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Success Mindset

How to Achieve ANYTHING – Like Magic!

Spoiler alert: when there is TRUE MEANING, you will make it work. That’s it.

That’s the secret. You can leave now, eyes perhaps a-roll, and go about your day. Go about the LONG AND PAINFUL road to success, wondering why despite ALL your efforts you’re still not there.

But just for kicks, why not stick around for another moment, and consider –

When was the last time you truly made something a DO OR DIE situation in your life? For many it probably goes all the way back to being a teenager and feeling like getting the right pair of jeans or dress was a life or death situation and one that MUST be rectified!

It’s easy to look back now and laugh at the things you thought mattered as a teenager or a child, but tell me this –

Did’ja get ’em?

The ones that you truly thought ESSENTIAL, that you set your sights upon with NO possibility of refusal, you MADE COME TRUE.

And then somewhere between that time and now, you lost the ability to believe in yourself enough, or to care enough, or perhaps just to be freaking BOTHERED enough.


[pq]If you don’t have what you say you want, in business OR in life, then YOU JUST CAN’T BE BOTHERED.[/pq]

Which is pretty freaking sad, if you think about it, and even if you don’t.

Last night I had dinner with 6 of my clients from around the US and the world, who’ve flown into Vegas to be with me here for my weekend “JFDI” event. 2 days locked in a room with me to get the biz dream DONE! It is a KICKASS event and one that without fail allows me to meet my most action-taking clients out there! As we chatted and laughed one of the girls said something so interesting, it’s been eating away at me ever since –

“3 weeks ago I saw this event and I knew I had to be there. I had NO money to spare or even available but I just decided it was somehow going to HAPPEN … and it did”

She went on to talk about her own realisation of how she’s lost sight of that inner power and ability to just MAKE SHIT HAPPEN, and how excited she is to be back in touch with that.

Attending my JFDI event is 4-5k, depending upon whether people receive an early bird ticket rate or not. So it’s not like she just stumbled upon a few spare pennies here.

What we’re talking about, is the power of intent.

What we’re talking about, is what happens when you make up your mind that something MATTERS ENOUGH FOR YOU TO CARE ABOUT IT.

And when you care about it – TRULY – you WILL make it happen.

It’s really THAT simple, and it applies to any and ALL areas of life, whether it be business or money goals, health or fitness goals, relationship stuff, life stuff, happiness stuff – the works.

So tell me –

What DO you care about?

No wait! No need to stop and think about it or even to journal about because I can already TELL you what you care about! Yep … I got MAGICAL powers sister!

Here is what you care about:

You care about having the exact income you right now have.
You care about being in the exact state of health and fitness you currently are.
You care about being KNOWN for exactly what you’re known for right now.
You care about selling the EXACT stuff you’re selling right now.
You care about your home being in the PRECISE state it is right now.
You care about holding on to the relationship or other life ‘woes’ you have right now. Yep, you love that shit! As much as you might profess otherwise; even insist upon it!
You care about spending your time exactly as you are right now – you just can’t seem to stop CHOOSING it that way, can you now?!

And I think you get my point here.


Because let me tell you – if there is ANY part of you instantly trying to make excuses or allowances or ANY sort of ‘reason’ why it’s outside of your control and things are just that way right now, then honey you are just gonna KEEP ON LEARNING THAT SAME LESSON.

Aka: don’t expect anything to change sister.

Here’s where it will –

There will come a time, not for everyone, but for some people, and not always in all areas, although for some it will be, when something within you snaps, or perhaps just shifts.

Sometimes this happens if you’re triggered by something. An illness occurs, a child comes along, somebody passes away, you have some moment of awareness when you see the future and realise it’s not what you want or what you expected.

Sometimes it happens because you realise that if you don’t do something NOW then you’ll just miss out, or because you see something that you just KNOW you have to have and suddenly you’re that 16 year old girl INSISTING on getting the designer jeans again and KNOWING THAT YOU WILL.

Or sometimes you just get sick and tired of your own bullshit and decide enough is enough.

Regardless, the outcome is the same, and that is this:

When you attach meaning to something –

TRUE and outrageous meaning –

Such that you suddenly GET how important and powerful it is –

To the point where all of the reasons you thought you COULDN’T have it are LESS important –

You will make that shit happen.

This is true whether your goal is getting to a 4k event, or buying a multi-million dollar home.

