feel tired


I was going to write a blog post about how I feel tired today, and how I motivate myself to get my shit done AND feel good about it anyway, and then I realised – 

Why would I AFFIRM something I don’t want?! Especially when I can just show you, now, live like this, how to quick switch your emotions and get back to feeling ready to rule.

See here’s the thing: 

Us entrepreneurs? Us leaders? Us BADASS motherfuckers who’ve got shit to do, a lot of it, and just won’t be stopped?

We kind of just can’t afford to INDULGE in being tired … flat … not in the mood … rundown! I don’t mean you can’t actually need the odd moment or two of sleep (I guess it’s okay!), or that you shouldn’t actively do shit to rejuvenate yourself now and then (bring ON the massage / beach walks / etc!), what I’m talking about is the simple daily reality of doing what you need to DO in order to bring your business and life dreams to life, and the fact that not FEELING like it?

Just ain’t gonna cut it.

You can’t walk around saying you’re different, you don’t ‘do’ or think normal, you’re going to achieve big ass things and change the world and then spend your days snoozing or simply NOT pressing play and still expect to GET somewhere.

That’s not how it works.

And I think that at some point on the success journey we all have to acknowledge that deep down we KINDA believed that those REALLY successful folks, the ones we aspire to one day grow up and be like, are NOT in fact robots of motivation and self-belief. They’re human, just like us … even if it’s a superhuman kinda version of human (just like us!). They have doubts. Resistance. Fear. Uncertainty. Stressful shit going down in their personal life from time to time. Lack of sleep. They sabotage themselves. They get shit wrong. They fall flat on their face or embarrass themselves at times. They have people not like them, question them, maybe even cause them to question themselves. They have ALL THE SHIT THAT WE ONCE UPON A TIME THOUGHT GOES AWAY WHEN YOU MAKE IT.

The difference?

They just do the fucking work anyway.

I don’t know if I found this whole realisation reassuring or depressing when it first hit me, because I honestly just ASSUMED that people who were crushing it in a way that I wanted to had their shit TOGETHER. CLEARLY they bounced out of bed each morning feel raring to go, a spring in their step before they even took a single one! Clearly they had UNLIMITED amounts of self-confidence. Clearly they knew exactly what they were doing, day in and day out, in order to get people to follow them and buy! Clearly they were PERFECT SUCCESS MONSTERS, and had the results both inside and out to show for it, and that’s why I wanted to one day evolve to be just LIKE them, right? Right?!

Well, actually – 

CLEARLY they just got to a point in their life, for one reason or another, or purely through consistent fucking grind and the creation of success into a HABIT, where they’d just built up enough credit of being the person who does the WORK, in order to be the person who gets the RESULT.

So you can sit here, I can sit here, we can all sit here, all we like, with perfectly reasonable explanations as to why we’ve not yet done enough, why today is not a great day for it, why it is we REPEATEDLY don’t QUITE (or, in some cases at all!) do what’s gotta be done, but in the end the fastest way to shift all that and ACTUALLY also freaking feel like it?

Woulda been to just do it anyway.

Tell me honestly now:

When you spend your day sitting around, doing less, moving as though in a fog because you decided to let your emotions and SO-CALLED energy in a given moment dictate your outcomes, do you feel better or worse for that?

Energy is created from within. It’s a choice. It DEFINITELY comes through action, but here is what else:

Some days you just feel like shit all day! I can tell you that right now, from writing this rather than moping around I already feel a million percent better, but some days you just STAY tired, flat, feeling as though you’re pushing shit up a hill all day long, and guess what? YOU CAN STILL DO THE WORK ANYWAY!

I can’t tell you, if I look back over the past nearly 20 years of adulthood, how many days I was exhausted. On occasion when I look back it all just feels like a blur of stinging eyes, pounding head, frustration, not enough sleep and too much coffee but yet I NEVER stopped showing up, and here I am, with this business, this life, doing THIS work, on purpose and living my fucking dream.

On other occasions when I look back all I remember is an endless stream of excitement, fun, energy, the charge that comes from following the fuck through and firing the fuck UP day after day after ever-loving DAY while the world just fades on around you.

It’s all a matter of what I CHOOSE to see, and how I choose to feel in a particular moment.

And THAT is the thing really, isn’t it?

You get to CHOOSE how to feel. I get to choose how to feel. We ALL get to choose how to feel! You also get to choose to ACT on how you WANT to feel.

And we tend to create our outcomes accordingly. 

So you can carry on – 

If you like –

Not pressing play.

Because you’re tired.

You’re flat.

It’s hard today!

And surely when you grow up and become a REAL entrepreneur it will all just WORK. 

Or you can wake the fuck up and realise:

You became a real entrepreneur the day you were formed in the womb, or you never were in the first place and never CAN be, but either way?

You still gotta do the fucking work.

And it has to be today.