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How to Get Rich the Simple Way

If you think that creating wealth as an entrepreneur is difficult and ‘should’ be a low and slow climb, then you’re going about it the wrong way.

Before I hit the million dollar income level in my business, I was certain that the thing that would get me there was being the best in my niche, and the most hard-working.

“Can’t go wrong, right?!”, I thought.

Follow the rules, work harder than anyone else, do what it TAKES!”

A good plan, perhaps a great one even!

Also, a broken plan.

It didn’t work.

And as it turned out, because I insisted on continuing to follow such a plan, my path was one of near bankruptcy and finding myself over 100k in debt, not even able to afford a snack at the shops for my daughter, before I eventually then found my way to my million dollar biz.

Turns out, when I got there, it looked completely NOT like I thought it would and the WAY I got there?

Blew my mind.

And what it came down to, really?

One word beautiful.

ONE word, that can and will, quite literally, make or break you in this big ole’ game of biz-niz.

One word, that within it, holds the power to determine whether you’ll make your millions (and have a damn fine time doing it!) or whether, like so many before you and still ahead of you, you’ll fade away; just another gal trying to make a few bucks and get a little freedom online.

You know those chicks out there who are truly rocking it?

The ones who not only have the MO-NEY and the recognition, but who also seem to have some kind of uber-personality charm thing going on, who seem UNREASONABLY energised and happy all the time, and who, just to add insult to injury, APPEAR to have it all together on the home front as well …?

Well let me tell you something gorgeous.

They KNOW the one word, they have got that shit DOWN, and they live and BREATHE it.

But let me tell you something else:

That chick?

The one who just seems to FLOAT through the world of entrepreneurialism and success simply melts at her feet?

That chick is you.

You, the leader.

You, the game-changer.

You, the vibrant, glowing, buzzing, EFFERVESCENT revolutionary.

You, if only you’d drop the mask of fear, show the world who you really are (and what you stand for!), learn to God darn TRUST in yourself and then SET FORTH LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

You wanna know what the one word is?

For so long, I thought I knew.

HUSTLE, I thought.

Hustle and do the work! Just make it happen! You put enough time in, you WILL succeed!

Unfortunately, and somewhat unfairly I suppose, it doesn’t always work that way.

PUSH more, I thought.

Just FORCE it to happen. Check all the boxes and learn from the best and just climb the freaking ladder and PUSH through that door to glory!


No dice.

So perhaps it was ADAPT, then. It wasn’t just ‘working’, so maybe what I had to do was change my ways, adapt to the ‘new ways of business’ (funny how there are always new ways, if you’re looking for them!) and PUT UP WITH doing stuff I didn’t really wanna do, in a way that didn’t really suit me, and for people I didn’t really like.

This approach, not only didn’t work for income purposes (not in the long run although admittedly there was a short-term spike) it also damn near killed my soul.

And as time ticked on, and I flew WAY past the age by which I THOUGHT I was supposed to make a million dollars, and I continued to see others rise all around me I really did start to wonder –

“When the fuck is it going to be MY time?!”

And –

“What am I missing here?”

Have you ever had that feeling?

Like you’re dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s and it really SHOULD be working, but yet it’s not and on the surface it SEEMS you’re doing everything but yet it’s – not.

And you know you’re missing something, but you can’t put a finger on it, it’s sketchy, slippery, hard to even catch a glimpse of let alone nail down.

I felt that way for a long while.

It was the time of hustle, of pushing, of learning from the best, of working to become the best!

It was a time when I slipped further and further AWAY from those goalposts I always seemed to push so far out in front of me.

Now, I do believe in hustle.

I believe in push.

I believe in learning, growing, in BEING the best at what you do.

But first, there has to be something else.

One word beautiful. And then you act on it.

For me, the change came unexpectedly; almost. I’d always seen it coming, for sure. I knew it was there, up ahead. But I’d been so used to just WAITING, to ONE DAY, that when one day appeared upon me it kinda blindsided me.

I’d been so used to JUST being able to scrape by.