It’s true whether we’re talking losing a couple kilos, or finding your soul mate for life.

It’s true whether it’s about finally launching that online program, or becoming known internationally as a world-famous author and speaker.

WHATEVER you can conceive of is possible.

If it’s BEEN done, you can do it, and even if it HASN’T you can.

The only IF here is you.

Do you care enough?

Will you believe?

Will you make it a MUST?

And will you do the fucking work to get there?

You don’t believe me, it’s too simplistic, it can’t just WORK like that or else (hey!) if you believed that you’d have to acknowledge how much time you’ve wasted and how HARD you’ve made it on yourself –

Good luck.

And good night.

This conversation is over because YOU ARE RIGHT.

You will ALWAYS get what you believe and what you insist upon.

So take your unserving beliefs, and be on your way.

But if this message is pulling at you, tugging at your core, and you KNOW it to be true but yet you just can’t seem to figure out HOW to make the stuff you want a must, well okay then.

I hear you.

It’s easy to say “make it a must!”, and “just DO it!”, but what if you’ve truly been trying, pushing, doing ALL that you can and yet you’re still not there?

I get it, because for all my efforts in my business there was a period back there of several YEARS when I just found myself further and further in debt. In fact, I ended up over 100k in debt and STILL not doing what I really wanted to do in my business, even though I THOUGHT my focus had been all on how to make a ton  of money and do what I want!

I could give you other examples of frustrated goals not achieved, but that one’s a pretty big ‘un.

NOW I am blessed to make 6-figures+ a month in my biz, do exactly as I please, BE who I am called to be and make the difference I’m meant to make in the world. WHILE rocking a first-class travel adventure life. So it’s safe to say I learned some stuff.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Slash irritating, perhaps.

When I look back, I truly see that the only reason things didn’t shift earlier was I didn’t LET them. I didn’t ALLOW them to. I didn’t make it a MUST. For whatever reason, whatever PAYOFF, I allowed myself to continue BELIEVING that it had to be hard for me, that I couldn’t get there, not yet, or not on my terms.

That was part of it, for sure – I didn’t just LET myself do business the way I really wanted to, and share my true message in my way. You won’t create SO CALLED success when you’re living against your own values.

So what is YOUR payoff?

And, in your pursuits to achieve your dreams, are you following your HEART or are you doing what you THINK you have to do?

Another example –

I’ve been fighting to lose some extra weight for the past month or two. Nothing too serious, maybe 10 pounds – the downside of being on the road for over a year now and eating out in some many great restaurants and hotels all the while not working out like I normally would.

In my fight, I’ve tried to either a) do mini workouts that are supposedly ‘harder’ as hotel gyms don’t always get me that motivated to train for longer, or b) travel ages across town to do something different or work with a trainer.

Both methods are frustrating and not really enjoyable for me.

And they don’t WORK.

A week ago I decided ‘fuck it!’, I’m done with this. This weight is going, it is just HAPPENING. And I’m just going to go back to training the way I USED to and the hotel gyms will just HAVE to be good enough!

6 days later, I sit here writing, and I’ve leaned down more in this past week than I have in the months previous. I would say another 2 weeks like this and I’ll be back to my normal.

That simple, after all my attempts to complicate it!

What are YOU making complicated in your life?

What are you telling yourself has to be a certain way?

What HOOPS are you jumping through right now?

What are wood are you not seeing for all the trees you’re allowing to be in your way?!

And what could happen – for real – and quickly – if you just. fucking. made it matter.

If you just DECIDED that enough is enough, that you are DONE, that this is HAPPENING and more than that it’s happening YOUR way and all of a sudden all of the inner and outer reasons you’ve had for it NOT to happen (the payoff) just didn’t MATTER as much?

Well I’ll tell you –

What would HAPPEN is you’d achieve it all, anything, anything at all, almost overnight and COMPLETELY on your terms, JUST LIKE MAGIC.

But for this to WORK it depends upon you actually giving a fuck.

You get that right?

It is NEVER going to work for the stuff you just THINK you have to care about or even the WAY you think you have to care about it.

You want it all? You can HAVE it all! But ONLY if you chase what truly matters to you, what you believe in (and belief can be a choice but it has to match your values!) and WHAT YOU MAKE A MUST.

So get out there.

Stop fucking around.

Get SERIOUS about this life thing.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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