Money Mindset


Do you believe it’s possible to double your income from where it’s at right now in the next 30 days, or even less?

Do you believe that in the same timeframe you could also, if you decided to –

* Lose weight / get your body to exactly where you desire it to be in terms of appearance as well as feel

* Start to wake up every day naturally before your alarm clock, before even the sun rises, if you like, and find yourself feeling naturally motivated and energised for the day ahead

* See your relationships shift into aligned love, joy, expansive and open fuck yes energy, FUN

* Have your whole life elevate like woah to where it just feels like how can things BE so good?

These are not just ‘nice idea’ questions. I’m asking you seriously, do you believe it’s possible for all this and more besides to occur in 30 days, or less (yeah, you KNOW it’s freakin’ possible even though your mind probably thinks either ‘but probably not for me / I couldn’t be so lucky / I’m probably not smart enough or worth it’, or else you’re just crazy distracted by wondering HOW) –

and, to finish the question off properly, not only do you believe it’s possible but, are you willing to COMMIT to that, lock it in, and decide you WILL let it – either just. the money bit, or sure, why not all of it?! – come to life?

Because if yes?

Then yes.

I can tell you exactly how, remind you of the BLUEPRINT for how which is already within you and always has been, and then if you like I can also kick your ass and hold you accountable as well as teach you the finer details along the way as you DO it!

Bit of an audacious claim? GOOD. How the heck do you think you’re actually living anyway, if you’re not regularly claiming the so-called impossible and also being willing to lay yourself on the line to make it happen?!


You are not. Unless you call your very 2D / 3D and OH so Newtonian approach to life living, which we (and I speak of course in the Royal we) assume you rightly do NOT.

So. How to Double Your Income in 30 Days or Less, Plus Shift Any and All Other Things.

Let’s begin, but first, know this:

If you are completely serious about this (meaning you take the possibility seriously), and you completely commit to being the person to whom it is done, and then you GO ALL IN to align yourself to it in every way I’m about to map out, you can ABSOLUTELY create an actual real tangible result here, and really the level and ‘OMG-ness’ of that result is going to be dictated only by the level of your faith and what YOU decide you’re going to believe you can align to!

1) Understand That the Old Paradigm is Dead and You Needa Shut TF Up About How to Do It THAT Way

Here is a reality you’re going to need to wrap your head around:

I don’t really do anything different to make more money now (current revenue multi 6-figures up to 450k / month consistent) than what I did when I made 30K a month or 50K a month. The typical structure of my day is the same. The amount of launches I am doing is definitely a bit more, and I guess I definitely charge much higher for 1:1 than I did years ago, although I don’t necessarily charge higher for my other programs that I do; I have always had lots of low cost stuff, maybe there’s more moderate cost stuff from time to time. There’s certainly more volume as far as total people that know about me.

So that’s a little bit on what has changed, but I want you to put aside the practical bit completely now because a) the strategy only ever is revealed through the flow (which we’ll speak more on shortly) and b) the real thing to focus on here is NOT about pragmatics. When I look at numbers and think about my numbers I’m like, it doesn’t logically make sense, how I make the money I make considering what I do, and I know that THAT is because it’s a vibrational thing, a simple product of turning up the dial on what I EXPECT.

Same as in all other areas of life i.e. when I expected it to hard or rare to encounter a really high-value man it was, there wasn’t a STRATEGY I then employed on how to shift my reality; I just finally kicked my own ass to shut TF up about thinking it works that way, and to start shifting my expectations!

Let go of the old paradigm, or don’t be surprised when you stay stuck in it!!

2) Be Grateful It Is Already Done

If it were already done you’d be grateful, yes? You would FEEL appreciation, gratitude, excitement to know that this is your new reality now, how awesome! You’d be totally in joy of what IS. Therefore, in order to make it it IS ‘is’, you will need to go in that state. Gratitude by definition is an energy state which denotes a thing already existing, and being real in the physical sense. So if you can practice being ‘actually’ grateful for something you’re wishing to call from the quantum into the physical, you WILL see the physical manifestation of that show up.

Apply this (and everything else here!) and it’s impossible for it not to.

