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If you really boil it down and strip away all of the fluff and bullshit and HOW, there is actually only one thing you need in order to allow your every desire to come true.

You can go to the ends of the earth and hire the best in the world to seek the right strategy, to learn the steps, to do it right and beCOME the best, but if you don’t have this one thing?

You’re screwed

And here’s what’s so crazy, so perfect, so beautiful, so WONDROUS, to consider:

It’s just a choice.

It’s just a motherfucking choice!

What’s BIZARRE, though, is how few actually choose to choose.

To believe.
To trust.
And to act.
From that place.

What’s MADDENING, at times, to notice in others or even, yes, I admit, in myself, is that ALL that is required is trust and acting FROM trust … and truly it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to make an incorrect decision or take the wrong path … but yet …

You don’t.

You wake up. KNOWING that all of the answers are within, knowing and FEELING the future you inside of you, KNOWING in your heart that actually ALL it would take is to leap, to step off that cliff, to say yes to what is CALLING you, but instead, no thank you –

I think I’ll just be human AF today.
I think I’ll give another day –
Trying to figure shit out. Make a great plan. Clear my list. Get shit DONE, so that I can feel like I, what – ?

Earned the right to be the me who I’m meant to be?
Proved myself worthy of being allowed to simply act from flow?
Created a good SAFETY NET of ‘doing the do’ and getting shit done just in case, just in case, just in case … what?

Just in case being YOU, and following what you’re being told to do from IN you, doesn’t work?

Hmmm …


I mean, don’t get me wrong – I DEFINITELY GET IT.


I know what it’s like to KNOW what you must do.
To feel that pull and call.
To be VERY fucking clear (if only you’d listen) on what you’re being TOLD from inside you to do.
To also, deep down, when you pause for just a moment and put aside the bullshit and the stories, just KNOW that it would work … of course … DEFINITELY …! …. but yet to still turn around –

Say not yet –
Press pause on even the IDEA of following inner guidance –
Because, well –

And what if.
And how.

I know what it’s like to feel all that shit and to REPEATEDLY not follow what I was born for and what my soul COMMANDS. So I get it, yes. But do you know what else I know, as a result of knowing all that stuff?

I know what it’s like to wake up day after day feeling like you are KILLING YOUR OWN SOUL, because you repeatedly don’t do what you said you’d do.

I know what it’s like to sink into sabotage, depression, anxiety, anger, and all-pervading gloom, because you’re not living your LIFE.

I know what it’s like –
To not even give –
The smallest of fucks –
About the so-called BIGGEST of things –
Because it just, well –

Doesn’t matter, actually, anwhere near as much as you thought it would and maybe not at ALL.

You can make the money.
Climb the mountains.
Have it ALL.

But if you’re not pressing play on what MATTERS then you’ll spend your days just trying to get THROUGH your days, and wishing you were really anywhere but IN those days.

This is not how it’s supposed to be.
This is not what you were BORN for.

But the ONLY way out, is to let go.


Stop holding on so damn tightly to things you THINK keep you safe, which in actual fact are DESTROYING YOUR DREAMS!


You can have it all.
What you feel inside of you is REAL.
The shit you dream about? You don’t dream those dreams for no reason, you dream them because God GAVE you them TO dream. Which means?

They’re absofuckinglutely possible.
Yours to create.
You CAN do it your way, fully, exactly as your heart desires and yes STILL GET TO HAVE THE MONEY, the fame, the glory, the ‘outcomes’ in whatever shape or form you decide them, because here’s the BIG ‘secret’ about all of this –

The outcomes are just something you decide.
It has ZERO to do with what you DO … meaning that there is NEVER anything you have to ‘do’ in order to manufacture a result.

But yet there is always, of course, action to take.

So here is what TO do.

It’s very very simple …

Decide what you want.
Decide you can have it (either you believe in infinite possibility or you don’t!).
Decide it is therefore DONE.
Ask yourself what aligned action you’d take NOW, in this very moment, if you actually just –

Had faith.

And then do it.

That’s all.

Remember …

Life is Now. Press Play.


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