45 Truly Inspirational Expert Tips To Help You OWN 2012!

I’m the kind of gal who simply loves to read self-help-y type stuff. I adore it! Possibly too much, especially if I’m in the mood for a little procrastinating.

The thing about self-help-y type stuff is that there is a lot of it out there. Some good or even great (life changing on occasion!), some bad, and some just plain old ugly. My top tip for sorting the great from the ugly is a quick perusal of whether the expert in question has a) achieved what they’re trying to teach, and b) effectively taught what they’re trying to teach.

Of course it’s not always that easy to know, especially on the internet. Which is why I’ve done a little sorting for you to kick of your 2012, and brought you only the best, the greatest and yes even the most life-changing stuff.

From some of my favourite fitness and motivational colleagues. I asked them for their ‘top 3 tips’ on keeping your new years’ resolutions. Even if you’re not the ‘set and write goals or resolutions’ type I know you’ll find inspiration, motivation, and perhaps a fresh outlook in reading what the gang have to say.

And then I know you’ll get out there and start smashing some plateaus. Yes?


Mark Ottobre – Maximus Mark


1. Make sure each meal contains a source of quality protein (yogurt contains protein but does not fit this description; hint animals are best)

2. Go as gluten free as humanly possible (check out Mark’s podcast link on the topic)

3. There are two types of eating behaviours … Predators and Prey… The prey grazer all day, the Predator eats proper meals containing protein and fats (primarily) .. so next time your in doubt, ask this question, are you eating like a Lion or a cow?! Mooo!!

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Amanda Brown – The Queen of Lean

Fitness Tips

1. Set aside a night to have a cook off for the week; I find that Sunday works well. This way you will have your some snacks and lunches covered for the week and you won’t be left hungry wondering through a food court or out and about looking for healthy food

2. Measure your body fat % every 1-2 weeks to stay on track. This way you know what is/isn’t working and it also can become a little bit of a competition to beat your results from the previous week

3. Wean yourself off sugar to free yourself from cravings!

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Dr Clarissa Hughes – Getting Lean and Curvy

Fitness Tips

1. Give yourself the ‘green light‘ with green vegetables – things like cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, rocket, spinach & other leafy greens are packed with fibre, phytonutrients & other goodies. Try them raw, lightly steamed or even in green smoothies

2. Have a ‘no white at night’ policy – a good way of starting to clean up your eating is to swap things like white pasta, potatoes & rice and at dinnertime with more nourishing alternatives like zucchini ‘spaghetti’, cauliflower mash, & quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wah’)

3. Adequate hydration is important – aim for 500ml per 10kg of bodyweight as a rough guide. Don’t rely on thirst as an indicator of your need for water – and set an alarm to remind yourself if necessary!

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Tonic Superfoods

Fitness tips1. Overcome sweet cravings with a superfood smoothie! Superfoods provide you with a sustained level of energy and nutrition that support the body’s metabolism and energy release systems. The mineral rich content of superfoods also nourish the adrenals and prevent exhaustion, while avoiding unnecessary sugar crashes and muscle damage, giving you the energy to get through every day!

2. Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for centuries as an aid to assist the liver in detoxification as well as assisting the body in the proper metabolizing of proteins, fats and minerals. Having some apple cider vinegar before a meal will assist in raising your metabolism by increasing the body’s ability to use proteins for insulin production; insulin is required for the conversion of glucose into energy.

3. Mix things up ever once in a while; just because something in particular helped you lose weight & get lean in the past doesn’t mean you have to do it for ever! Your body is smart and needs a change every now and then to keep it on it’s toes! 🙂

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Rachel Guy –

Fitness TIps

1. BE PREPARED TO SACRIFICE – Everyone wants to have a 6 pack and a firm butt! Listen up! ITS HARD WORK! It doesn’t come in pill form, neither is there a quick fix solution. Looking hot in a bikini is about dedication and discipline. Be prepared to sacrifice certain behaviours, foods and even staying away from certain people who are sucking your energy and ability to succeed.

