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{Daily Asskickery for December 17, 2015}

Here is what it comes down to:

You need to just let it COME to you.

The thing with chasing money, or any sort of ‘surface based’ success (aka MORE money, a certain # of people on your list, losing ‘x’ amount of weight, and so on) is that it causes you to forget what it is you actually care about.

This in turn makes it basically impossible for you to actually GET said money / fame / number on the scales / etc.

Which is incredibly infuriating and somewhat belies the laws of MANIFESTATION (and those are some real fucking laws, by the way, but you gotta know how it WORKS never mind also DO the work), but there you have it.

The problem is obvious, or at least it is once you get it through your head, or if you’re like me and most of my high achieving superhero clients then let’s say it like it is which is once you get it through your head AGAIN and actually run with it –


You don’t fucking care about the money.
Or the # of people on your list.
Or being ‘x’ number on the scale.
And so on.

What you ACTUALLY care about, is what it represents.

For those of us called to be CREATORS, ARTISTS, and REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING LEADERS, it’s DEFINITELY more about expression, than money. About doing our true work in the world. About showing UP. About being SEEN. About being a free SPIRIT as well, and getting to do exactly what we want –

When we want –

How we want –

And change our mind anytime we want!

So as soon as we try to lock ourselves DOWN to something where we tell ourselves that this is the PLAN, okay, here’s what I WANT (money! fame! to be the MAGIC fucking number or have it!), and here’s what I’m going to do to GET it and YOU JUST WATCH ME –

We’re basically screwing ourselves up the ass.

Not in a good way either, if that’s your thing.

Here’s what you need to understand, AS a revolutionary motherfucker with a message to shake the WORLD with:

The MESSAGE is separate to the money.

The ART has to be created for its own sake.

Who you ARE and how you EXPRESS that needs to be pure to what is TRUE.

And when you focus on ‘where will the money come from’-

Or ‘what do I need to do’-

You destroy that purity. You change your FOCUS from ALIGNMENT to ‘success’. Even if you’re aware of this and you’re actively seeking to do something that is true, based on your true MESSAGE, and from a place of purpose, passion, and flow, it’s too bad and too late.

Just by even a TINY bit trying to make your message about what it can DO for you, you tainted it.

Which you know, by the way, and I know you know, and you know I know you know, so don’t try and argue about it!

So how do you let in the MONEY you want then?

How do you hit your GOALS, your success markers around what you want, how much you want, around ‘getting to there’?

Well, I’m not saying that what works for me is exactly what will work for you; you’re going to have to find your own path. What you BELIEVE around all this stuff will dictate your outcomes more than anything, so if you actually fully BELIEVE that focusing first and foremost on the money is what will get you to ‘there’ then that’s going to be true for you.

As to whether it allows you to be who you actually ARE, and create from alignment, that’s another thing.

And because it really IS another thing for us crazy fucking creator SUPERHEROS, our greatest TRUE desire is that other thing.

We might well want the money (and we do!), but we do NOT value it as much as self-expression, shaking the world, being a free spirit, having an epic TIME with it all, and basically just doing whatever the fuck we please, showing up each day and owning and LIVING our awesome based on who we are and what is DOWNLOADED to us then and there.

This, is a conflict.

Of sorts.

But here is how I deal with it. Here is the way I LET IN THE MONEY whilst also being true to me.

1. I Set My Clear Intention

I write down exactly how much money I want, and in what period of time.

Example: a few weeks back I worked out I needed $19,750 by the Saturday of that week. It was the Tuesday when I worked this out.

I wrote it down, like this:

“This or something greater I create by Saturday November 28, 2015: $19,750”

2. To Backtrack: It is BASED on Something

I don’t choose arbitrary money goals. It doesn’t work for me. It DOES work for some people, but the number still needs to be connected to your higher values. I.e – a client of mine set a goal to earn 100,000 POUNDS this year; the number goal WAS the goal but for her it was fun to set that goal. She hit it, by the way, because the goal was based on FUN, not on “I have to make 100k”.

Here is how I do it.

I work out exactly what I want / need the money for and I calculate an actual number.

Here’s what I wrote down that got me to $19,750:

$4200 towards mentoring
$3520 staff
$500 Bali flights home to Melbourne
$2000 Bali accom.
$2000 aside for beachside apartment
$3570 friday direct debits
$1000 other staff member
$1000 extra biz shiz
$1500 extra for tax
$500 personal

3. I Work Out What I Know I Have Coming to Me Already

I write down exactly what amounts are already ‘in the bank’ so to speak. I do this more so to affirm that money is already on its WAY to me. If there is nothing already on its way that I know about, I just skip this step. It’s not a big deal.

