One of the toughest things on the journey to bringing your passion to life is to figure out how to take what’s inside of you and ACTUALLY turn it into something.

The REALLY hard bit is not actually the ‘what to do’ bit (which we’ll talk about in a moment) but more so the fact that until it becomes just part of who you ARE, that you make serious money and have a serious business off the back of the fact that you followed purpose, just about every cell in your body will kick and scream and relentlessly try to tell you it’s not possible,


or at the very least it’s not possible NOW.

Sure, you’ll likely have moments of great faith, certainty, and ‘let’s fucking GO’ vibes, but if what lurks beneath it is a pretty continual stream of self-talk telling ya you’re crazy, deluded, need to find something more REAL or you’re NEVER gonna be REALLY successful

Well. It’s kind of a downer.

One which for many people … maybe even one you look at in the mirror quite a bit … can result in action never being taken. Not truly. Not consistently. Not like it would be if you were unavailable NOT to take what’s inside of you and bring it to life like the mofo empire it’s meant to be!


1) See the doom and gloom talk for what it is.

It’s just talk. You can opt in to it, or out of it. You can act BASED on it, or BEYOND it. Every day, all you have to do is choose which way you wanna lean! The great news is you can choose to act from certainty and faith even without feeling those things in that moment!

2) Drop the damn perfectionism, and the idea of ‘I gotta catch up / build the entire freakin’ thing right.now.or.else’.

Take a breath. Stop and be HERE. THIS is where you are. Just be here. What if you just committed to 25 minutes a day?

– 25 minutes a day to write / produce a message

– 25 minutes a day on your sales / reaching out

– 25 minutes a day cleaning up small messes / details / emails

– 25 minutes a day working on automated income

Sometimes the getting STARTED bit just takes a commitment to the basics. To making it so achievable it’s no longer possible for you to say you can’t. If you’re continually talking about doing everything from flow and soul and alignment and based on what you FEEL … but you never get jack shit really DONE … get back to basics.

3) Let it build itself

The intangible – things such as ‘how do I really make money with my purpose work’, or ‘can I really just talk about THAT’, or ‘I need my message to be more clear first!’ – BECOMES tangible when we start to consistently show up for it, respect it as it is now, and simply – give it space.

Even if you feel like EVERYTHING inside of you is too vague, doesn’t make proper sense, can’t translate into actually helping people or making sales … if you simply committed 25 minutes a day (for example!) to breathing life into it, it WOULD become something. It would REVEAL details to you. You’d hone your thoughts. You’d find key teaching points that are YOURS. You’d figure out a motherfreakin’ system. You’d realise there IS already one inside of you. It’s just floating around everywhere waiting for you to start doing something with it!

4) The ache inside of you is not going to go away.

You’re not going to feel right until you say yes to what’s inside of you. It’s NOT going to go away. You WILL get older and it’ll still be there. That’s the only thing that will change if you just keep waiting! Well, that plus your self-confidence being even harder to muster up.

So … just start.

5) Pretend you’re already that bitch

Because on the inside, you ARE that badass bitch. The one who shows up for her message each day. The one who sells consistently, whether or not she thinks she ‘feels like it’. The one who takes action even when it feels overwhelming, or she doesn’t know how. The one who recognises that just starting, putting a small amount of time aside, consistently taking that next step, and then the next, acting FROM where she wants to be rather than scrabbling in circles wishing she WAS already there …

is how her empire is built.

And what it really comes down to is this –

Stop making it valid that you don’t know how, and are not sure anyway if what’s inside of you is enough.

It’s what you were mofo given, so HOW COULD IT NOT BE?

Start now, with todays work. Then repeat. And let it be.that.easy, because babe?