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How To Get In Shape: The Lies We Tell

"get in shape"

The ‘Before’ picture I use for my first book, click on the pic if you want to read about it

It was mid 2005. One of the busiest periods of my life. Not good busy, just busy busy.

Crazy busy.

I was 25, a Cluster Personal Training Manager for Fitness First and doing personal training on the side. I’d been a trainer since the age of 19, and was pretty proud of myself for how well I was climbing the ladder.

I didn’t really notice that I was slowly becoming less the image of a healthy and lean trainer and more the stereotype of an unhealthy, stressed and unfulfilled ‘working for the dollar’ sort of gal. My body changed slowly and I guess I became used to feeling like absolute rubbish compared to where my energy had previously been.

I couldn’t do anything about it anyway. Could I?

My schedule was insane. I didn’t control my own time. I had 6am meetings that just kept going, the day becoming a blur of calls and interviews and training (sit down training) and just busyness.

Sometimes I would try and do a 20 minute workout at 830pm but I just couldn’t get into it. It was too hard; I’d lost my groove. Besides, I was constantly run down and low on energy. It would have been bad for me to push through that, to try and workout more regularly.

Wouldn’t it?

It was easier to forget about how in control I’d been a few years back, how proud I was of my regular training, my clean eating and just the way I felt. It seemed like a lifetime ago and I couldn’t even believe I’d once been that girl.

"how to get in shape"

Competing in Miss Bikini Australia at Crown in 2002 or 2003. I came 6th nationally. I was told I would have been in the top 5 if my makeup wasn’t messy! I also won a Sportsmodel Melbourne comp that year. A lifetime ago!

Of course I wanted to get back in shape, when I thought about it.

But the other problem was I just couldn’t break the sugar cycle. I needed the energy! I decided that perhaps this was just the way it is for me. That perhaps if I wanted to be successful in my job then I had to accept that I couldn’t be on top of every other area in my life.

I decided to ignore the little voice that wondered if job success surely should not also include true passion, happiness, the ability to live life on my terms and be in flow, rather than purely the satisfaction of getting ahead and being recognised as good at what I did.

I told myself a lot of lies about why I couldn’t get in shape; why things just kept getting worse for me.

The worst part was, I believed the lies completely. And so I continued to create my reality.

stop kidding yourself about whether you can get in shape

Somewhere between 2005 and now I quit my job, created a business and then a few more businesses, got divorced and then re-married, and in a very round about sort of way I’ve now ended up living my dream of being a writer and being satisfied whilst also challenged with every area of my life.

Along the way I also lost 8kg and over 10% body fat, (except when I put it all back on and then some during pregnancy!) and got myself into the best condition of my life in terms of fitness, strength, and even flexibility.

"how to get flexible"

Advanced Yoga Competition 2008 – I placed 10th nationally. A scary but incredibly rewarding experience for me! And one I would NEVER have achieved if I stuck with my 2005 mindset.

I did some stuff that truly scared and challenged me, and made me feel incredibly proud.

"tough mudder melbourne"

Tough Mudder Melbourne – another crazy and very scary (beforehand) challenge. This year I am on a mission to do lots of adventurous stuff that I would have previously said ‘I can’t’ to. This was easily a top 5 life experience for me. I’ll write a full blog about it soon.

And heck, just to top it all off I even went blonde, as you can see 🙂

"get in shape"

Filming for the Look Great Naked Training Plan last week

It’s possible that you too have been lying to yourself. Perhaps. Maybe. A little?

It’s possible, I think, that you could be that girl. Whoever she is to you. It’s possible, even, that you could do anything you want to do, overcome fears and obstacles and truly start living the way you ‘wish’ you could live.

It’s possible that for whatever reason(s) at the moment, you think that you can’t. Or that it’s not worth it.

It’s likely – very likely – that you could be wrong.

Isn’t it?

So, if it’s even possible then just for argument’s sake let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about some of the lies you tell. I know them, because these are some of the lies I used to tell myself often. They’re also the lies I hear a lot from women I talk to. Women who are too busy living life the way they ‘should’ rather than the way they dream of.

why you can’t get in shape: the lies

1. I can’t get to the gym often enough.

Okay. So that could mean you’re not prepared to get up earlier; think you’re not a morning person (have you committed to at least 30 days of trying it?), think that going for just 20 or 30 minutes wouldn’t be worth it even if it creates a habit.


