Success/Success Mindset


Have you forgotten what it means to be superhuman?

Have you forgotten what it means to activate SUPER superflow?

Have you forgotten what it means to be unstoppable –

Untouchable –

Flying so damn higher and the higher you go the higher you just keep GOING, rising faster and faster and faster until you’re SO damn high that it actually seems bizarre –

Amazing –

So strange – !

That you could have ever been anything less, been any other place, thought it anything other than absolutely fucking NATURAL, to be the best –



I want to remind you who you are today, and I want to kick your ass today, and I want to tell you a thing or two today, about life, and about how it ACTUALLY is meant to be.

For you.
For me.
For US.

(the ones, undeniably, born for it, but yet who, quite often, forget that!)

There’s a switch, did you know that?

There’s an internal switch, once flicked, which propels you into the SUPER superflow state, and in this state –

You can FEEL your metabolism working like a premium machine, you actually NOTICE the process of digestion, and of your body becoming leaner, stronger, tighter, HARDER, almost taller, too. You feel yourself STRENGTHENING and LIFTING and you feel how clear it is that of course –

The leaner you now get the leaner you get.
The stronger you become the stronger become.
The tighter and harder and fitter and faster and sexier, well – the more of all of THAT, of course, and also, for sure, the more it certainly flows out into other areas, too.


When that inner switch flicks, metabolism is one thing. #SUPERHUMANMODEACTIVATED

But ENERGY, girl, can you feel it? You can actually feel your skin kind of … buzzing. You feel the TINGLINESS in your own aura. You feel as though you’re WALKING SURROUNDED BY COLOUR, and of course everybody is kind of LOOKING at you all the time, you would too!

You’ve become … magnetic.

Transfixing others with that curious spell that only those like you and I – when playing in the zone where we are MEANT to be! – can possibly ever show.

People will ask … how are you always so energised? How do you create so much, so fast?! How do you LIVE like that, look like that, show up like that? But they’re not really asking about your motherfucking schedule 

They’re asking –

How do I get that inner glow, that inner flow, that inner KNOW
of everything

And for the love of God, why do you always seem so damn HAPPY about it, almost cheekily so, like you know a secret that the rest of us don’t?!

And you’ll think to yourself, well –

Because I do!


When the switch is flicked, money, OH, money. Hahahaha. Why did you ever think that THAT was tricky, or confusing, or even A thing? Well, it’s a thing alright. A thing which you think about, and then it appears! Hellllllooooo, lover!

It just flows towards you, just like PEOPLE flow towards you, ’cause baby you MAGNETIC and money, well, it likes that shit.


When the switch is flicked, your relationships, OH – ! It becomes so fun, so high, so LIT, so easy. You feel … giggly. Cheeky. Sure of yourself. Things that felt like a REALLY BIG SCARY FUCKING DEAL TO TALK ABOUT, like oh, I COULDN’T, and oh, but that’s too VULNERABLE, and oh, but what will he then THINK – !

Become so natural.
So easy.
So of course!

You suddenly realise it’s no problem at all, to just say what you need, ask for what you want, speak your truth, and also –

(and this shit is pretty important, if you want your LOVE switch to just get better and better)

– show your heart.

And so?

You do.

And then?

It works.

Of course.

And the better it gets, the better it GETS, the deeper it goes the deeper it GOES, the greater the intimacy and love, the greater the intimacy and love. As it always SHOULD be, but as, for the most part, the world forgets –

Or is not prepared to lean into, to open up to, to do the vulnerable WORK around.


When the switch is flicked, your creativity is bubbling out EVERYWHERE, when you’re in this space, too! And it’s that really light and lifted and high vibe sort of creativity, you might be typing a blog –

like this –

but what you’re really doing is you’re dancing, you’re swaying, you’re performing a show just with yourself and the laptop as your fingers play across the keys, there’s RHYTHM in this thing, and even though the words, for now, appear only on your screen you can already feel how they’re soon to imprint themselves into the hearts the souls the cells of your people, and how the words, with the energy of the dance from whence they came –

will play a tune into the spirit of others, and they too, will begin, once again –

to wake up

to look around

to move and sway and float with the rhythm of LIFE, and of what they’ve been for so long pushing down within them, and to wonder, quite suddenly, as they sit up, quite sharply –

when in the actual holy FUCK –

did I forget who I am?


LIFEFORCE spilling out.
CERTAINTY not even a question.
Continual, of course.

And you remember, oh yes –

THIS is how it becomes so.fucking.easy.

You remember, perhaps, a time, when you were ALWAYS this lit, you had learned to push yourself higher and harder and deeper and faster and you’d DONE the damn work, you’d done the DISCIPLINE bit of it that so few will, and then the motherfucking SWITCH had flicked, and you’d BECOME THAT PERSON.

