He doesn’t need much to give you everything

Today in my Facebook memories I had a photo come up, from 4 years ago in Sedona, of the church built into a rock face.

If you’ve been through Sedona you probably saw this, or at least heard of it. It’s a pretty spectacular sight! So simple, yet – breathtakingly beautiful, and even, dare I say, soul stopping.

Regardless of your beliefs there’s just something that pauses you, drops you into another place for a moment or more, about this church, built right into an endless wall of stunning red rock.

It seems to defy the laws of physics,

of normalcy,

of life.

And as I looked at the photo this morning, remembering how carried away my brother and Mim on my team and I were, as we spent this whole day on THIS day 4 years ago searching for a vortex in the Arizona heat (we found it!), and eventually winding up at this church, just having SUCH a great day being out in nature after a few days of meetings, I felt a clear message from God.

Not just to me, but to you, and to all of us.

Not a new message! No, not at all. You’ve heard this before. But nonetheless, one that is for me right now and yes,

maybe for you.

“I will build my house upon a rock”, said God to me, as I sat just before on my little box in the garden, my palm tree on one side, coffee and journal on the other, dog playing at my feet.

I think that when God first said this it was specifically around the FOUNDATION of a rock.

The steadiness of the church, and also the remembrance that the church is HIM, the ROCK, the FOUNDATION.

Not people, staid ‘religion’, rules.

Remember that. Remember, as you walk your path, that if you’ve decided christianity, God, is not for you,

you may not actually know what christianity is,

or God.

Maybe you do!

But maybe, just maybe, you had a bunch of ideals and imperfect PEOPLE forced upon or at you, and you bought in at some point to the mistaken idea that being Christian is about having to do / be / believe certain things ‘or else!’. Having to follow a set set of rules, ‘or else!’.

Nope. Christianity is choosing to let Jesus into your life,

to walk with God,

to draw closer and closer to him over time.

To LOVE ALL OTHERS fully, and welcome them IN, fully, never judge.

And, as a result of your walk, sure – you will start to embody characteristics and traits and behaviours and beliefs that match his.

Remember God doesn’t judge you on your works. It’s on your heart. And personally I don’t know a Christian who doesn’t fuck shit up royally from time to time. Being human and all! So no, it’s definitely not about do this, do that, be perfect, and also not about try to make other people think any sort of thing.


“I will build my house upon a rock”.



But today I felt this:

“I will build my house upon a rock” meant – “I can work anywhere. Give me even the smallest little crevice, the most hidden space, push me away, make me ‘not allowed or okay’, find yourself in a place in the world where it seems everything is against me, or you feel that everything is against YOU, and still –

I am there.

I will build.

I will flourish.

I will grow.”

God doesn’t need and never needed you or I or the world to grant him tools or even space so he could do his job.

He only needs to be invited in. And he will work with WHATEVER YOU HAVE,

whoever you are,

whatever is available!

(Just like how I try and teach you to do business! Work with what you have and who you are! Whatever you have is by DEFINITION enough for you to allow what you see inside of you! It can’t not be. And yes, I learned this from God).

For me, I felt God was speaking to me about my relationship, firstly.

It’s now been nearly 9 months since I have seen my love.

We want to get married.

Have babies, God willing.

Create our dream house in the mountains with ocean views and still so close to the shops (it’s a thing here!),

live the rest of our lives together.

We already live and breathe fully in sync. We have a relationship that has gone deeper in less than a year of knowing each other,

the past 9 months of which not even SEEING each other in the flesh since he got corona-booted back to America,

than what I know many people ever get to experience in a lifetime.

He is beyond what I could even have imagined or asked for,

just as I asked GOD for.

I love him and let him love me infinitely and immeasurably more than what I knew I could.


I’m SO ready. PLEASE.

(Plus this 41 year old uterus ain’t gettin’ younger. Haha).

God was telling me –

I am building something AMAZING for you and James with the limited resources that are available.

It is a HOUSE.

It is REAL.

The foundation is DEEP.

And, just like that church in the mountain which has stood steady year in and year out,

it’s not going anywhere.

God was also telling me –

In this current time,

with so much of the world, even those who think they are of me, becoming so deeply lost,


And I am.

I don’t need much.

To create an entire world.

As already evidenced.

In ours.

So, if you’ve been feeling worried lately,

or something in your life feels endless,

hopeless almost,

and you don’t have the strength much more to go on,

God is there.


Let go.

And let him catch you.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.




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