Success Mindset


And what if the things you are putting off, avoiding, or pulling your hair out over the horror and overwhelm of, are not in actual fact things you need to start or figure out but instead –

things you get to just pick up,

and continue?

Continuing what you already know.

Continuing who you already are.

Continuing what always WAS.

It’s not “I have no clue how, and I can’t, and God! What if even despite ALL THE EFFORT AND TIME AND FOCUS WHICH I DON’T EVEN HAVE I still get it WRONG?”, but instead –

“I already know how. I’ve done this the whole time. I’ll now just continue”.

I’m talking, of course, about the fact that there absolutely IS a place and space where you already are that person. You DO already know! The imprint is in you, it’s written, it’s done, they’re YOUR.ACTUAL.CODES.

Do you get it?

You may not have actioned whatever this area of fear, and fuck, and YUCK, is in the physical as yet…

but the physical is just one part of being human! 20% if that! You are pure.fucking.consciousness. You are physical and energetic and mental and emotional and SUPERFUCKINGALLTHEWAYNATURAL.

And without even needing to know in which PART of your human-ness you were already doing the thing (let’s just go with ‘on a quantum level’, ’cause it sounds cool and shit) you can rest assured in this:

You DO absolutely know. You HAVE absolutely already mastered this. The mastery will continue to, well, continue. Evolve. Become. But YES.

You can rest assured now that you have nothing you need to start or perfect at all,

but instead that you simply get to exhale,

(thank fuck!)

and continue your work.

And from this perspective you might ask:

What does it ALREADY look like then?

What is my NEXT move to make?

What seems so OBVIOUS now, that I see it this way?

The truth is that so much of our overwhelm and doubt, so much of how we end up stuck in the MUCK of not doing, whilst simultaneously bemoaning all that we need to do, without even knowing if that’s true … and all the while suspecting that surely there’s an easier fucking WAY –

is simply a ball we never needed to pick up.

One of the conditioned ideas, and false constructs of what success requires. Once we have previously subscribed to but now GET TO LEAVE BEHIND.

Repeat after me:

I already know how.

There is already a perfect way for me.

The way it comes through me to just CONTINUE with is the way.

And I trust myself to do it the way that I would do it,

if I just kept going,

from here.