I’d experienced –

*Not paying my rent
*Reaching over 50k in tax debt
*Over 50k more in credit card debt
*Having to stop working with my mentors at the time
*Not paying myself for MONTHS!
*Yelling at my daughter for wanting sweets when the truth was I couldn’t afford to buy her the gingerbread man she asked for
*Pretending I only wanted water when out for coffee with a friend, as I didn’t want to feel bad about not being the one to pay
*Lying to my husband about how dire our finances were (repeatedly), not wanting to scare him; not wanting to have to admit that I – me! – was actually getting scared
*Using up our savings
*Selling my meagre share portfolio, and using that
*Selling our house, and using the profit from that
*Selling my car, and seeing those dollars just CONSUMED by bills as well
*Selling what I could on eBay
*Borrowing money from my parents
*Finding my car stuck in an underground carpark, because I didn’t have the $17 to get out
*Seeing 0.89c on one bank account, less than $3 on another, less than $15 total between all 6 of my accounts
*Even – and this is what broke me; what snapped something, I think – reaching into my then 4-year old daughter’s saving account. That money, I quickly replaced; a line I wasn’t willing to cross.

But, it broke me.

And most of all, what I experienced through this VERY drawn out period (although the worst of it was only 6 months but by God it was 6 months of FLYING to the bottom of the heap, of pure emotional torture and not knowing whether I could keep going for another SECOND, but yet holding it all together and continuing on ANYWAY), was –

The shame, guilt and frustration, of trying so hard, for so long.

And wondering if there was just something inherently wrong with me; that I couldn’t get out of my own way and just break through, that even when I made money it just seemed to slip away.

But through it all –

One word.

It was always there.

Just WAITING for me to act on it.

And there came a time, finally, and perhaps shockingly really; that I managed to stop beating my head against the wall so stubbornly, when I listened.

I breathed in.

And I realised –

The way I’ve been doing things? This push, this hustle, this GO, without the right foundation?

That shit ain’t working.

So I changed things.

And –

Within 4 weeks, I had an additional 40k PLUS in the bank.

Within 6 months I’d hit an EASY multiple 6-figure annual income (based on monthly takings) again.

Within a year? I was doing over 100k a month.

Since then I’ve gone up, down and frankly all over the place at times, but the big picture curve? Is sure and steady on the up, and what’s more I don’t see any ‘ceiling’ to my income, my freedom, the DIFFERENCE I can make in the world anytime soon.

But here is the really BIG secret about that, the thing that ‘they’ (okay I have no idea who they are, but it seems a fitting inclusion here) don’t want you to know –

Getting to rich?

Getting to free?

It really ain’t that difficult.

Okay, so clearly, I know, there are a million and one ways to define rich; not to mention free. There are certainly people who would see my income as meagre! And others who either think I’m lying, or scamming, or ‘don’t have my priorities straight’.

Putting all of that aside (you can counter argue ANYTHING if you care to!), here is what I know for sure, and what COUNTS:

I’m hitting the goals that matter to ME. In some ways I will never actually HIT ’em, as of course I keep moving the goal posts! In other ways I seem to almost deliberately sabotage myself and at times go back. But the reason (I feel) I do mostly just move onwards and upwards is that my focus is fixed on what matters MOST to me.

Which is, quite simply, doing what feels aligned. What I feel called to do. What I BELIEVE in doing.

And here is what I believe:

Business is not a complex monster; not like it’s so often made out to be.

Building a 6, multi-6, 7 (and beyond!) figure business, is not complex.

Having an incredible reach, is not complex.

NOTHING that you (or I) chase as a big, bigger than big, even IMPOSSIBLE dream, is truly complex.

Now I’m not saying it’s not HARD. God knows this shit is HARD! It’s hard fucking work and it NEVER EVER STOPS.

But it is SIMPLE hard work.

One foot in front of the other.

Do the work.

Keep going.

Pick yourself back up.

As many times as it takes.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

If you think that creating wealth as an entrepreneur is difficult and ‘should’ be a low and slow climb, then you’re going about it the wrong way.

