I want you to know how deeply I appreciate you, how fully I love you, how greatly I honour your soul, it’s desires and requirements, and every aspect of your journey, fully.

It could be –
(of course)
And perhaps we wouldn’t talk about it if so –
(I suppose)
Because we probably would just not hang out together –
(like duh)

That the wishes and commands of your soul, and the way you then choose to show up for yourself, for life, and in some way perhaps for me (because aren’t we all in some way showing up for each other?) –

Just flat out don’t fucking work for me.
And so with that I’ll say goodbye, and I love you, and THANK you, and I SEE you, and again –

The seeker in me honours the seeker in you and GO AND DO WHAT YOU MUST

You know?

But – !

Not with me.

On an aside:

I don’t even know why I’m writing that, I write today from even more of a fugue and flow state than normal … or perhaps it’s just fasting mixed with 26+2 in the hottest studio in LA, mixed with questionable amounts of caffeine, all blended together beautifully with the remnants of last nights Bordeaux … but I think –

I just think –
Don’t you think?
That when the message starts to write itself you LET it, it’s not yours or mine to question, to wonder at the intent, nor the purpose, nor whether it’s too rambly, you think you sound silly, or where is this going and what on EARTH will people think I’m on about now, etc –

If you desire to be a messenger –
Which is to say, and I speak only to YOU, to those like US, if you desire to be who you ARE –
Then at some point you may like to realise the GLORIOUS ease OF THAT, which is to say –

You just bloody do it.
You simply don’t question.
You may be sitting here –
As I am –
At the Drybar –
Trendy coast vibes all around, Chanel or Mont Blanc (okay both!) bling bling surrounding you in your every accessory, and looking and acting for all intents like a REPUTABLE GROWN UP PERSON –

And then, all of a sudden, and with NO warning –

A thing comes upon you
A cloud of the very best and most mystical kind takes over you
You THOUGHT you were going to calmly continue your journaling, and then write a Very Deeply Powerful Post about Believing in Yourself Bigger … “Why Don’t You Just Believe Bigger Then?!” … it sounds like a good idea to ME, or it did when I THOUGHT of it, but I suppose the problem is –

I thought of it.
And that’s all there is to say about THAT.

So, your soul takes over
You have a plan
You feel considered
You are ORGA-NISED (well ….. ISH … well … not at fucking ALL, actually, ever, and thank God for THAT, but still … it was a nice story for a minute!)

And then,


And I wonder

I wonder

I wonder

what would happen, if we all just FULLY accepted each other for who we are

I wonder
I wonder
I wonder

at times –

at the things I am in this part of my journey so unthinkingly OKAY with, things that break or downright blow the fuck up so many RULES

about how relationships are meant to be
or love
or business
or money
or trust
or just the idea and the truth that meh –
if I want abs I’ll just decide, and poof –
there they are …

and in fact most EVERYTHING works like that, I’ve discovered …

MOST everything –
of course –
meaning ALL the everything –
of course

Have you discovered that magic, I wonder?

It doesn’t matter …
I don’t mind …
Wherever you are is perfect and okay and EXACTLY right …

Which I suppose is where we started

And all I wanted to say to you today –

I so deeply appreciate you
For the role you play and we all play in all of it
For your soul
And the journey you’re on

And I guess my only question or suggestion is …


Let’s say you wanted to build a cult tribe
Make money with ease
Have the body you want, ALWAYS
Attract in ONLY the perfect aligned soul peeps, for romance + more, but also of course friendship and clients and FAMILY; all of it
Have everything just FLOW, always
And have you just KNOW, always

Exactly what to do
Exactly how to do it
Exactly what it should LOOK like
Exactly how to click your fingers –
Make magic –
And fulfil your EVERY soul wish and command and truth

And on top of all that –


In THAT case –

Might not hurt to show it, to show YOU, and to BE all of you, no apology, just here I AM.

I guess what I really mean is simple.

I deeply appreciate you
for who you are
for how you show up
for your soul
and for the journey you’re on
I WANT AND EXPECT AND ALLOW YOU … as if I had anything to do with it, lol, but I’ll say it anyway … to be ALL of you

but –
do you deeply appreciate you?
for who you are?
for how you show up?
for your soul?
for the journey you’re on
and do you want and expect and allow you to be all of you?

says my soul
to you
and now
with a click of my fingers
or perhaps the snapping of the hair irons behind me
poof –
we’re both awake again
planted once more in the human place
and you get to decide –

Where to from here?

Just as you always did
Just as you always will
That’s all

And also?