Success Mindset

Do the Work. Do the Work. Do the Work.

Everything I’ve been doing lately, hearing, fuck even everything I’ve been telling my clients and need to also DAILY remind myself just points to one thing:

If you want it, you need to get your ass into gear and make it happen and that means you need to DO THE WORK.

Sure, it begins with belief, and intent. There is very little purpose in running around getting shit done if it’s NOT with intent, and based upon a foundation that matters to you. So –

Start with belief. CHOOSE the beliefs you need to have in order to reach the results you want!! (So I guess we should actually say start with your goals, but no need to be pedantic!).

Next, commit. Commit with clarity, specificity, and (again!) belief. Commit to the precise outcome you want, and by when. Make up your mind that it WILL BE SO. And then?

Do the work.
Do the work.
Do the work.
Do the fucking WORK, bitch!

For those of us in the business of creating a powerful PERSONAL brand and getting famous for who we are, that work is going to come down to 2 critical elements:

1. Content
2. Communication

Oh, and if you also want to make money NOW, and not just wait till you’re shit hot famous and people come and offer it to you – a situation, by the way, which will only eventuate if you first do the work!- then you’re also going to need to add this:

3. Sales

And if you don’t want to turn completely crazy and NEVER have a second to breathe and you’re also not a MORON you’re probably going to need:

4. Automation / Systemisation of some kind


Content, right here right now, is social media. Period, the End. Sure, you can email out your shit and put it on other platforms but if you’re not social you don’t exist and how the fuck do you expect to build a personal brand and celebretize YOU if nobody knows you exist?

Answer: you don’t.

Action: you need to start showing up DAILY on the key social platforms for your audience. You need to be posting DAILY content. Of value. For free. Day in and day fucking out. Letting people see you, hear from you, learn from and be inspired by you.

The only way to DO this and not go insane is to realise that it’s really just about showing up authentically as you, you don’t have to PREPARE to create your content, you just SHARE what is real and true and what is on your mind. Doing it this way also means you automatically avoid trying to get famous for something you don’t know anything about or haven’t yet mastered yourself. So: win win. Just be you. Show the world.

If you want to LIMIT yourself you can choose one platform, one form of media, etc.

Kinda like the dude still driving a cart and horse when cars were invented.

Up to you.

I’m on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, FB live, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, now Anchor, Periscope, DAILY. That’s not enough. I’m pushing harder to be EVERYWHERE that matters, more.

Too much?

I’m not here to build a hobby blog, I’m here to get famous and build an empire. How about you? And are you acting accordingly?


Building a community is about communication. Relationships. Listening. Not just talking AT, but listening TO. Simple. So – leverage your content. Stream on multiple platforms at once. Double up where you can. Re-use and LEVERAGE.

But also: listen. Pay attention. Talk back. Create and adjust accordingly.

Far better to build your empire one conversation at a time than try and create some magical fucking optin that suddenly gives you thousands of wannabe freebie seekers who don’t know who you are, or care.

Action: part of your content plan needs to be to listen each day, engage and respond and actually communicate WITH your audience not to them. Why not take even 15 minutes a day to go through comments and emails? It’s a start.


You have shit to sell right now, then the #1 way you will get those sales is first by doing #1 and #2. But then: ask for the sale. Tell people the action to take. Follow up. Listen. Adjust accordingly.

If you’re creating CONSISTENTLY great content, and people – even a few – are listening, and you’re not also making the sales you want I’d bet you’re not treating SALES activity like its own must-do daily task.

It’s great to build a content-rich brand and have people fall in love with you (and that alone is incredibly rare!) but if you’re not actively telling people what to do and asking for the sale don’t be surprised if nobody is throwing money at you.

Action: Start telling people daily what action they need to take after consuming your free content.

Note: do NOT do #3 if you’re not doing #1. Pointless, AND stupid!


You can’t outsource showing up and being YOU in building your brand, but you can outsource the sharing of a LOT of content, and the repurposing of it.

You can have a VA reposting your stuff on your chosen platforms, or taking extracts, making quotes, doing little summaries and so on. You can use a scheduler to repost key pieces. This can all be as complex or as simple as you want it to be, but it STARTS with you putting pen to paper and deciding where you want to show up, how often, and whether it will be organic and ‘live’, or outsourced / repurposed, and if so who is going to do that.

With sales, nearly everything you’re selling online can be set up through some kind of funnel or automated process. At the very least you can have a selection of pre-written promotional extracts that can be added to the end of blog posts or other pieces of free content, or a ‘spiel’ that you roll off telling people what to do next after they watch a video or livestream. You can have key daily sales activities that you or your team roll out. And you can automate key weekly or monthly promotional activities that lead INTO the sales process.

It all just comes down to knowing what your outcomes are and then deciding upon a plan of action and also IMPLEMENTING it.

Action: get serious about showing up daily on social, and about daily sales processes, but realise you do NOT have to constantly reinvent the wheel. Write up the OUTCOMES you want happening in your biz each day or week and then make a schedule or plan accordingly. Ideally, outsource that shiz to your team, but realise also that YOU are going to need to get your hands dirty with some of it.

So many online entrepreneurs are swanning about day to day, throwing random shit out here there and everywhere or – if the phase of the moon is wrong or they don’t FEEL like it – nowhere, and then wondering why nobody knows who they are, or cares, let alone wants to buy from them.

If you’re serious about branding you and getting super rich doing it, then it’s time to get serious about letting the world SEE you, get to KNOW you, and WANT to connect with you and buy from you.

My challenge to you today: commit to the brand you want to create, get honest about what you’d have to have happening in already to be there, and start showing up accordingly, today.

In other words?

Do the work.


Life is Now. Press Play.


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