If you think that the path to success is lined with ‘having’ to know and do and be everything that every other chick online out there knows and does and is, then you’re going about it the wrong way.

If you think that the secret is something you’re right now MISSING, LACKING, not AWARE of, then you’re going about it the wrong way.

If you think that the answer, and the way you’re going to REALLY explode, lies in a particular STRATEGY and that you have to invest the appropriate time, money, frustration, etc into mastering that STRATEGY, then you’re going about it the wrong way.

If you want a strategy, a formula, a ‘proven approach’ to success it’s really REALLY simple:




Now many people reading this may well agree, but when the rubber hits the road WILL they actually do the work (and repeat, ad INFINUTUM), or will they agree, nod their head sagely, click like and perhaps share, and then go back to searching for IMPOSSIBLE SOLUTIONS?

Worrying that their website doesn’t look right yet, or that they don’t know which membership plugin to use, or that they need to improve their lead gen or sales or self, or what EVER?

Reality: most people will be that second person.

Ridiculously, it’s easier to believe that there is a complex thing you have to MASTER, and that if only you learn THAT thing over there or start doing THIS thing in THIS particular way then your time will suddenly ARRIVE, then what it is to believe that it actually takes no great intelligence or detailed blueprint at all but that all you have to do is put your nose to the grind, butt in the air and DO THE WORK.

The WORK that you have to do, the work that WORKS, the work that counts and is therefore the REAL work, can be boiled down to just a few (simple!) things:

1) Share your message with people (honestly, wholeheartedly, based on who you REALLY are and what you truly BELIEVE)

2) Offer people a way to work with you (aka: sell something, or multiple somethings)

3) Get that message and those services or products out to as many people as possible.

What I’ve found; what has helped me to make over 2 million dollars total online and now run a 7-figure+ annual income biz, and to do it all in a way that also FEELS awesome for me and allows me freedom, choice, independence, fulfilment, etc, is that the best WAY to do these 3 things is just really really simply and really really naturally; minimal bells and whistles, minimal glitz and glamour, minimal hurdles of the DOING or the getting OUT of it.

As they used to say back in the old days (2007, when I started blogging!): content is king. I still believe that to be true. I think we are guilty of believing that if we make things LOOK fancier or make them harder to get out there or take longer to do it or in some ways SUFFER in terms of not doing what we REALLY want to do, or sacrificing our true dreams about what we are known for, then it must be better and therefore WORK better.

Thank God this is not true!

Thank God the road to success really IS simple!

Thank God the best way to make MONEY not to mention a difference is to do what comes most NATURALLY to you!

Thank God it truly can be a straightforward process, that you don’t have to go out and ‘learn’ to be you and nor do you have to overly research HOW to get ‘you’ out there.

I wish there were some way to just IMPLANT this truth into people’s hearts, and minds.

Sadly I know that the VAST majority of people, even in my community of action-taking kickass ladies, will CONTINUE to believe it’s complicated, will act accordingly, and will therefore continue to create precisely fuck all actual content, make NOTHING like the difference OR the money they were born to make.

But you:

If up until now you’ve been thinking that creating wealth as an entrepreneur is difficult and ‘should’ be a low and slow climb, but yet SOMETHING WITHIN YOU has been questioning this fact and also you are willing to let GO of all of the things you think need to be ‘done’ before you can REALLY do, and willing to let go of all the boundaries you’ve imposed upon yourself about moving forward, well then I challenge you, quite simply:

Stop making it so tricky.

Get back to basics.

Do the HARD work that is SO simple, and do it OVER AND OVER again, every time you find yourself looking for a desperate answer, or caught up in anything that is not actually the real WORK, then get BACK to that simple real work and DO it.

Imagine, a year from now, if every single day, starting today, you just did the real work, and shared it out there.

Success, riches, freedom, choice, all of those things you crave – if you don’t HAVE them yet it really is just that you haven’t done the work that counts ENOUGH and quite likely CONSISTENTLY.

So, what better time to start than today?

After all –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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