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I’m in such a high vibe mood and mindset at the moment, that I feel like my feet are barely even touching the ground when I walk down the street. I’m floating on a bed of love and light and happiness and joy and just CERTAINTY that everything is aligned, on track, exactly as it is meant to be and that it’s only going to get better and better.

Naturally I want to share the high vibe energy with you, and so I was journaling this morning on what I feel like creating, from this place and this space. I can feel that I’m so tuned in to a frequency of abundance, of gratitude, of receiving, of ALLOWING, and so it’s pretty much essential that I stop and ask myself, as I just did – 

“What do I want to create right now? What would feel amazing and high vibe and YES?”

I love asking myself these sorts of questions all the time, no matter how many things I already have going on. I’ve learned from experience that when the flow has you flying you tune the fuck in and respond to what your soul is saying!

Usually I can easily download an entire list of freaking things I could bring to instant life and create, launch, sell.

But today, all I could come up with was perhaps the most important thing of all. I wrote:

“Honestly I just think about loving on my community right now! Sharing my energy and love and vibe and calling more of ALL of that in, for all of us!”

And it came to me to tell you:

I love you.

And I want you to know you can have it all.
Actually I wrote the above as part of my #dailyasskickery, and I left it at that; the creative release I needed for it to be.
But this morning as I reflected with gratitude on just how damn RIGHT everything is right now, I couldn’t help myself.
I knew I had to do something even bigger and more badass (and fun!) to celebrate this flow.
So … here you are gorgeous.
I made this for you. xxx

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Katrina Ruth’s Halloween Super Bundle!

My Best “Black Sheep” Home-Study Program & Courses, Bundled Up and Discounted like WOAH to Treat You This Halloween!

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Check out the programs!

All content will be delivered via email or membership site and will be yours to keep for LIFE!!!








PROGRAM 1: Explode Your Biz in a Day

What we’ll cover:

  • The mindset of being a leader and at the top of your niche NOW: I do NOT believe in moving my way to the next level one step at a time, and I don’t believe YOU should have to do that either! When I became ‘famous’ online, it happened in a matter of weeks because I DECIDED for it to. I want to share with you exactly how I did that, how I stepped into it, how I LIVED it and created the results I have now!
  • Locking your ONE DAY vision in NOW – this is NOT just about knowing your vision, this is about being able to create it NOW, and know that there is nothing except YOU stopping you from doing that! Let me show you how!
  • CONTENT – what do you need to be doing, how much, when, where, what works, what will people listen to and what will make ’em BUY? We’ll cover ALL of that!
  • Leveraging and re-purposing! Look, I create a LOT of content, no question. And I will SHOW you how to do that fast. But also? We re-use EVERYTHING. We have systems within our systems, and I’d love to share with you how simple it can be to be EVERYWHERE, all the time, and then some. It’s critical!
  • Social media – where to be, how to be there, how to get people to LISTEN – you can’t just show up! You gotta show up with purpose, and a plan. Let’s get you one!
  • Email marketing – I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty freaking good at that shit 🙂 and I’m going to map it down to the T for you!
  • FAST funnel magic – my funnels just KEEP kicking more butt, and the best part is? We keep ’em pretty simple. I’m constantly evolving and learning what works on this as in ALL areas, and I can’t wait to show you the latest and how I have conversions over triple the norm, right from the day somebody opts in!
  • Authentic sales & marketing – ESSENTIAL gorgeous. And it has to be tailored to you! The cool thing is? When you let yourself DO it authentically, it FLOWS with ease. But in order to do that you need to be tapped in to your message AND your market, and you do need to understand sales. We’re going to go into this in DETAIL.
  • Day to day productivity and hustle – let‘s break down exactly what you gotta do each day to get all of this HAPPENING, including the mindset side as well as ALL the work. Balance may be a myth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get all your shit DONE. And you will.
  • Getting the right team around you. Support is critical. Obviously. I’ll share with you how I call in exactly the right people on repeat, and how you can do the same as well as when to take support ON.
  • Keeping your head in the game and showing UP. ‘Nuff said!