Or it could be that you think you have to go to the gym to workout. Or it could be plain and simple that there are other things you value higher. Just make sure if that’s true that you really do value those other things higher than looking after your own body. Those other things better be pretty darn good if that’s the case. And if it’s not?

Do something about it.

2. I get home too late at night to eat well or prepare for the next day

Interesting. Verrrrrrry interesting.

So what you’re saying is that it’s not important enough to you to find a way around this. Perhaps like batch cooking on the weekend. Freezing prepared stirfrys, even just freezing meat and veg. Chopping your vegetables in the morning. Creating smart nutrition habits to move you forward. Keeping your eye on the prize rather than the moment. Hmmm?

3. I don’t control my own time, I have to often drop plans to attend meetings and so on.

Been there, done that. I know. It’s tough. But it’s still a choice.

And what, they don’t let you even have a protein shake in a meeting? Worst case scenario you can stuff your face behind your desk or in the bathrooms if you have to. You know, with the healthy food you brought after starting to be smart about your nutrition habits? Unless of course you actually sort of enjoy the catered lunches and no-time-for-snacking-so-therefore-have-to-eat-sweets-in-afternoon sort of lifestyle?

That couldn’t be it could it?

4. Just one day off track won’t count

No. It’s the 364 others that will. Seriously – get real. Look back at the past 30 days and analyse your behaviours. Is the continued accumulation of those patterns going to bring you closer to your goals or further away? And what past are you creating today, what are you going to look back on 30 days from now? If you want to create your ideal future you need to start changing your past.

You know, now.

5. I don’t know where to start; I don’t know how to eat or train

Well it sure ain’t skipping meals and then processed carb loading. Seriously though, if you don’t know where to start? If you’re not sure of what’s right for you or you just feel overwhelmed? Get help. Get the Woman Incredible Look Great Naked Eating Plan. It tells you how to eat, what to eat, and includes recipes, meal plans and loads of tips. It makes life easier.

The Training Plan is coming soon 🙂

5. I have bad genes

Yeah. That sucks. Imagine this though. What if, through making consistent smart nutrition and lifestyle choices you could change the way your genes expressed themselves? What if your genetic code only had about 10% say as to how your body actually functions, looks and feels? What if the rest were up to you?

It’s a crazy thought, isn’t it?! Just imagine.

6. I need to build my energy first

You have to spend energy to build energy. I want to write an entire blog about this actually. And I get it, I really do. I know what it’s like to feel completely drained all the time. To struggle just to move through the day. But you know what? Feeling like you’ve got no energy is just another lie. If a bus was heading straight at your booty you can bet your bottom dollar you’d get moving. So decide right now. What is heading towards you if you don’t get moving? And is it a price you’re willing to pay?

My suggestion is to commit to 30 days of even 10 minutes of at home movement/stretching/body weight exercise every day. Every day means every day or you will just continue to struggle. Create a new habit. Change your beliefs. And create a new you.

7. I can’t afford it

You can’t not afford it. You don’t have to spend money to exercise. You’re already wasting money on eating out or junk food you don’t need so you could spend that on learning how to eat right and exercise if you wanted to. And if you’re talking time – you can’t not afford that either. Seriously – are you at your peak and most efficient when working lately? Hmm? And do you think that perhaps if you spent 10 or 20 minutes energising your body and mind each day and fueling it properly that you could be more efficient?

It’s just a thought. So think about it.

8. I’ve tried everything

Really? Everything? Everything? If that’s really true then you must know everything. And man you must have spent a lot of time testing it all out properly. How old you are, anyway? And why are you reading this? Shouldn’t you be off creating world peace or something?

stop the lies. stop the madness! and finally get in shape.

You can keep telling yourself lies. I won’t believe you because they’re all lies I recognise too well from my own past. But more importantly than what I think, I don’t know that you will truly believe yourself.

And here’s the thing. Lying to yourself for a day or even a week is one thing, but be honest now – how long has this been going on? Don’t tell yourself that ‘this is your year’ unless you truly intend to make it happen starting today.

Or before you know it you’ll be that chubby and exhausted girl from 2005, just 10 and then 20 years on. With 10 or 20 years worth of added weight dragging along behind you.

I have a feeling that girl is a bit of a grumpy beeeatch you know. I’ve met her once or twice.

And even if you do keep your happy face on, that’s a lot of load to carry around on your journey to living life now. It might even stop you getting there.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Great blog Kat!!
    I specifically need to work on point 4!
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