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Success Mindset


I’m going to tell you something which many of you appear to have forgotten about manifestation, and the ONLY way it works:

Your “I want this, but I’d be happy with that” thought process you got going on?

Not so effective.

Well, it’s effective at helping you to get the bit you’d be ‘happy with’ … maybe … but it is NEVER going to result in you having or becoming THE thing you really dream of.

Manifestation requires certainty.

Certainty is ABSOLUTE.

You may be confusing yourself, or kidding yourself, and thinking that because you know THE thing is definitely available … divined … your soul says you’re meant to have it, and can, that it should then come to pass.

After all, if it’s divined – destiny! – available, available for you, available now, AND you also think about it and journal about it a lot, then, well, shouldn’t that result in it being called in or created?

Allow me to burst your bubble, about how journaling, affirming, ‘calling in’, works:

You can journal till the cows come home, and you can think about what is ‘meant to be’ or possible for you all day long, but if you’re simultaneously running a not-so-back-track which says “of course I want such and such, but to be honest I’d be content with other such”, then you are sending out conflicting messages.

You will NOT receive THE thing.

And you may not even receive the other (less than) thing, because you’re a vibrational match only for, well –

More confusion and uncertainty!

So on the one hand …

Yep yep yeppers, you COULD sell 100 places in a new program at $997, you KNOW this is POSSIBLE, even if you never launched a thing before it’s possible, and yep, if it ‘came to you’ then that’s definitely a nudge of some kind from soul, saying it’s available, but on the other hand –




It’s a start.

And it’s gonna be a long and slow and arduous road to building the damn empire you’re here for if that’s your approach.

You’ll definitely get somewhere in the end!

Hard work and effort DOES pay off! Exertion results in movement!

But if we’re talking being one of the 0.01% of your industry … or, more relevantly, if we’re talking building the actual empire you know you’re here to build, and doing your soul work to its full expression, then guess what?

The hard work and effort and exertion method is not gonna be enough.

ESPECIALLY not when it all revolves around repeatedly seeing what’s possible and what you COULD commit to, and then instead caving in to the ‘at least if I get x’ version instead.

You’ll always get –
Exactly what you ask for –
And insist upon!

Remember that.

“Oh, but Kat, what if I write a list, and check it twice, of everything I want to commit to and call in for this week and then I DON’T HIT IT?

What if I ask for too much?

What if it’s NOT possible?

Surely that number / dream / desire is unrealistic anyway!

What if I find out that I’m not actually worthy or good enough for that.

Surely I should BUILD UP to it?!”

Uhhh –

What if you KEPT GOING, firstly, whether or not you DID hit it?

What if you never used NOT reaching a goal right away as a reason to not continue to be absolutely.fucking.decisive. about what you want each next week or day?

What if you made it a personal rule that you will NEVER ask for or commit to anything other than the ACTUAL thing, and all of it, that you were shown?

What if you took your crybaby emotions out of it, and relentlessly just kept setting your targets on what your inner self TRULY guided you to do, and didn’t even make a connection between WORTHINESS and that?

Worthiness has nothing to do with what is available to you!

Available is whatever you are shown.

Receiving it is a motherfucking choice.

COMMITTING to receive it, and then doing so again and again and again, ad infinitum, is required, in order to back that choice.

At what point did someone tell you that the way to successful manifest what you’re shown is to align to SOMETHING OTHER THAN THAT, a shadow or smaller version, as some kind of test?!

Or, that you should ‘build up to’ asking for what you really want, and have been shown?


Just go to the end goal, now, and daily.

And then when the next thing beyond that is shown, go to THAT.

And, whether or not it appears in the physical realm in the timeframe you asked for it to AND COMMITTED TO (you did commit, right?!), KEEP asking and committing with the same level of certainty and determination.

I don’t know where you got it into your head that the expression is ‘if at first you don’t succeed, back away and try for something ‘safer’!’

You wanna know what people who have what you only dream of do differently?

They have the damn audacity to ask for EXACTLY what they want,


Precisely as it’s been shown to them, and with not a hair of it changed,

And to then relentlessly just KEEP ON ASKING UNTIL IT SHOWS UP.

All the while acting according to the belief that of course it WILL.

And not allowing time, delays, some alternate version, fear, self-belief, or ANY OTHER THING OR MAN to stop them from just continuing to ask,

And continuing to align to it through their actions and inner state.

Enough with the wishy-washy approach.

Stop being so damn scared to just claim all that you see inside of you.

And to refuse to accept anything less.



Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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