Be brutally honest with yourself. Its hard to look inside when we live in a world of excuses!

Remember “If it is important you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse.” If you find yourself making excuses, quit wasting your time. Your goal clearly isn’t that important to you.

2. BE REALISTIC – There is nothing worse than the feeling of failing to hit your goals. We have all been there. Setting short term realistic goals such as changing one behaviour every week, leads to long term adherence and success. When I am dieting for a show I make sure i have my skinfolds done by a Biosignature Practitioner every week and discuss with him the goals for the next 7 days. Every day from then on I am thinking about my next assessment.

3. GET A COACH or TRAINER – I cannot express clearly enough how important it is to have a coach, mentor or trainer to help you achieve your goals. I have 2 trainers, a business coach and several mentors. Thats over 5 people pushing and directing me to my goals! Its hard to fail when you are accountable to someone. Its hard to make excuses too. Having been in the fitness industry for 12 years i have heard (and made) every excuse under the sun! My clients know that i will not tolerate any form of an excuse and they are aware, if they make an excuse, I will call them on it!

We are all human, we all have cravings, slip ups and drink one too many bottles of red wine. Be honest with your trainer, don’t make an excuse, trust me, he/she will be able to see straight through you!

Want to connect with Rachel? Visit or jump on her facebook page over here!

Sam Beau Patrick – The Health Queen

Fitness Tips

1.  DREAM BIG – people can expand so much when they let their hand-breaks off. Let your mind daydream that everything is possible.

2.  RE-INFORCE IT – surround yourself with images, words, goals, notes on the fridge, montage screen savers – just continually bombard your brain with the fact “this is YOU”

3.  COMMIT – don’t expect changes unless you make some changes. They usally aren’t painful, don’t cost money nor cause heart-ache yet we resist trying new things. Commit deeper than you have before

Daine Mcdonald – Clean Health

1. Seek Professional Help. We all like to think that we can do it alone, but more often that not for a variety of reasons we only get 50% of the way there. I find the best way to actually get something out of a new years resolution or a goal is to invest the time and money into a professional who can help me get there.

An example is my own training this year, I have a photo-shoot for my website at the end of March and have enlisted the help of a world-renowned coach to help me get there. He holds me accountable and provides me with the necessary tools and information to get there without me having to think about it. If you are in Sydney check out my company’s New Years 12 Week transformation program, it will provide you with those same tools to help turn your ambitions and goals into reality!

2. Get Your Family/Friends On Board. I find those that have a supportive network of people around them who understand and appreciate their health commitment are more likely to succeed with their resolutions. If those around you are not, then perhaps the company you keep needs to be put to question. A wise man once told me you are the average of the top 5 people you spend your most time with. So be selective with the people you invest your time and energy into.

3. Like Facebook Pages That Give Out Useful Health Information. Over the years I have found that a person educated in health and fitness is going to be more likely to achieve their goals. Because there is so much information out there in regards to nutrition, hormones, training etc I believe the following criteria needs to be met when it comes to who you should listen to in the field of personal training, nutrition and strength and conditioning

i. Do they have a proven track record of client successes?

ii. Do they constantly educate themselves and their staff to stay at the top of the industry with up to date information?

iii. Do they practice what they preach? They might not have to be as lean as a bodybuilder or as strong an Olympian, but to be a real health model they must lead by example.

People or company’s who I feel do this out there whom are worth following are:

… and of course Woman Incredible and Body Incredible! So do yourself a favor and like those three pages to stay up to date on useful information that help you with your health goals.

Natalie Carter – NatCarterPT

1. Its all you, baby: Make yourself accountable to your goals, only you are responsible for making them happen. Do away with blaming others around you if they are achievers. Remember – “if it’s to be me, it’s up to me



2. Practice patience: Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, it requires hard work, consistency and determination. Don’t be afraid to hire a PT or coach, their knowledge & motivation will ensure you are successful from start to finish.