4. I Track the Results

Every day, I look at my income. Don’t stick your head in the sand around money okay!! After I do my daily blog each day, I check my income. I track it on an excel doc, but when I’m doing a short-term ‘extra’ money goal like this I do it on a separate doc; usually an email to myself that I keep in drafts.

Here’s a copy of what I tracked for this above example:

$8000 Virgin gave me
$22,155.40AUD cents ACHIEVED!

So – I rocked that one out of the BALLPARK!

FYI I then set a new goal for $8350 within the next 2 days after that, and hit over 9k. Using the same method.

5. But How the Fuck Do I Make that Money??!

That’s not the point. That IS the whole point is that it’s not the point.

At no time when I set this goal, or the 8k one, did I write out HOW I was going to make it. I just set it as an intention and decided in my head it was ABSOLUTE, that it WOULD happen, that there was no reason for it NOT to happen, and then I just ALLOWED it to happen, and WATCHED it happen.

In setting this intention I was 100% certain it WOULD happen but equally I had to be totally cool with it NOT happening, and trust that if it DID not that there was a higher and better purpose. Which brings me to –

6. RELEASE Your Intentions

SET intentions.
Be CLEAR on them.
Be COMMITTED to them.
BELIEVE in them.
Be willing to DIE for them.
And equally give not a single fuck if they NEVER EVER happen.

It’s the only way.


I don’t know.

From wherever it had to come from.

People bought stuff from me.

HOW did I get them to buy stuff from me?

Because I set my motherfucking intention for the money I wanted, released that baby, and then I GOT BACK TO WORK BEING ME.

Which is to say writing / speaking / kicking major ass online / creating whatever the fuck I felt like NOT trying to create something to hit my MONEY goal.

8. Fucking TRUST

You have to choose to TRUST you will RECEIVE, when it comes to money or to ANY marker of success. If you can’t just TRUST then you’ll get caught up in HOW.

OMG how do I how do I how do I?
What should I sell?
What should I push?
What should I move out of ALIGNMENT for?
What should I FORCE?
What should I DANCE LIKE A FUCKING MONKEY FOR because it must be the WAY to make that money / lose that weight / hit those numbers?

Word to the wise:

Focusing on the how do I how do I how do I, which often comes from a place of scarcity and NOT trust and NOT self-worth and NOT choosing to inherently just believe you can RECEIVE,

Sometimes even I forget this, despite how often I’ve learned this lesson! The week after I set the above money goals I set one for $61,000 in a 5-day period. This is SIGNIFICANTLY more than my current ‘normal’ income.

So in my NON wisdom I decided that because it as SO FUCKING BIG I better get organised. And I wrote out a list of HOW I was going to make it, I then tried to follow that list, which I di a poor fucking job at as I’m not a fucking LIST FOLLOWER I’m a leader.

But meanwhile the whole thing hung over me and DESTROYED my abundance energy for the week.

I think I made only about 8k in THAT 5 day period … also, interestingly, I AVOIDED tracking my money that week.

Could I have FORCED myself to track, and to follow the list? NO I COULD NOT because I value alignment and fun and freedom and CREATIVE GROWTH ahead of money.

So, you know, maybe SOMEONE could follow that list and maybe it would even work! It would NEVER work for me, even if I DID somehow follow it, as YOU GUYS would not have bought that shiz. I can feel when I’m aligned but SO CAN MY TRIBE.

So, you know, we really don’t need to have this conversation about whether we SHOULD just LEARN to follow plans.

We REALLY need to focus on who we actually ARE and allow wealth and all other awesome stuff to flow from there.

Which is to say:

Fucking trust!!

9. Do What You Came Here to Do

Set your intentions.
Know why.
Be clear.
Be committed.
KNOW it will happen.
RELEASE those fuckers.


Your true WORK very well may make you millions.

Mine certainly HAS.

But that happened when I stopped trying to MAKE IT PERFORM.

And I finally realised that what I do? How I create? Who I AM? Is what it is and it is WHOLE WITHIN ITSELF. If it never made me –

Another cent –

Or even if I had to PAY to be able to do it –

I’d never stop.

Find the work you love that much, have to DO that much.

And then DO IT.

The MONEY, the other SUCCESS STUFF you want?

Has nothing to fucking do with it.

Ironically when you realise and fully ACT from this is when you’ll let that money show up. Breathing a sigh of relief to itself that you FINALLY stopped trying to force it, and realised that it was there all along.

And that all you had to do?

Was be you.

And ask.