I know you were born for more and that frankly a lot of this shit feels beneath you, should YOU really have to be fussing and mussing with all these small things, or even, really, with ANY of these markety things?

I get it, really, I do.

We are the ones who are called!
For more!
With a message which, when it really gets out, gets seen, gets heard, will rock the very foundation of the world!

The walls of the false churches will come crashing down, the stale and vacuous so-called leaders will be dethroned, the people will wake, and the revolution will RISE, taking every one of us along for the ride!

It’s what was always meant to happen, you, as the star, SCREAMING your passion and fury and hard love truth to the world.

So why would YOU, one called for SUCH great purpose, have to bother with things like lead gen … funnel flow … different marketing strategies to get da peoples to find you … structured selling … business ADMIN … or the more tedious side of your content creation and delivery or indeed of ANY of it?

You wouldn’t, you shouldn’t, how dare I suggest such a thing!

The nerve.

MINIONS should do it all for you, that’s the truth of the matter. Even more true is that really, you shouldn’t have to do ANYTHING, and the people should just arrive and find you and then pay you.

While YOU sail off ever faster and ever higher and with ever more flow and fucking ease into the heavens, where you rightly belong, so that you can gaze down fondly and deliver occasional pearls of juicy wisdom, in between all the Netflix and chill and grape-eating, of course.


(and it’s just an idea, you understand)


Maybe. Just maybe!


You could get da fuq off your oh-so-high horse over there, roll up your damn sleeves, and get to work building the damn business you have right now –

or would have, if only you’d get over yourself enough to do what it bloody takes to have it!

Oh, what’s that now? You want the next level to be revealed and even granted to you when you refuse to exist in THIS one?

Makes sense …

You’ve heard of how gratitude works, right?

Be grateful for what you have,

in order to receive more.

By similar token,

be grateful for the work of TODAY

and be diligent with it, a joyful and fully IN it steward,

in order to RECEIVE the work of tomorrow.

You want to bypass your now in order to have the future you can’t even quite clearly dream of, nor feel into, nor have any idea how to GET, well, guess what? If that future was supposed to be snapped into the now you would CLEARLY see it, feel it, be IN it, internally, and it would BE now.

Whatever you are being SHOWN is your NOW now.


when you resist what IS –

you block what COULD be.

Put simply, you are cock blocking the next level you by refusing to be who you think you’re too good for right now.

You are never too good to gratefully steward what you’ve been given thus far.

You are never too good to do even the most tedious of tasks in attending to your CURRENT business and life!

No, I don’t mean you gotta do it all yourself and never outsource! lolol. I outsource a LOT, in fact a big part of how I built this business to where I am now an 8-figure CEO, is by in the beginning REPEATEDLY hiring staff long before I paid myself, and REPEATEDLY passing over work that I knew was ‘not my work’, so I could do more of being me.

But let me tell you –

I DID have to the ‘being me’ bit 😉

For each of us, that bit’s different.

Me, the chill ‘do nothing life’ is not for me. Even if I had my whole life set up so I didn’t have to do ANYTHING to receive, I LOVE TO BE IN THE DO. The push, the purpose-driven hustle, the soul-led grind of creating, extricating what’s in me, balls in the air all over the place, STRIVE and GROW and BECOME and CHANGE, that’s the life for me!

I tried the other kind … I automated the fuck out of everything to where I was STILL making minimum 200k / month … and I got bored and lazy and fat. At least I felt that way haha. I felt SAD, and motivation became ever harder to find, so I thought I needed to do EVEN less, outsource EVEN more!

I also thought it was a bit beneath me, why should I, Katrina Ruth, be doing these different things in my business!

Let my team do ’em, or don’t bother with ’em at all; I’m Katrina Ruth FFS!

This approach might work for those who truly do have an end goal of chill.

For those of us who were born to create and to ENDLESSLY be on the artists journey, to rip out pieces of our soul and just keep on sharing ’em with the world, THIS APPROACH WILL NEARLY KILL YOU.

Starting with the gradual and ever-increasing pressure exerted onto your soul, as it is slowly,


rung out.

Eventually, I WOKE BACK UP, kicked my own ass, and realised that OH holy fuck, I’d actually been NEGLECTING my business.

Thinking it should just run itself while I become the next level messenger and star.

Wondering why TF I didn’t know how to be that next level messenger and star; why had the way not been shown yet, opened up yet, what gives?!

Not seeing that for ME – I LIKE the push, the creation, the DILIGENT SERVICE OF TODAY’S DUTIES.

When I forget to push –

I forget to breathe.

And, while my team certainly get to support me in SO many ways, no, actually, thank you very much, tried it and the t-shirt SUCKED BALLS, I don’t want to outsource the job of being me.

I wanna be in the thick of it, in the muck of it, in the fray, attending to the nuts and bolts of it even, and putting my energy ALL up and through that bitch!

As soon as I realised this again,

I felt like I was alive for the first time fully in maybe YEARS.

And I felt SO SO RELIEVED that I’d been able to let go of the idea that I am somehow DEVALUING myself to be in the work.

I love the work.
I AM the motherfucking work!

Also, opportunities started to open up immediately.

People whose names SHOCKED me in my DMs started sliding in.

The way to stardom was not instantly FULLY shown, but the door was clearly opened, an invitation extended, and ASSUREDNESS given that yes –

This is real.
It’s happening.
And there is nothing you need to do aside from BE IN THE WORK OF TODAY.

And all I could do was laugh and laugh and laugh, at all the time I spent draining myself of my ME-ness, because I was worried that attending to what was in front of me would block me from ever seeing or being what was ahead of me!

I found my joy again.
I found my motivation.
I found ME.

And today I want to ask you –

Where is it you’re meant to be? Take a breath. Yes, there’s so much more that gets to come through for you!

But maybe for now you should shut the fuck up, sit your damn ass in the chair, and do what’s in front of you.

You can continue to resist the now,

but then you’d have to be a flaming idiot to be surprised when you never find it.

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