The fastest way to not achieve anything that matters, anything at all, to constantly battle frustration and disheartedness and discontent, to find you really have no OPTION except to drown your sorrows daily in a never-ending vat of donuts and wine, is to continually clog up the space where FLOW and PURPOSE is meant to be –

With other shit.

Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about huh? NO PORKY PIES!

EVERY time you –

Back down on your boundaries and standards with a potential or current client
Post some random shit ’cause you hope it’s clickbaity enough
Write or otherwise message or sell from a place of desperately seeking an outcome
Are anything other than CRYSTAL clear in removing yourself as often as needed from non-aligned situations, relationships, people
Say yes to SHOULD rather than soul

Or indeed in any way act from fear, from obligation, from scarcity, from lack, from TRYING …

You clog up your energy worse than a backed up Balinese toilet. Which is saying something.

Because here is how RECEIVING works, and flow, and being in a place where


Are always present, yours, right there where you need ’em, ready, and waiting – !


You may well walk around (for example) SAYING, claiming, even journaling on wanting more ideal clients … wanting to be known and seen for your TRUE soulmate … being ready for a new amazing soul aligned relationship … getting the body of your dreams brought to life not just IN your dreams … and so on –

But if your energy is filled with bits and pieces and disturbing unsightly chunks of the old you –

If you’re hanging ON to not-aligned stuff ’cause you’re scared the TRUE stuff won’t show up and what if you end up with nothing and become nobody?! –

If you’re continuing to SAY fuck yes (or just yes) on shit that is categorically NOT that –

If you continue to sell stuff you HOPE people will buy or that you’ve previously found people DO buy, but it’s not what you SO deeply passionately truly madly believe in and KNOW they must have, it’s not what your soul is SCREAMING at you to share with the world –

If you get up in the morning and your day is anything other than a stream of soul-led actions and activities, sure, some confronting, uncomfortable, I’m not saying it’s always easy –


Then really,

Please tell me,

No seriously though – !

How on EARTH do you possibly expect to end up in the flow zone?

I mean –

Not flow + not flow + not aligned and HELL yes for you does not magically one day = alllllll the flow.

That’s not how it works.

And, it was never supposed to be about paying the price okay? Not like THAT! If there’s a ‘price to pay’ (and I don’t know about that terminology, personally), then the price is simply putting in the work to DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO AND BE WHO YOU NEED TO BE, regardless of outcome and purely for its own sake.

If you were to commit today to being all that you are at your CORE, and to showing up accordingly,

What would be different right.fucking.now about what you’re doing?

What you’re expecting?

Who you’re interacting with?

Who you need to let go of, remove emotion and just RELEASE?

What you’d be stating and sticking to as far as boundaries, standards, policies, in business and in personal life?


What would be SCARY about this?

What would cause massive grieving perhaps, tears, even panic, but which you ultimately know is NECESSARY in order to get to where you’re meant to be going?

Nobody said it would be easy, living a life of purpose, passion, flow …

Well, okay, I said that a lot, and my 6 and 7-figure clients definitely say it a lot too!! Haha. But EASY, really, means acting from purpose, from higher self, from what you know you must. That’s a hella lot easier than continuing to take the SO-called easy ‘well travelled’ path … and ending up even further along in the wrong damn life!!

It’s EASY to do what you’re meant to do and be who you’re meant to be when you admit to yourself that you’re simply no longer willing to live for anything BUT your truth.

Easy doesn’t mean it’s not also terrifying AF at times!! You know this 

And here is where you make it so.damn.hard.

Constantly weighing up what you think you need to do, or say, or unleash, or put out into the world with your energy or ANY other part of you, constantly trying to figure out who you need to BE, to get the damn outcome …

THIS is why it all feels never-ending, and why you never QUITE manage to break through. Because here’s the thing –

What works, the ONLY thing that works, is to realise you already have everything you need inside of you.

That there can NEVER be ‘if I do this / be that, then I get to have this / receive that / be validated or saved like that’.

There IS no tit for tat, except for what is IN you.

There is no damn outcome, not one to work towards anyhow.

The outcome is the now, this moment right here.

If you’re stuck,

If you’re tired,

If you feel like you’re ALWAYS just trying to GET there,

Release the whole damn thing.

Be HONEST with yourself about where you are LYING to yourself, and letting NOT hell yes stuff take up the space where hell yes is oh-so-maybe-not-super-patiently waiting to come play … where hell yes CAN’T play while hell NO is still there, since those two can’t exist together!

CUT that stuff. Remove damn emotion, and do / say / be what is required NOW.

And then?


(But only for the rest of your life!)

To doing what you need to do,

And being who you need to be.

Not because there’s a gold fucking star at the end of it.

But because really –

Is there ACTUALLY any other way to truly love yourself and life, except for living it like you already do?


There is not.

And here is what else:

You already know that everything you’re desperate for will show up when you be the person who already has it.

Rip the damn bandaid.

Nothing will work except being who you’re meant to be, and doing what THAT badass next level chick does.

Remember …

Life is Now! Press Play.


Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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