How To Find Time To Cook Healthy Meals

Not a week (if a day) goes by when I don’t get a comment about how tough it is to find time to eat well. And believe me, I relate. On a good night I get home by 8pm, and when I’ve yet to unpack my bag or prepare for the next day cooking is often the last thing on my mind. So I totally understand if you occasionally feel the same way and let good plans go by the wayside. But – like it or not – the truth is that doing this night in and night out, or even just a few nights a week, can be the difference between being in awesome shape or not.

If you know this is a weak area for you and you’d love some practical advice on how to make healthy eating fit into your lifestyle, then you absolutely have to check out this post. It’s easily one of the most practical online articles I’ve encountered this year.

2 responses to “How To Find Time To Cook Healthy Meals”

  1. Carla says:

    For me, living a healthy lifestyle is a requirement, not an option. I have been out of shape, overweight with high blood pressure and blood sugar and I was only in my mid 20’s. I felt and looked pretty bad.

    Cooking and eating healthy meals is a priority. I spend more money and time on food than most of my peers and thankfully I love to cook and prepare food.

    When I was really sick last spring, we had to compromise a little though. I couldnt do much cooking at all! My SO would bring out healthy take-out: salads, grilled and steamed veggies, chicken, fish, etc while he would make us a big salad and green juice and smoothies to get though the day.

  2. Frances says:

    +1 to Carla

    I find that if I don’t plan ahead I end up starving, given I’m so critical about what I eat these days!! I’ve gotten into a routine of just getting it done, with a basic menu plan that just happened along the way – my SO eats what I cook so this is easy.

    I struggle thinking of food as fuel, so relying on the above structure is really what drives me to keep it interesting.

    Sure its hard to do this, yet harder not to in my opinion 😉