a 6 week intensive online experience based on the INCREDIBLE feedback I’ve had any time I share my launch strategies as well as the incredible DEMAND I’ve had to share more.


10k+ Per Month MINIMUM Recurring Income? Yes Please!

I spoke about how much cashola I received in May, and I can tell you that well over $50,000 of that – over 50k of my automated and RECURRING monthly income – comes in pretty much whether or not I lift a finger.

YES I love to hustle, as hustle is basically just created more content!! But I also like to know what my MINIMUM BASELINE IS.

Which is 50k+ per MONTH, and growing.

Several years back I set myself a goal of automating at LEAST 10k a month in recurring income. I was sick of living on the edge and wanted a BASELINE, to feel safe basically.

I achieved that goal within LESS THAN 4 WEEKS with the EXACT strategies I’m sharing – and giving all my scripts, templates, how-to and systems away with – in my Build Your Fucking Funnel workshop.

How I RECEIVE that minimum now 50k+ per month is because I got the fuck over one VERY important part of online business, namely FUNNELS.

But when I say I got over it, here is my “secret”.

Like I said, I never was one to follow the rules …

I actually don’t think I’m capable of it!! I would rather be broke on the street but at least doing what I love than have to CONFORM for money.

And I don’t believe you have to.

Scratch that I fucking KNOW you don’t have to; I’m walking talking rich hot proof!!

So, I did what I always do, when I want an outcome but I want it my way:

I decided it was going to just have to fucking work, my way!

And then I made it work.

Okay, it wasn’t that simple, it took me some trial and error but really what it took was GETTING THE FUCK OVER THE IDEA THAT HAVING A WORKING FUNNEL NEEDS TO BE SCARY, OR FANCY.

I can tell you it doesn’t.

I have SIMPLE stuff in place in my email funnel that means new subscribers are SOLD to (and sold to!) from day one, in a way that is aligned for me and that

No complicated set-ups.
No fancy weird tech shit.
Nothing SPECIAL or CONFORMITY based you need to do.

Now here is where you REALLY need to listen, ’cause this is not just about me showing you some stuff!

In my Build Your Fucking Funnel Workshop, which is ALL online, I am going to SHOW you exactly how to build a funnel that works, HELP you know exactly what to sell IN that funnel (including coming up with new offers if needed!) and also STAND THE FUCK OVER YOU whilst you map it out right then and there!

And there.


Here is what this comes down to gorgeous:

You can keep trying to follow the RULES of online marketing …

Join the dots and build a PRETTY little hobby biz where you don’t get to be you, do you, SAY what you actually freaking thing ….

Where you also don’t make the MONEY you really KNOW you could and should be!

Or you can commit to creating ALL THE FUCKING CONTENT and also letting me HELP you monetise that awesomeness.

Not just because it makes you a fuckload of $$, either.

But because it is the MOST fun way to do biz.

Just think about it! –

Every day, you get up, and you write | speak | create | do you.


It seriously is hell YES as good as it sounds!

Lay the groundwork here! Few places remain in the SECRET TOP 40!

Time to BRING it baby and create ALL the fucking content you’re bottling on up in there.

Earlybird discount is on NOW! Check out my video and BUILD YOUR FUCKING FUNNEL with me!

Click here now and SAVE an extra $300!

Was $997, Now Only $697!

NEW Extended Payment Plan also added!

Hell Yes Kat

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!

Kat x