I'm so excited about this training! It just WHOOSHED into me this morning in Bikram class and I knew I had to IMMEDIATELY respond with something powerful. This is going to kick BUTT and hands down be the most transformational planning session you do for 2017! We'll be talking:

---> High level manifestation, what it means, how to get started OR uplevel your current approach

 ---> What it really means to lock in the OUTCOME and know it is done

---> How to CLARIFY and stay true to the outcome when fear is causing you to stress about the STEPS

 ---> What to do when something doesn't work, you feel disheartened or stuck, and are struggling to get back into faith and on purpose

---> Dealing with 'fancy goal syndrome!' - stopping putting the things you REALLY really want up on a pedestal and making them accessible now!

---> How to not only PROPERLY lock in stuff (rather than just SAY 'I will' and 'it is done', etc), how to really feel and believe it but also how to move forward on it without pause and STAY in the high-vibe flow you need to receive

---> Removing emotion and doing the work 

---> The difference between wanting something and trying to GET it, versus simply being the person to whom it comes automatically

---> And no doubt a ton more which will come up along the way!

---> Plus I'll share my 'works every time' fast hack approach to achieve ANY goal when all your best mindset and practical actions seem to be coming to nothing!

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Kat x

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