This workshop was EPIC! 

It’s about trust, about surrender, about faith, and about KNOWING.

This is about aligning to where what you WANT is freaking DONE, no two ways about it.


Here’s what this is really about, and what it comes down to:

You KNOW that results come from energy, from who you are and how you think, feel, see the world, and EXPECT it.

You don’t get what you WANT, you get what you’re an energetic match for.
(Secret hack: you can just line up these things so they match!)

And what you’re an energetic match for?

Is a product of what you learn to ask for,

hand over,

and FULLY know will show up.

This is not just a concept! It’s NOT enough to ‘know it’s possible’, to ‘believe’. You have to feel it live it breathe it BE it.

Full release. Full faith. Full surrender.

And then FULL commitment to the now, and the work you’re meant to be doing; the you you’re meant to be doing.

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In my Change Your Vibration, Change Your Life workshop replay, I will help you to:
  •  Understand energetic attraction, and how you can’t NOT have what you’re a match for show up in your physical reality
  • Learn how to easily and rapidly identify seductions and distractions from soul – those pathways we take, or habits we find ourselves bound to, which in the end we can see took us OFF the path of ease and flow, often because we were transfixed by the idea of a quick win, or because we felt like a missing part of us would be filled
  • ​Further to that – recognise and understand the areas you feel lacking in, and notice your recurring patterns in trying to make yourself ‘enough’. From that place, identify what it is you’re actually seeking instead, and where energy and focus gets to go in order to finally TRULY know you are complete.
  • ​Fully understand what it means to ‘access from beyond the physical’, and utilise your supernatural talents and gifts, also create from that place – the way it is meant to be!! – so that you don’t have to depend on your DOING in order to BE or HAVE or ALLOW.
  • ​Learn how to instantly, easily and REPEATEDLY drop into surrender, trust, faith. Fully understand what these things mean, and how they feel. Also fully click into where you actually wanna!! For real!
  • ​My trick for ALWAYS knowing when I’m following true guidance as opposed to being led astray, or down a never-ending rabbit hole, or into a field of poison ivy, etc! This works every time, and understanding this one part of energy / frequency work can and will literally change your life.
  • ​How to ALWAYS snap right out of overwhelm, confusion, and anxiety related to what you need to do and how you’re possibly going to be able to do it all
  • ​How to ALWAYS know the exact move to make in your business
  • ​How to ALWAYS trust the money will show up, and (my fave!!) how to CONTINUALLY dial up / increase the amount that is showing up, such that there is always a VERY sizeable surplus, above and beyond all of your living, giving, business, and fun / adventure needs and wants
  • ​Aligning yourself to the future you see NOW, what that really means and what it also requires in terms of your actions and behaviours
  • ​Swiftly recognising and dealing with anything which is not a match for the future NOW you are creating, easily breaking the chains which bind you to stuff that is keeping you NOT exploding forward
  • ​ Instant creation of what you see inside of you
  • ​What ‘calling in’ really means, and how to do it
  • ​What to do when it doesn’t work / what you want or believe is divined is not showing up!
  • ​Recognising dirty / not aligned frequency shiz in yourself and others. Dealing with it.
  • ​Energetic guarding
  • ​The fastest way to clear the stuff you’ve been carrying around with you for God knows how long, and allowing to STOP you from receiving
  • ​Daily practices and rituals for KNOWING you are playing life on the frequency you’re meant to be on
  • ​Collapsing time, and operating outside of time
And a helluva lot more!
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I’m so excited to share everything in this workshop with you – from my favourite and most powerful belief changing exercises to how I set intention and goals that are soul aligned and create my reality from flow to the in’s and out’s of manifestation, and of course so much around the energy and frequency
Not only will you have access the workshop replay for life, but you will receive a comprehensive workbook too.
It includes all key points to remember, as well as the exact exercises I myself use, and have used for years, to be continually in soul certainty and alignment, and to uncover exactly which moves to make with my business, my money, my life! 🙌

(This workbook alone will be worth many times the cost of this workshop, I don’t have to tell you)
The WORKSHOP itself will be worth many times the cost of the workshop. Even if you apply just one point you learn, you can expect to see your business, your finances, your soul satisfaction, and your knowing of self and truth increase massively, and fast.
Sign up Today to get instant access to the Workshop replay, and the Workbook! Plus save 30%
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About Katrina Ruth

I’m KATRINA RUTH. I’m a self-made multi-millionaire, and I work with successful badasses like YOU, who kick their OWN ass already, who were always gonna do and BE the damn thing, but who maybe want me to kick their ass that little bit harder.

I flick the damn switch for the called ones, and I get you ALL riled up on your own YOU-ness.
I currently live on the Gold Coast of Australia, and I’m a single Mum to my two beautiful children, Alyssa and Nathan. I travel a LOT with my business (sometimes with the kids, sometimes not), and my business allows me to be fully location free.

After many MANY years of not going all in, NOT speaking my truth or doing what I really wanted to do in the world, I finally said yes to purpose and sharing my deep soul message, AND to doing the damn work, and now, well –

Here we are.

I have been fortunate enough to build up an INCREDIBLE online community of driven entrepreneurs and leaders and creators, and each day I get to do what I always wanted to do, which is to motivate, educate, empower and inspire you to press play and create the business and life YOU want.

I’ve made over $15,000,000 (yes, 15 million dollars) online just by speaking my truth and following the path of my soul, breaking any and all rules that don’t feel fuck yes for me, and also – and this is my fave! – really just being ME. Yeah, I might have some fancier stuff now than when I started, but my business was built on, and still runs on, me being the girl who just loves to write and say what needs to be said running around usually in her gym gear as a hot mess, in between being a Mum and just, well, living life!

You do NOT have to be anything other than who and what you already are to create all of this. Other than just that part of you who you’ve not yet dared to own, hmmm?! But you sure as shit don’t need to be polished, prepared, perfect. I’m still not! And never will be. What you do need to be is this:

Ready to fucking claim it. To recognise that yeah, the hardest work in the world is to march into our dreams without looking back, and to choose to be the version of us we know we’re meant for, every damn day, with zero availability for anything except seeing it ALL come to life.

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