3) Avoid – FULLY Avoid! – Looking For the Process or Plan!

Here is what you need to understand and FULLY get a grip on / let go of, in order to EVER create results that are like magic, and repeatedly do, live, receive and be in a way most people would consider impossible and not even attempt:

By DEFINITION, in order to do things in a non-normal way, you CANNOT TRY TO OPERATE IN A NORMAL WAY. Planning and process is, again, by definition, something that exists only in a Newtonian (non Quantum!) world. It’s an operational system which says ‘I can only create my future based on my past’. Well … if that’s the approach you’re going with then you’d better accept that your outcomes will and only CAN be dependant upon your exertion, coupled with the knowledge you already have just within you, rather than based on the infinite possibility which exists in the quantum, coupled with the support and knowledge of the entire cosmos behind you!

I mean … why would you do that?!

So yeah. No planning. No figuring out the process. If you could KNOW the how then you would NOT be calling in a next level version of you which never existed before in the physical!

Looking for the how literally NEGATES that next level reality being able to be created.

Instead –

4) Show Up As The Version of You Who Already Has and Expects This

The fastest way to ‘hack’ your reality or your outcomes is to create the environment of it already being true.

This means –

Your words
Your thoughts
Your feelings (think: gratitude, and the general vibe of it already being done!)
Your beliefs
Your actions

Basically it’s about a continual (daily, and all through the day!) checking in and tuning in and then ADJUSTING in on ‘who would I be being right now if I was already there’.

As part of this:

5) Name and Claim it Repeatedly As Though Done, and Watch Your Damn Words!

If it was done and just normal you’d be talking about it AS normal, and as part of your everyday conversation. You’d comment in passing to your friends, clients, the world, on ‘how easy it is to receive large sums of money’, on how ‘my soulmate clients show up out of nowhere, like magic, and just TELL me they wanna pay me’, on how ‘I always make exactly as much money as I decide’, on how ‘money is like air, it’s everywhere and you just breathe it in’, on how ‘it comes because of what I decide and allow not what I do’.

And so on.

Lemme ask you something –

If you continue to bitch and moan or woe-is-me to all and sundry or even just in your own head and journal (especially there!) about how you don’t have what you want and you repeatedly just get more of ‘x and x bullshit / drama / struggle’, then what do you expect will show up?

Discipline your damn MIND girl!

6) Release All Force or Push or Blackmail or Fear or Doubt Energy, Continually

Fear will come up repeatedly. Self-doubt. Disbelief. Self-mockery and judgement. The idea that you can somehow force or blackmail your higher or next level self, or even God. All these things and more!

It is your JOB, DAILY, to deal with this shit like the self-disciplined next level badass you ARE. Are you really going to choose a reality in which you are CONTROLLED by, and REACTIVE to, fear? Because if you’re not consciously choosing out of that then you ARE choosing into it. Know this. And decide to be unavailable for it.

When fear and its ilk rise, what do we say? NOT TODAY SATAN. Not ever! And then we return to this:

7) Ask: What Action Would Flow and Ease and Trust Result In?

That’s it, all you need to know in order to know you are taking the exact perfect aligned and correct action.

Ask this question repeatedly, in all areas, and relevant to all of your money-making activities and ‘doings’, and the FOLLOW THE DAMN ANSWER RELIGIOUSLY. No matter what. IMMEDIATELY, as well. Again: be in the DISCIPLINE of not letting fear have a voice.

😎 Now I Will Tell You the Ultimate Hack!

What if you don’t know what flow and ease and trust would have you do?

Well, the more you ask the more you WILL know. But now I’m going to tell you the ultimate ‘hack’.

You need to let your actions only be guided by soul, God, higher self, and to DO this you need to let go of time, space, environment, and even SELF, and you need to become one with itself, aka#GoFullySuperflow

In the quantum there IS no time, no space, no surroundings, no self, there is only infinite possibility and pure consciousness. So, in order to go there, receive from there, create from there, you must of course be in the same state of being – or lack thereof! – that you would be if you WERE there.

