Success/Success Mindset


Let me ask you –

What is the THROB the PULSE the BEAT on the inside of your business, your message, your community, you?


I was sitting here just now writing out my ideas and plans for the INSANELY awesome freaking SOMETHING which I’m revealing tonight, strategising and scheming and PLANNING.

Mapping out my inclusions.
Mulling over the ‘live, you get ME’ side of it, and what is the right amount without being too much.
Considering the pricing structure and whether or not what I’m doing here is going to have people asking whether they should do this or the Tribe, as there’s the potential for some crossover there.
Making a list basically, checking it twice, and then re-writing the whole thing in order to make sure it is JUST so for you!

And then I got to that one final but OH so fucking important part of the list in which I started writing about the community of UNAPOLOGETIC awesome which will inevitably be part of it because what I’m DOING here, with Rich Bitch Life (that’s the new thing; if you’ve not heard me going on and on and on about it every day this past week or two!) …


Suffice to say it’s only going to attract a very PARTICULAR type of gal and possibly guy.

A very particularly DIVA-ESQUE type of person.

A very particularly DIVA-ESQUE type of person who wants it all, wants it NOW, is UNASHAMED about chasing the Rich Bitch Life and also living it, stat, because they know that a) being shit hot rich and living it UP doesn’t stop you from having a message of value and in fact b) the more money you make the greater the IMPACT you can have but also c) success is a fucking choice so why would we not just CHOOSE WHAT WE WANT!!

Anyway …

A pretty phenomenally hot, fun, success driven BADASS sort of person, in other words!!

In OTHER words:

The nature of the OFFER is such that the community will be unapologetically awesome without ME having to do anything special or extra to make it so!

As a matter of fact I could probably just summon this group through my offer and then be on my merry way and you’d all just step up and freakin’ crush it, because that is who you ARE.

But too bad! I’m not leaving 🙂 I wanna be part of the fun too!

ANYWAY … again! … my POINT is that that’s when it hit me.

As I thought about my INCLUSIONS and what I should make the Rich Bitch Life about and started to go over the ‘plan’. I realised that the plan doesn’t MATTER. What you ‘get’ doesn’t even matter. What we DO in there largely doesn’t even mattter either, although trust me we’ve got some DOING to do once we first get sorted with already BEING that Rich Bitch who has it all.

You want to know what matters?

You want to know why people will BUY from you in the first place, but then REPEAT buy and become a cult tribe member for LIFE?

Lean in …

Listen CLOSE!

Because this is the secret to EVERYTHING about, this is the FOUNDATION of me being able to do so much, create so much, SELL so much, day in and day fucking out and not only have that be OKAY in my community but actually have people get shitty if I back it off a little!





Okay, I’ll stop teasing!!




and ONLY

about –

The freaking VIBE of the thing baby.

It’s the vibe, the energy, the feel, the PULSE of your message, your business, your community, YOU, that’s gonna make them buy and also STAY and also REPEAT buy and also become a CULT FAN FOR LIFE.

It’s NOT about what they get.
It’s SO not about how it goes down.
The price REALLY doesn’t matter (just choose the first one that pops into your head, that is ALWAYS how I do it, seriously, so don’t ask me how to price as that’s my answer!!)
It’s NOT about how many calls you do, or how long they are, and it sure as ALL get out ain’t about the names of your modules or trainings.

It is ALL and ONLY about the base. I mean vibe!! Got that song in my head now 🙂 … although really, yes – the BASE is a good way to say it as well.

Let me ask you –

What is the THROB the PULSE the BEAT on the inside of your business, your message, your community, you?


Does that pulse reach out to your cult tribe so they can feel it, does it magnetically draw them from afar, are you that person in the room who is so damn charged with their own power that your mere PRESENCE, the mere existence of you and the ENERGY of your business draws people in without you having to even say a God damn thing?

Can I FEEL your heart beat, when I read your stuff, when I watch, when I follow?

Can I feel the dark, real, raw, gritty, sensual, DEEP core of your community?

Can I TELL, through the blink of the blink of an eye of energetic transfer, if the vibe of what YOU are doing vibes with the deepest parts of who I am, who I want to be, what I stand for, what I believe in, and what I CARE about?

Because if I can’t –

If your vibe ain’t got no vibe –

If by base you think I mean the bottom tier of your freaking FUNNEL –

If you think I’m seriously on another planet when I talk about your business having a PULSE –

Then I can tell you that you’re broke, you’re struggling, you can put the VERY best carefully planned offers together if you LIKE, and they can have ALL the right inclusions, but you ain’t gonna get them to buy.

They’re NOT going to follow.

And there’s no way in hell that YOU are going to build a cult fan base of REPEAT buyers who also share all your stuff and shout your name from the high heavens.

It’s ALL about the vibe.

The DELIVERABLES and the quality of the CONTENT; that stuff is a given! We shouldn’t even need to talk about it. I don’t WANT to talk about it. We’re so far BEYOND talking about that shit, over here.

There’s no QUESTION of whether you’re going to sell good shit that can help people, the only QUESTION is do you know how to step up and sell it so they give a fuck about it by which I mean YOU and so they want to follow you all day every day and buy, do, act on whatever you SAY?

Where is the vibe?
Where is the pulse?
What does your heart BEAT with and can I feel it?

So what this really is about, OBVIOUSLY?

You being the leader.
You stepping out of the shadows.
You DARING to beat the drum with a different tune to everyone who has gone before you, everybody who says this is how it must be done, everybody who is trying to climb the normal fucking ladder to success.
You stepping into the LIGHT baby.

And being the star of the show.

Nobody goes to see their favourite STAR or even motivational LEADER and walks out breaking down the DELIVERABLES and whether they got all the INCLUSIONS they should have received.

And that’s not why they get a ticket in the first place, is it?

We follow those worth following not because of what they GIVE us but because of how they transport us.

The experience.
The WOW.

The fact that when we’re around them we are carried away to a different place in which everything is possible and we even BREATHE at a new depth.

You want them to follow, to buy, to become a cult fan for life and then REPEAT buy?

Carry them away baby.


Not just once, not just for a special occasion, but as the heart and soul of everything you DO.

And if you’re serious about being a RICH BITCH where you get to have the business, the money, the body, the lifestyle; EVERYTHING, be a total diva badass who changes the world and meanwhile live your DREAM?

Then sort out your fucking vibe.