3. Have fun: Achieving your transformation should be (somewhat) enjoyable. I’m so surprised by the amount of people that hate their training. Find several activities you love, do them regularly and you’ll be more inclined to stick to them. Do what you love, love what you do.



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Eric Falstrault – BodhiFit Online

1. Plan your perfect day. We all know what our perfect day would look like, we have it in our head, we can almost smell it, but it only last a few seconds and we get on with our lives. As with any project or goal, your perfect day must be planned as well. I am not talking about scheduling it into your already full week, or riding a horse on a beach with Gisele Bundchen, or being able to cheat all day without any consequences. I want you to imagine your perfect day, from the moment you get up, the perfect breakfast that energizes you to the perfect day at work. Ending it with a fun night with your kids or your lover. Write it down and post it somewhere you can see it. What you think often about or dream about can slowly become reality. Try and you’ll see that you will get closer and closer to your perfect life.

2. Write down some of your ideas and thoughts. Maybe your job ask you to be creative or you just are just the creative type with plenty of ideas but with no way of expressing your creativity. We all come up once in while, with some great or crazy ideas that we think can help is in some way or just think that its the next big thing, but fail to write it down for later thoughts. The thing is that we live in a world of 9 to 5. However, it doesn’t mean that our grey matter shops working from 5:01 to 8:59 am. think that Leonardo Da Vincible came up with ” la Joconde ” during normal working hours? That Thomas Edison stopped working on his projects in the weekend? Some of my best blog ideas came up in the middle of the night. It drove me crazy until I made it a point to write it down instead of losing sleep because of it. You never know, maybe it could be your next big break or the missing link towards your dream goal.

3. Don’t reward yourself, find the pure pleasure of achievement. Rewards can make things go wrong. They transform a very simple task into a dreading one. They turn play into work and by turning off the most intrinsic motivation; they send performance and all the correct behavior into a downward spiral. Maybe this is why when we see someone successful; we are motivated and want to do what he does. However, if we don’t have the same attitude, which is that he unconditionally love what he does, failure is an option. Meaning that the first motivation is money, not loving what you do thriving on it. So if being able to make that little black dress fit is your main motivation, maybe you need to look at another goal, a basic one. Like I say to some of my clients who’s health is precarious, instead of trying to lose weight at all cost like their doctor said, try instead to focus on your health and feel better, the weight and fat will come off eventually, without thinking about it. The focus will be more towards a primary motivator, just plain and pure achievement of a better lifestyle. Just love the fact that you did something for your health first. If you love what you do, embrace the project, work or goals you may have, and feed on that, get your intrinsic drive from it.

Joseph Coyne – Coyne Conditioning

1. Develop habits. If your resolution involves a behavioral change for the better (e.g. Eating meat for breakfast) try to make it habit. So make sure you stick with it for at least 21 days before taking a break from the behavior and that way it’ll be far more likely to stay as part of your routine.



2. If you get rid of something, put something else back in. For instance, if you get rid of wheat and gluten products like bread, you might exchange it for a gluten free bread even better a gluten free wrap or another grain like quinoa.



3. Decide on a monetary punishment. Nothing motivates in a capitalistic society like losing money. Figure an amount that you can handle losing (i.e. won’t break the bank) but will still hurt the back pocket and that gets donated to a charity every time you let your resolution slide.



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travis jones – Result Based Training

1. Take a before photo: If you want to stick to your plan this year take a unflattering photo of yourself and keep it in your wallet. Every time you go to cheat on your plan look at the photo and think is it worth it. Every time you make an excuse not to go to the gym look at that photo and see if you can afford to miss the session, this will be your constant motivator.

