Your work is meant to go out into the world and be of massive massive service.

It’s not true and never was that you are a fraud, an imposter, setting your sights on something beyond what you should get to have, no NONE of it.

Think of all that you’ve already done. The standard you hold yourself to. The way you repeatedly bring yourself back to your mission, and truth. And then, KNOW this:

Your work is meant to go out into the world and be of massive massive service. But you can’t expect it to do that when you don’t claim who you’re really here to be, put your ladder against the EXACT perfect tree, and then systematically work your way up it.

The systematic ‘work’ part, of course, being first and foremost the inner work of recognising your true God-given identity, and owning the FULLNESS of what that means. And the truth of that is this:

You didn’t just come here to build a moderately impactful business, or life.

And you didn’t just come here to achieve heights of success which most would consider enough. Because it’s not ABOUT survival, or even thrival.

It’s about being who you came here to be.
Claiming the FULLEST of that.
Owning that you simply ARE the best in the world at that.
And then facing your inner demons in the eye head on as you REFUSE to be swayed by anything which would seduce you away from purpose.

Instead, running felt pelt into the reality that you absolutely do HAVE a purpose, and that you get to live it in every possible sense.

That there absolutely is a ‘switch flick’ part of you which you can at any moment access in order to open the floodgates of certainty, of know-how, of confidence, of motivation, of money flow, soulmate client flow, dream relationships, and more.

This is not fantastical.

This is GOD truth which it is your right to claim, and then hold yourself to a standard of.

Waking up every morning and CHOOSING:

I get to do my truest work today.
I get to be HIGHLY paid for it today.
My work is of MASSIVE massive service today, and every day that exists!

It is never EVER the case that you need to get clearer on a magic strategy to suddenly have it all go next level for you.

But it is SO often the case that you need to get clear on what it would look like to fully identify who you are,

what it is you are God and soul and truth led to do,

and then to CLAIM every bit of it as you go on out there and live the fullest life of being YOU.

Your work is meant to go out into the world and be of MASSIVE massive service.

Today, I urge you –

be the version of you who is responsible to that,
repeat tomorrow,
and watch how it stacks over time to destroy the fear that would otherwise destroy you.

You’ve been sent here for a reason.



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