I spent a few minutes this morning checking the websites and blogs of my favourite writers, those people who I have for YEARS now drawn some form of pretty regular inspiration and asskickery from, or whose writing I just love for its very craziness and randomness, and do you know what I found?

Every freakin’ one of ’em just writing out the pandemic.

Look –

It’s hard not to! God knows I’ve been piping up about it too! It’s a relevant and REAL topic of conversation, and as messengers our message does typically reflect what’s going through our mind, so it’s not surprising to see this.

But honestly? I felt disappointed to not even be able to find one article that just spoke to my soul about LIFE. About the normal everyday wake up and remember who TF you are bits of business and life that somebody like me is ALWAYS down for some great writing around.

I turn to my favourite writers for reminders of things I already know.
For connectedness back to purpose.
For new ideas and angles on discipline, or art, or owning my inner crazy.

I don’t actually turn there for news updates, or opinion.

And right now, it seems like a TON of awesome messengers have forgotten what their audience comes to them for, and actually needs.

Maybe they / you / any of us really are CALLED to write about what’s going on in the world. Again – it’s hard to not let it be part of the conversation, and I’m not trying to make that wrong!

But I am trying to remember – for myself and for you – that MY MESSAGE REMAINS MY MESSAGE,

and that if I feel a bit let down to find no fresh morning inspiration, and something that just reminds me who TF I am,

then so will my peeps if I don’t continue to just drop soul bombs each day on BEING ALL OF YOU, AND MONETIZING TF OUTTA IT,

and so too will YOUR peeps.

Consider this your wake up call to remember that your audience definitely want to hear your usual gold right now. Even if it does have a lil intro such as this one from time to time 😉

So with all that being said, let’s talk today about making MORE money, going BIGGER, right now, and FAST.

^^ THIS IS A CONVERSATION FOR EVERYDAY! When I say ‘right now’, I do not even mean ‘in these times’. I mean – right now. Because you as a business owner should have your finger on the damn pulse. And it’d be weird if, as part of that, you didn’t wanna make more money and go bigger! Especially if you know your shit can help people.

Here’s how I do it, keep turning up that dial, ensure my team and I are pulling through every sale we can, and continue to not just do the daily hustle relevant to what we’re live selling, but also to CONSTANTLY upgrade systems, automation, money flow we don’t even have to snap our fingers for:

1) Connect TF in to soul, to you, to that inner compass your business needs to be created from

Every day, in some form, usually in the morning with journaling, but sometimes just through thinking, pausing, tuning in, I will connect in to that deepest and truest ‘me’.

– what do I need to remind myself of right now?
– what do I want to claim?
– are there any beliefs it’s time to really lay down?
– any funky nonsense I get to clear out?
– what action am I being guided to take today if I truly listen?

2) Message

I’m a messenger, an artist, a writer, before I’m an entrepreneur. For me, my business, which consistently produces a strong multiple 7-figures in VERY profitable revenue, is built on my messaging. The more I write and speak, the more money I make, and the more people I impact.

Of course I re-use my messaging all the time, in ads, or funnels, or email sequences, and so on, but well over 90% of my revenue comes from NON paid sales. Aka – I write a daily blog, share it on Facebook and Instagram, and email it out. Hint: this is today’s 😉

I then take the ones I love the most and which get a great response – or even if they don’t, but I know people are reading and responding by BUYING – and use them in funnels, automated email sequences, and so on.

My team then takes the blog, chops out bits of it that can stand alone, and uses in future sales posts and emails, or just short value based posts on my business page.

So, just by spending 25 minutes a day sitting my ass in the chair and STARTING TO WRITE MY BLOG even though I GENERALLY have no clue what’s comin’ out, I create about 80% of the TOTAL content needed for every.single.bit. of my sales and marketing.

This is just what I love, and what works for me. It has the added bonus of the fact that when I write each morning as one of my first business priorities, I feel connected to my purpose, and I feel fulfilled. I built the business on me being consistent around doing the thing I know I was born to do, even though I FREQUENTLY don’t feel good enough, motivated, whatever.

#discipline #purposebeforeexcuses

3) SELL, motherfucker

I am disappointed right now by my favourite business that have stopped selling. Some of them had no choice, and boy oh boy do I feel and pray for them! But many – did and do have a choice! And have basically ramped down selling out of an idea that they SHOULD!


YOUR PEOPLE NEED AND WANT YOU TO SELL TO THEM! Hint: this is ALWAYS true. Every week, whatever ‘the times’ are, many amazing business MAYBE INCLUDING YOURS are RESTRAINING themselves on selling, in case it’s too much … doesn’t work … people think they’re being salesy … or flat out because nobody told ’em you can sell what your soul tells you to even if your fear mind is shrieking at you to sell out and sell bullshit.

Allow me to be the one to tell you:

You can and MUST sell what you know you’re meant to, even if your fear mind is shrieking at you to sell out and a) NOT sell, or b) sell bullshit.

Homework: what if you just removed damn emotion, aka your SURFACE based wonderments and fears, and relentlessly did the damn job of selling what your BUSINESS is meant to sell, every.single.day?

Tip: if you actually desire to have or KEEP a business, I would recommend what I just suggested, highly!


Focus creates reality.

It’s very simple:

The more you decide, expect, and also, from integrity and a knowledge that people need you, ask yourself ‘what else can we be doing today to make more sales’, the more ideas you’ll have,

some will of course bomb, or be shit, but whatever,

the more output you’re likely to have,

the more you’ll experiment and learn,

and the more you’ll straight up show up and sell!

Here at The Katrina Ruth Show, every day we ask the question – “what else can we do today to make sales?”

Unspoken in this, let’s remember, is “WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO TODAY TO SERVE?!”

We don’t then go and do random shit for the sake of it. Some days there IS nothing ‘extra’. Many days, however, an idea will come through for a tweak … an add on … an ‘under the radar offer’ which just some people get … something we forgot about … a cool little strategy or hack from yesteryear which increases conversions like WOAH … and so on.

Plus, just the focus and the asking of the question means we cultivate an ENERGY OF EXPECTATION AROUND RECEIVING.

^^ not a bad thing.


It’s very simple:

I choose not to be available for business to be anything other than what I decide for it to be. I own that no matter what happens or is not happening, IT’S ON ME AND I CHOSE. I keep my mindset STRONG, focused, dialled in. This does not mean I am not human!

But, I know how to dance with my humanness. And I know that MOST of the time if I’m not feeling it, and this applies to ALWAYS, the work is the cure, and I can CHOOSE to dig in, and go back into the fray.


Do you believe in what you came here to do enough to KEEP ON CHOOSING IT?

And if you do, then what’chu doing sitting here reading this?

The world is waiting for you.

And it ain’t for a news update.

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