Success Mindset


What do you imagine your business and life would look like right now if you INSISTED on receiving what you want and desire; if you let yourself have your TRUE ‘have it all’ life rather than some sort of (let’s be honest) ‘less than’ version of it?


If you’re serious about truly honouring your standards and your worth, and elevating FAST on repeat, in all ways living your DREAMS, you need to get really fucking good at walking away.

This is not a maybe thing. The faster you want to grow and the less time you’d like to waste, the faster still you get to be at making even that initial decision to walk away – and then acting on it.

When I look back at my own business and life journey, I can see – and am proud to see – a continual curve UP of growth, success, evolved thinking and the ability to create my life by design.


It’s fair to say that at no point have I STOPPED growing, flowing, moving forward.


Just like I predicted when I was 19 years old and doing upright rows in front of the mirror at the gym, noticing the first little bits of muscle starting to show on me and imagining to myself that by the time I was 40 I’d DEFINITELY have arms like Madonna, I just keep getting better and better with age.

Well, I’m only NEARLY 38 right now, but I must say I was right on all counts. My arms look fabulous … haha, but really and I’m SO grateful to myself for doing the fucking work … and meanwhile EVERY area of my life does just get better and better with age.

And look – I know it’s so easy to be so hard on ourselves about all the areas where we do NOT step the fuck up, and I can beat myself down or notice my flaws or areas of resistance with the best of ’em, but really? What’s the fucking point of THAT?! I’d rather consciously choose to feel proud of myself and grateful to myself for the many ways I HAVE showed up and kept pushing onwards. Then, in any areas where I GET to still grow and improve I can be fully aware of that and honest with myself about it without needing to bring shame or blame into the conversation.

I don’t know about you, but I find that the older I become the more it actually seems to be indulgent to engage in shame, blame, shoulda, coulda, woulda, and whatever other stuff our human minds try to tell us about not being good enough.

Let’s get real:

It’s not being MODEST or HUMBLE to beat yourself down and focus on your so-called flaws. It’s actually self-indulgent, and it’s a way of buying into a STORY and essentially not taking responsibility for what you NOW get to create, which impacts of course not only your OWN ‘dream life’, but also how you will ultimately serve or impact others.

Anyway. I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here … for a change lol … but I trust it was a good one?!

Let’s get back to what I was actually thinking about when I started writing for you today … or to be more accurate, when I was doing my morning journaling earlier and these concepts came up as reminders to ME … and that is that I was thinking about how freaking AWESOME I am these days at walking away FAST, when something isn’t hell yes.

While we’re on it, let’s just lay down the truth about hell yes, okay? Because I feel like a lot of people use that term in VAIN.




There is no justification.
There is no need for analysis.
There are no pros and cons lists required.
It doesn’t fucking matter what ANYBODY else thinks about it.

You just know.
It’s a yes.
It’s a must.
And you WILL do what it takes, go where required, invest the time | money | energy | emotion | anything to make it happen. (NOW).


Anything less than that? Anything you need to ANALYSE or JUSTIFY or try and figure the fuck OUT? Anything you SAY hell yes to but then don’t RIGHT AWAY act on?


That’s not hell yes.

That’s NOT hell yes.

THAT, my darling, is ‘let me create a second-best life I will NEVER FULLY ALIGN WITH because I don’t actually believe I can have it all’.

I gotta tell you … I DID that, in many areas, in many ways, for many years, and it just, well –

It doesn’t work. Does it? It doesn’t HOLD, is what I mean. WE don’t LET it, because ultimately if you’re the kind of person who BELIEVES you can have it all … who KNOWS that of COURSE you get to create your life on your terms … then you simply won’t STAY in a not-quite-hell-yes (aka a hell NO, if you’d be truthful about it!) situation.

NO MATTER THE SO-CALLED COST of walking away from it.

What do I mean by you won’t stay?

Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

You’ll sabotage. You’ll disengage. You’ll disconnect. You’ll SHIRK. You’ll ultimately either destroy the situation, or yourself, or both, until eventually the pain of NOT doing or allowing yourself what you truly desire and GET TO HAVE forces you to take action.

And take action you WILL, sooner or later, make no mistake, because that is who you ARE. Who we are. Who we can’t NOT be.

So eventually … that part of your life which you don’t fucking ADORE … will come crashing down. And if you can’t decide to be courageous enough to just OWN it and do it with grace and ease then you WILL end up doing it in a way which is more painful to yourself and potentially others.

You KNOW this.

I’m not telling you shit you don’t know here. Question is – do you own it, and would you like to start paving a new way with it all or do you prefer to continue to have to learn the SAME tough fucking lessons?

I can tell you that EVERY single time you dilly-dally on a situation you ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO, every time you DON’T take action right away, because doing so is uncomfortable, or scary, EVERY time you delay for even a moment, you make a powerful statement to yourself, to God, to the world.

And that statement is clear. You say:

“Even though I SAY I get to have it all and of COURSE I can have my life on my terms, I actually don’t believe it”.

This in turn means you PUSH AWAY results. You may well still get them in the END … but it will be slower going … WAY harder … and more than likely still a LESS THAN THE IDEAL outcome.

Really –

How the hell do you expect to receive your ideal if you don’t FULLY show that you believe you can have it, and also ask and act accordingly?!

It’s just common sense.

Of course there’s something else we get to look at here:

Maybe this thing about saying ‘of course’ you know you can have it all is not quite true. Maybe you already know you don’t believe it! Maybe if you’re honest with yourself about it, you DOUBT whether you truly can have it all.

Perhaps it’s easy to believe you can have the body you want … ’cause you long ago made that non-negotiable and then did the fucking work, allowed beliefs and actions to work hand in hand for a RESULT … but you struggle to believe it around money.

Or perhaps you believe you can make money but that there has to be compromise or struggle along the way; that it can’t actually REALLY be by doing what you LOVE.

Or maybe you fully believe – duh! – you CAN do the work and let in results in body AND biz but that you wouldn’t be able to be so lucky as to have your DREAM relationship appear.

So, quite simply, you don’t ask for it.
Or, even if you do, you don’t really mean it, and you PROVE that with your ACTIONS.

Aka – you journal on having this, and that, and HELL yeah, but then, you accept less. Your actual boundaries don’t reflect what you SAY you want. You fail to honour your value and worth.

You settle.
You sacrifice.
You compromise.

And you say –

“That’s just how it is … you can’t have EVERYTHING you want!”.

I know you do this. In one or more areas. I know because I AM you, and of COURSE we all do this. But I also know this:




And what I notice is this:

The faster I just be honest with myself about what I actually want –

And then decide that I DO get to have it –

And then BE FREAKING BRAVE ENOUGH to walk away from ANYTHING that is even 0.0001% LESS than –

The faster I get to have it all gorgeous.


Which I have to say –

Is pretty fucking amazing.

But really NOT that freaking magical.

It’s not rocket science, this stuff! We make it out to be SO hard, but all it boils down to?

Be completely honest about what you actually want. Know, by the way, that anything that even OCCURS to you as a want or a desire IS the actual thing you get to have – you don’t GET dreams that are not yours.

And then?

Fuck no, fast, to anything less.


You don’t get to have what you want –
If you can’t have the faith to refuse to accept anything less.
And in case you’re wondering? NOPE, it does NOT work to try and hold on to the less than thing while waiting for the real thing.

Make space for your dreams baby.


You GET to have it ALL. But only if you show you’ve got the guts to insist on it.

Can you handle that?