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How to Create a Daily Routine for Success
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How to Create a Daily Routine for Success

Woman throwing paperThe hardest thing any of us have to do, on the road to ANY of our goals, is just stick to the basics.

Back in my super obsessive fitness days, I often found myself excitedly researching the latest and greatest ways to burn fat fast, to impact hormonal balance in my and my clients’ favour, to ‘hack’ the system for better results. I love to learn and I certainly love a good sneaky trick to fast-track results, so I also invested plenty of money and time in keeping abreast of the latest developments and research.

On the one hand, it was money well spent; time well invested. I learned a TON about nutrition, about supplements, about hormones, about what really DID make a difference and give you that 1% edge.

But you know what made the biggest difference, what the ‘make or break’ activity was for my myself and my clients who wanted to be in shit hot shape?

* Move enough
* Eat well

I’m not personally a fan of the ‘calories in vs calories out’ model, but the truth is that despite all my years of holier than thou fat loss talk about how there’s SO much more to it than just what you eat and how you exercise (and there is; that’s true), the most important thing for most PEOPLE is simply to spend time each day MOVING, and to eat healthy food, not too much.

And you can spend all the time you like learning the fancy and latest tricks and hacks, but if you’re not also moving your body and eating well then it will do you NO good.

Now I’m not saying DON’T worry about all that 1% stuff. But it has to come in addition to the basics, you know?

Take online business, for example.

The basics are pretty freaking simple:

* Get your message out there in a way that delivers value to your ideal audience
* Bonus points for actively working to share your message beyond just your CURRENT audience, and thus to grow your audience
* Create cool offers that will help them get to their goals
* Offer them the offers

That’s it.

But how many of us can actually say we do those basic activities EVERY DAY?

Or are you busily trying to find the latest ‘hacks’ to grow your list, avidly researching cool ways to get your message out there faster and further but yet failing to consistently HAVE A MESSAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Are you that person who knows all the ins and outs of options of online sales and marketing but yet you aren’t in fact SELLING anything?

Are you so damn prepared for how to run the world’s best launch but yet because there’s SO much to perfect you still haven’t launched the darn thing?

Are you interacting, hanging out, getting to know all the ins and outs of the online work, keeping busy and learning your SHIT but not. just. doing. the basics.

If so, you’re like the overweight person who spends half an hour or an hour each night online to research whether intermittent fasting is better than paleo is better than the Zone or whatever and oh my God! just LOOK at that ridiculous low-cal diet and I can’t BELIEVE the picture that fitness chick put up, and you have a good old chat about it on Facebook and you’re really up on EVERYTHING but yet you didn’t manage to get to the gym or in some way move your body today, because, y’know –

You’re busy and shit.

Well actually – you’re full of shit.

Not deliberately of course. I’m sure you truly believe you’ll get into the rhythm of the basics SOON,  once you figure out all the OTHER stuff you have to know, once you can just get on top of things a bit.

But honey it doesn’t WORK that way.

Not with fitness, and not in business.

Not in ANYTHING, I dare say.

Success is actually not a very complex beast. There are very few goals – I fail to think of ANY – the attainment of which requires some incredibly advanced complex “mere mortals should not attempt to understand” action plan.

It’s pretty much ALWAYS just about doing the basic work.

And that’s the hardest part, isn’t it?

Not because the basics are tough to DO.

Anyone can move and sweat for half an hour a day, can make healthy food choices and not over-indulge.

Anyone can share their beliefs and thoughts and knowledge each day, can put together a paid option to help people, can offer it to people every day.

But it’s SO much easier sometimes to pretend that there’s some fancy advanced method you need to know and that THAT is the reason you’re not moving forward; not meeting your dreams, not creating the life you KNOW you could have.

You don’t have what you say you want?


It’s your fault.

Your responsibility.

And you CHOSE not to do the necessary work to get there.

And if you think for a SECOND that doing the work is outside of the realms of what YOU are capable of doing starting TODAY, then just give up on the dream already!

Because as much as it might be cool to be that unfit chick who knows “everything” about getting in shape, is THAT the outcome you’re seeking? And if you’re not going to just get off your butt and do the work then what’s the freaking point?!

And as much as it might feel comfortable, safe, even exciting to know that you are prepared beyond the level of even most multi-millionaire marketers and that you know literally ALL there is to know about creating online success, is your goal to be a LIBRARY of information or is your goal to get out there and create your dream business, and life?

Either way is fine of course, but isn’t now the time to finally be God damn honest with yourself about what the outcome is you actually seek and the reality of whether or not you’re actually working TOWARDS that outcome or just dancing like a monkey around the edges of it doing everything possible NOT to do the actual work?!

It’s actually much easier, if you think about it, NOT to allow yourself to be successful.

It’s easier to say you didn’t find the right path, there’s so much to know, you couldn’t keep up, it’s too much!

But no.

The real work is simple, it’s brutal at times for sure, but it’s NEVER rocket science.

Do the work.

Even when it hurts.

Even when you don’t WANNA.

Even when you don’t know.


And gorgeous if you can’t commit to that NOW? Then there ain’t no amount of book or wiki learning that’s gonna get you there.

You want it?

YOU go on out there and get it.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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