A reminder, about HOW LIFE WORKS:

The higher you push it, the easier it gets to GO even higher, and for that to be your natural state.

Perhaps you can remember …

Or perhaps you’ve always known!

But either way or BOTH ways, you do know THIS –

When it feels relentless, and draining, and as though every day you gotta battle resistance and really ‘make’ yourself do the work, THAT’S NOT YOU IN SUPER SUPER FLOW ZONE.

That’s you probably playing at 80%, maybe 90%, maybe even 99%!


Not today,

And maybe not for years.

And GOD, the God awful trap of living at even 99.99%! Because you and I, we ARE the ones who will ‘do the fucking work’, and so we show up, and so we push, and so we do the things that are reflective of being who we are meant to be, and we continue – of course! – to play at a standard WELL above the norm, because that is ALWAYS who we gonna BE, baby, but yet –

It feels hard, more than what we know it should.
So hard.
And you feel TIRED, a lot of the time, in a way that just annoys you.
So tired.
And there is a constant sense of something missing, why am I not happy, why am I not FEELING it, what else do I want or need, and it’s FRUSTRATING –
So frustrating!
– that you can’t even answer it, even when you ask what you’d want if you could have ANYTHING (and you remind yourself that of course you CAN!) – you just don’t know the answer!



So you push, and you do, and you struggle more than what you’d ever admit, you won’t back DOWN, oh no, never that, but still – !


And it’s also ANNOYING, because despite all your efforts you feel like what you desire is continually just out of reach.

You can make money, but the noose is still always there, a little.
You can be in quite good shape, but it feels like a treacherous balancing act, and you’re living in continual fear of accidentally gaining 10 pounds overnight if you don’t ‘do it right’.
You can sign new clients, call in new followers, have ideas and launch cool shit, but the MAGIC is missing, and it all just kinda adds to the fatigue!

And as for feeling your metabolism working, your cells buzzing, your spirit flying, well –

Not really.

Which is to say –

Not at all.


THAT is the difference between 99.99% and 100%.

Because when you go 100% –

YES, it will damn HURT at first, or again, to go back to THAT level of showing up.
You are going to need to DISCIPLINE YOUR ASS.
You won’t feel like it.
You’ll make up ALL sorts of excuses why you can’t today, or right now.
And you’ll even tell yourself a bullshit story that ‘oh, it’s not ALIGNED’ … hahahahaha. Oh, I don’t want to push myself, I don’t want to risk burn out, I also have this superior sort of need to prove to the world that I don’t HAVE to do the things, that I can do less less less and have more more more.

Yeah … except that YOU BEING YOU means you be the bitch who SHOWS THE FUCK UP.

For your art.
For your message.
For your SOUL fire.
For your BODY.
For your LIFE.

So shut the fuck up with your story of it’s not aligned to do the damn WORK, of being all that you ARE.



GO through the pain.
GO through the resistance.
Stare INTO the eyes of the beast.
When it hurts you go HARDER bitch.
When you can barely pick yourself up and move, because you’re so sore from the previous day’s efforts, you GET the fuck up and do it anyway.

How long do you have to go through this EXTREME discipline phase?


And to feel the damn SWITCH flick again.

As it always WILL,

and MUST,

when you SHOW UP FULLY.

But you’ve GOT to be willing to go ALL in, and WAY beyond the pain and the discomfort, and not back down for even a SECOND, not skip or miss or put off even a SINGLE thing you know you’d be doing if you WERE already in super superflow.

To get back to your soul.

And I promise you –

The switch will flick.

With full commitment, the way I’m talking about? Usually only in a few days. But you do it until it DOES, yeah?

Do what others won’t.
Live like they can’t.


And then one day –

You’ll wake up –

Or you’ll walk out of the gym –

Look around –

And suddenly notice how you can feel … EVERYTHING.

You can feel your CELLS working.
You can feel your SOUL expanding.
You can feel your BODY tightening, strengthening, lifting, becoming hotter faster more powerful SEXIER.
You can feel the ENERGY of knowing that anything you decide –
You’ll click your fingers –
And it’s done.
And how MAGNETIC you are.
You want to LAUGH as you realise how EASY everything now is, to be the best, to have such a HIGH level of result-gettin’ in all areas.



Discipline can now fuck off, because you need ZERO motivation to continue to play at this level; it’s become PART of you. What felt so tough, like such hard work, and you had to REALLY push yourself, is now effortless, it’s of course, you just do it, and you JUST KEEP FLYING HIGHER. Nobody could even CONSIDER keeping up, you are clearly some kind of OTHER WORLDLY SUPERHUMAN.

And you suddenly remember –

Who you always were –

And have now once again become –



But as you always must choose.