The things that are for you and building in you are not going to go away.

The things you long for and dream of are for you and not going to go away.

The things which are STILL there, even after perhaps years of you pushing them down, away, making them wrong, and not okay, are not going to go away.

The things you are most fascinated and intrigued by in others are for you, and they’re NOT going to go away.

The things which dance and play endlessly in your minds eye, and at times torment you when you close your eyes,
and you wonder –

“will it ever be?”

they are FOR you, and they’re NOT.GOING.TO.GO.AWAY.

Do you get it yet? Are you willing yet? To say YES that fully yet? To take a deep breath and to exhale and to HAND YOURSELF OVER TO WHAT’S YOURS?

– It’s building for a reason.
– It’s shown to you repeatedly for a reason.
– It won’t leave you for a REASON.

It’s yours.
It’s yours.

And you need to know this:

You can TRUST yourself to choose right.
You can TRUST that it’s coming from the right place.
You can TRUST that you’re not just making it up, that it is soul led, God led, and now up to you to be YOU led in choosing, allowing, saying yes, and CLAIMING WHAT IS YOURS.

But you also need to know this:

Just because it is yours. Always has been and always will be. Was and always is since before time began, before you began, and LONG after you will leave,

does not mean it will ever happen.

Just because you HAVE a destiny,
it doesn’t mean you will ever live it.


You have to say yes.


that it should be any other time than NOW?

And if you CAN conjure that up?
Then conjure fucking this:

You just realised you can do anything, create anything, claim anything, and become EXACTLY WHO YOU ALWAYS LONGED TO BE.


What, you want a different story? Write it then. But know this:

you’re already writing one anyway.


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