Fat Loss Comfort Food – Super Soup

Ah, comfort carbs. There’s nothing better on a cold Winter’s day, is there? Feeling all toasty and warm as you indulge in something deliciously frost-appropriate. Of course it’s all fun around the bread bowl until you wake up the next morning and greet your belly with a familiar rush of remorse. Well regret your comfort food no longer, because I am going to introduce you to some of my all-time favourite fat loss comfort foods. Yup, you read that right!

Let’s kick it off with my super fat-loss soup …

Take as many different soup-y style veg as you can get your hands on. Organic is good for taste and packed-in nutrient factor. Today I used an onion, half a celery, 1/4 green cabbage, a carrot, a zucchini, 2 leaves of rainbow chard, a green capsicum … I think that’s all!

I used to kind of just simmer vegies in water when making soup but I learned from my (hot chef) husband to fry the veg up first. So today I fried up the onion and capsicum with a huge teaspoon of garlic, and then added all the other veg in and stirred them up.

Once they were soft I added 2 cups of organic vegetable broth, which I bought at my local organic store. I also added plenty of real salt and pepper. You could just use a blend of herbs and spices if you can’t find organic or at least salt-free broth or stock. Oh – and I added a bunch of fresh chopped coriander.

While this was simmering away (with some water added), in a separate pan I fried 6 small organic beef sausages. I completely destroyed my stove and benchtop with all the fat but man those sausages are good so I think it was worth it! Mind you, I took them off to cool down before adding them to the soup, and in the process of chopping them up Alyssa and I scarfed down at least half of them. So it ended up slightly less protein-y soup than planned!

Luckily I had a back-up in the form of 6 home-made beef burgers, which I cooked in the sausage fat and chopped into the mix. So there you have it ladies – simple comfort food that actually helps you lose fat! Talk about a winning combination!

Do you have any fat loss comfort food recipes of your own you’d be willing to share? Email me at [email protected] – I think this could be a great Winter feature!

2 responses to “Fat Loss Comfort Food – Super Soup”

  1. Joanna says:

    Hi Kat thanks again for another great sounding recipe. It helps so much to stay on track having good recipes my hubby and i are loving the choc super balls. I have been wondering about sausages and you have reminded me to ask about it mentioning them in this post. I have been trying the meat and nut breaky out or at least a version of it i can handle to start with which is eggs and a sausage followed by nuts with nuts with my coffee bout 20 mins later. Now the sausages i get from my local butcher are not officially organic but he does make his own sausages and all his meat grass fed free range so its the next best thing. They are gluten free but they do have rice flour in them. Do you usually worry about such a small amount should i be looking for sausages that are 100% meat although not sure they exist asked the other day and he said his are around 75-80% then rice flour and spices they are also preservative free. Do you think these are ok and would it be better to have one egg two sausages or two eggs one sausage i know thats getting nitty gritty but im just trying to get rid of last few% body fat so i have to think of everything.

  2. Kat Eden says:

    Hey Joanna, glad you like the recipes! It’s not too bad but I would have them more as a now and then thing rather than daily … you can get them starch free but they usually taste pretty dry; hence soups!