I’m talking about what I call superflow. What Jung referred to as the collective unconscious. What I have seen termed ‘the river beneath the river’. It’s a place of no place, no time, no awareness, no SELF. You just – are. Everything and nothing all at once. FLOW baby. Everything around you melts away and whilst you are certainly ABLE to snap back. and ground to the physical at any time, you are certainly not there right now.

Do you see how important this is?! If you don’t allow yourself to GO to this place, you will NEVER EVER BE IN THIS PLACE NOR CREATE FROM IT! It’s just not possible. So, all of your busy ‘DOING’ where your mind is so full, you’re multi-tasking, you’re in overwhelm and anxiety about everything else you gotta do or what you didn’t already do and you are not even CLOSE to present in the now STOPS you from creating quantum ANYTHING.

Never mind mother-freakin’ money results like woah 😉

How to go to that place? Sit your ass in the damn chair (or wherever), block out the ENTIRE world, and START COMMUNING WITHIN AND TO GOD. Do not stop until the work is done, until you have felt the switch flick, until you have COMPLETELY left, received and done what was needed, and let it show. and guide your actions. Do this now and then if you want now and then results. Do it daily as your most disciplined practice, NO MATTER WHAT, if you want results and a life and being. which people are jaw-to-the-floor in shock and awe of, magnetically drawn to, and which, more importantly, is all that you know YOU are capable of and require.

9) Ask For a Sign

Nah … I mean, this works, and of course you can call in and ‘see’ anything you ask for as a sign to know you ARE. being guided by God and soul and not the Devil, but I don’t care for this much myself. That’s because I DO just believe, trust, and know, and I daresay my results reflect my unwavering and absolute faith, so I’d just recommend THAT. 🙂

10) Continually Surrender and Trust All Is Perfect, the Outcome is Arriving at Any Moment, and if It Doesn’t then It Is What It Is and That’s All It Is

Surrender is a practice.

You CHOOSE it in order to then feel it, and then you show up (refer to earlier point on this!) as though you had indeed chosen it.

DAILY. If you can’t surrender and release the outcome and know all of this is exactly as it is meant to be and what DOES manifest in the physical is exactly perfect even if different from what you thought you wanted or needed then NO –

You will NOT. Have or be or do anything impossible.

You can’t be in FORCE, and FEAR, and CONTRACTION, and also in quantum receiving. That’s not a thing.

So, REALLY know this:

11) The Level of Your Faith and Surrender Dictates the Level Of Your Outcome

Just choose bigger.

(Also choose bigger in what you ask for, then practice faith and surrender and everything else here accordingly!)

12) FEEL Your Way to It Being Done

Feel feel feel freakin’ FEEL, okay. This is the MOST important thing. Reference the first few points and practice the HECK outta that! Like your life depends on it! IT DOES.

13) The #1 Reason Most People Will Never Actually Follow Through on This and Get the Actual Outcome, Even Though They May Begin

Well, short version? They don’t choose faith and surrender great enough, they allow fear alongside conditioned Newtonian behaviour to be the primary voice, and they’re just not disciplined with their mind or consistent with their action and feelings.

Long answer?

I’m going to do a training on this! My ‘Going Fully Quantum’ training will break down ALL of what we’ve discussed today, and teach you the finer details and finesse of it, as well as exactly what needs to be true for you to APPLY it, not only into the practical actions you need to create THAT money flow and THOSE results, but also in terms of ALL the energetics of it, especially the ‘being and non-being’ around dropping in to superflow so you can be shown, create, receive, AND of course the being around not being one of those people who just can’t seem to choose faith and are ruled by fear. We’ll also talk about creating and integrating the exact wording, beliefs, emotions, energies YOU need for all of this to switch effortlessly for you, as you’ve always known it would.

In other words: EVERYTHING you need to know to go fully quantum, and double your income in 30 days or less, or whatever else you choose!

Where will you find this training?

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And this training?

Will change your freaking reality. Well – it will REMEMBER it.

It’s all available to you gorgeous.

You know this already.

In the quantum it is DONE. And in Purpose Passion Flow Academy, and especially our June intensive ‘Remembering Who You Always Were’? We gon’ done do it.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 



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