2. Get creative: No one wants to eat the same boring meal day in and day out. It’s not realistic and you won’t stick to it, find a nutritional plan with variety and foods that you will enjoy eating. Spice up your foods to get the added fat loss benefits. Try Cumin for some liver detoxification and some chilli for a little metabolic boost.

3. Suck it up: Understand at times it’s going to be tough, changing your body isn’t easy and if it was then everybody would be walking around with a six pack or a toned stomach. If you are truly serious about sticking to your goals, then yes it sometimes it means sacrifice, yes it means you you have to get to the gym more days out of the week then you don’t go, and no alcohol isn’t going to be your friend while your dropping fat or gaining muscle. You are then one who made the right choice to change so stick to it because trust me it is definitely worth it in the long run.

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Sara wiercinski – Love Yourself Naked

Fitness-Expert-Tips1. Set a goal: Don’t listen to fear based negative talk.  Go after something important to you, not what you should do or what you can do what you want, really really want, to do.



2. Make it a priority:  You cannot be everywhere doing everything for everyone.  Choose how you are going to spend your time and your resources then stand behind your decision, don’t apologize for it.



3. Commit to it. You are not going to love every second of training.  Motivation will only take you so far, you need to be committed. Think about your job, there are days you would rather be somewhere else but you go to work because you are committed and in the grand scheme you are rewarded for that commitment.

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Kimberley Raine – Fast Fitness

1. Keep it in mind – it is easy to set resolutions but it is also easy to forget them, so place constant reminders in your most frequented places, a picture of you that you are un happy with on the fridge door, a picture of the body you are aiming for on the bathroom mirror, the jeans that you want to be wearing on XX date hung up on the outside of the wardrobe – constant reminders of your goal.



2. Have a mantra, this should be something that helps keep your eye on the prize, one of the most famous is Kate Moss with nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, or you could have something like size X by Easter, other examples are:
  • Size 8 jeans 
  • Bikini on the beach
  • Fabulous at 50
  • Fit at 40
  • Look at me now
Use these frequently to make your resolutions come alive, the more you repeat them the more they will become engrained in your subconscious and the easier they will be to recall when temptation threatens you in to reverting to your old ways.



3. Have a plan, a long term one and access and reward your progress at regular intervals. Planning is key to staying on track, without a plan it is easy to let your resolutions fall by the wayside as you intend to get beck to it tomorrow – which as we all know never comes! But be nice to yourself, if you do fall off the wagon, smile, grab your plan and get back on with it, make sure you do something towards it everyday – even if its just something small – do something towards your goal everyday!

Paula Owens – M.S. Nutritionist, Fitness Expert, Holistic Health Practitioner.

1.  Focus on two healthy changes each week. Every week add two more. This is the concept in my book, The Power of 4. These healthy changes can as simple as consuming 40 grams of protein BEFORE lunch for females and 60 grams of protein before lunch for males.

2. Become aware of the negative effects that xenoestrogens contribute to attaining your fat loss goals. Xenoestrogens from plastics, cosmetics, personal care products, non-organic foods, etc.

3. Lift Weights! Ditch the long, boring cardio/aerobic sessions that burn muscle, increase cortisol, and disrupt hormones.  If you want to be “skinny-fat” – do cardio. If you want a lean, healthy physique, Lift Weights! I recommend the 21 Day Transformation Program, an online Exercise and Weight Loss Program.

Head over to Paula’s website to read more from this fabulous lady!

Belinda Benn – Your Aussie Transformation Coach

Belinda’s top 3 tips

1.  Focus on things that make a difference. Don’t stress or sweat the small stuff.  Save your energy for things that really count and make a difference to your world and the world.

2.  Aim for small steps of continuous improvement in the most important areas of your life.  Small consistent incremental positive changes will add up to big long term results.

3.  Use your intuitive to help guide you.  Listen to your body and your heart.  Don’t miss the important signs they are sending you and have the courage to follow them.  Living your life that way will lead you towards success and happiness.


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