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PROGRAM 2: Journal Your Way to Rich, Successful, FREE

We’ll be looking at:

  • What journaling really is, what it does, how it works and how TO work it rather than just write shit in a book
  • Intention setting and creating your day in advance, how freaking real that is and EXACTLY how to roll it out
  • ACHIEVING to FULL completion in your mind so that the practical actions you then have to take afterwards are just a follow on of WHAT YOU ALREADY MANIFESTED
  • Why this shit hasn’t worked for you before despite you KNOWING and BELIEVING. (Reality check!)
  • How to create a consistent and automated mindset, intention setting and journaling practice no matter HOW freaking busy you are
  • How to CREATE time through your journaling practice
  • The RIGHT way to do money work through journaling
  • How to CALL IN the exact amount of money you want to make, and receive it on REPEAT, but also how to call in ANYTHING you want (hot body … soulmate clients .. more energy … VIFP goodies and fun … you NAME it and it’s DONE!)
  • The fastest and most EFFECTIVE way to deal with limiting beliefs, overwhelm, fear, resistance, being STUCK … did you know that just writing about this shit is NOT the way to deal with it? I’ll show you what is!

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PROGRAM 3: Money Makin’ Artist Unleashed

Here’s the deal:

5 weeks of trainings and feedback from me to you, we’re going to rip the fucking bandaid, STAT, and get you into IMMEDIATE and ALIGNED action to get you actually.seeing.results, but better still?

KNOWING you’re on fucking path.

  • Week 1: Purpose, Passion, Calling, Locked and LOADED
  • Week 2: Monetising YOU
  • Week 3: The Truth About Making Money From Your Art
  • Week 4: Build a Cult Tribe and Get ‘Em Screaming Yes
  • Week 5: Business, Brand, EMPIRE

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PROGRAM 4: Money Making Machine Online Bootcamp

Here is what we’re covering:

  • Complete clarity around what your big picture (3-5) year biz vision is, what you want to be and for what kind of people, in what way; how you want both your biz AND life/lifestyle to look, feel, be
  • High-level money strategy: creating LEVERAGED income based around the type of programs/products/offerings you most want to be doing, so you can do exactly the kind of creation and communication you’d love to do day to day, and have an automated income coming in alongside that
  • Funnel mapping as part of this: we will lay out a simple and elegant funnel that you can get underway with right away and that connects to obviously creating the above leveraged income
  • Immediate tribe growth and $$ growth plan: we’ll look at what needs to happen now to get your community growing and engaging in a way you love, and to funnel people through the immediate steps you want them to take / invest in

AND we’ll get into:

  • Program / offer planning and creation
  • Branding / marketing / lead gen
  • Tribe building / cult creation and how to create incredible engagement
  • Automated email sequences
  • Ideal sales processes for you (we’ll identify 1 or 2 key processes that suit your style and feel amazing, and then essentially create a template of sales that can be used in all offers moving forward
  • We’ll also put together an immediate cashflow offer if that’s needed

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PROGRAM 5: The Multiple 7-Figure Mindset Formula

The lowdown!

We’ll be diving deep into reprogramming your sub-conscious mind, and we’ll be looking at how to start SEEING yourself as already BEING where you want to be. When you can FULLY see it, you WILL create it!

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll be covering as part of all of this!

  • How To Make Up Your Mind Once and For All!
  • Seeing Yourself as Being THAT Person.
  • Being Non-Fucking-Negotiable About Success, and Not Just Saying It!
  • The Daily Process of Doing the Fucking Work
  • Relentless. Motherfucking. Determination!
  • Daily MINDSET Processes
  • Daily HABIT Creation Processes
  • Daily MONEY WORK Processes
  • Knowing What to Put First!
  • Motivation, Discipline, Becoming Someone Who WANTS to Do the Work!
  • STRETCHING Past Your Boundaries and Upper Limits!
  • Saying a Big Fuck You to Fear, Once and For All!
  • AUTOMATION, Baby, From the Inside Out!

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PROGRAM 6: Superwoman Unchained – The Revolution

You + Me + 5 Week of Hustle!

  • Week 1: Get Fucking Aligned to Success
  • Week 2: Eliminate the Bullshit That’s Stopping You!
  • Week 3: Absolute Alignment PLUS Action = MONEY BABY!
  • Week 4: The Practical Fucking Action Side of Things
  • Week 5: BEING Superwoman and Having it All!

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Katrina Ruth’s Halloween Super Bundle!

My Best “Black Sheep” Home-Study Program & Courses, Bundled Up and Discounted like WOAH to Treat You This Halloween!

Get your programs NOW! Click the HELL YES button now and select upfront (best price) or payment plan option!

Get your programs NOW before they’re all gone baby!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!

Kat x

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PS Get your programs before they’re gone – 48 hours only gorgeous!! Ends midnight November 1 2017 EST!!

Get your programs NOW! Click the HELL YES button now and select upfront (best price) or payment plan option!

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