Business Mindset


Your fears are true: you definitely ARE a crazy weirdo, and in fact I’d be worried if you weren’t. But that doesn’t mean you have to ACT like a raving loony mess every day; not if you actually want results anyway.

So today, let’s talk practical steps about being a crazy and sometimes SCARED person but also doing the fucking work.

I’ve been struggling a lot with anxiety over the past week. It’s nothing overly dramatic; nothing serious. Just your usual upleveling / not sure if I’m good enough / want to / have what it takes stuff.

Every uplevel in business (or life) comes with it’s own special bucket of fear and self-doubt, just as an FYI! So, I’m familiar with what’s going on here. I’ve been there before. I know I’ll come through it and get back into flow and supreme self-confidence!

But it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with right now, you know?

I don’t know if you struggle with anxiety and the panic that comes from thinking about everything you could or should do, but if you do, here’s what I’ve found to help. Consider this an ESSENTIAL guide to actually leveling up as an entrepreneur, because let’s face it – if you allow the anxiety and ‘what if’ panic to rule your actions then it can very well stop you from EVER creating your dreams. I know people who’ve literally been stuck in fear of not being able to handle it for years. I have tremendous sympathy for this, but also?

Wake the fuck up people. If you don’t handle what you have to handle now, to create the outcomes you want, then you better be prepared to handle a lifetime of regret and disappointment. I know that the ‘ideal’ way to motivate you (or me) to take action is probably not by threatening the consequences of not doing so, but hey – if the incredible joy and purpose of DOING so isn’t enough to get you going then maybe you need to take a good hard look at where the path you’re currently on is leading!

Here’s the reality:

Anxiety, panic, overwhelm, fear, tears and rage and screaming, all of these things are PART of business, PART of creating success, PART of actively living life on your terms.

You will NEVER reach a time where you’re ‘done’ with these things. The successful glossy happy people you see on Facebook (and I include myself in this) have ALL had meltdowns behind the scenes this year, and probably this month. That doesn’t mean their ups aren’t real, by the way! You truly can have it all. But understand that the price you pay will INCLUDE having to fight those inner demons as many times as necessary. Ultimately those who succeed and live the dream do so because they learn how to DEAL with this shit, and move forward in spite of it.

Let’s talk how.


If you just stopped THINKING so much about everything you could or should be doing, and whether you know how or want to, and you just DID it; just put the time in and then clocked off, don’t you think it would be so much easier?

So much of the fear-based emotion we allow to rule us is simply a product of over-thinking! Stop thinking so much!

If you want a certain outcome then identify the actions you need to take, stop worrying about whether the fuck you feel like it or what might happen, and just do. the. work.


Want to increase your income? Then have a daily process related to that. I ‘have to’ do 10 sales activities a day. I could sit there worrying about what people are going to think when I reach out to them, or make a group offer, or whether I can be bothered writing a sales email or if I’ve already been too pushy this week or whatever, or I could just do the fucking work; treat it as a process that I checklist my way through and then move on.


(All of these points are layering on each other by the way).

Once you get over whether or not you want to / know how / are good enough to do the work and you just start DOING the fucking work, create yourself a little process about it, the next step is automation. This means it needs to become a DAILY discipline. A habit. Consider the things in your life you currently do ‘automatically’, day in and day out. For me fitness is a great example of this. There’s no question but that I WILL workout every day. People thought it was funny and weird when I did a workout in the shower cubicle at Brisbane airport while in the middle fo a 25-hour trip. I recognise that it’s weird, but also – I WORK OUT EVERY DAY. So I did what I had to do, it wasn’t really something I thought about. Having automation around my fitness means that even though of COURSE some days are better than others, being in shape is pretty much guaranteed.

Imagine how EASY it would be to reach your business goals if the doing of them was just SOMETHING YOU ALWAYS DID! You wouldn’t have to even bother about feeling anxious about it; you’d already be mid-way through doing it!

Word to the wise: creating automation DOES require DAILY discipline. It’s not a habit if it’s 2 days a week. Not a very effective one, anyway; although yes I recognise that some activities only NEED to be done weekly. So, do them weekly but DO THE DAILY ONES DAILY.


The only way this can work, really, in any goal in life, is if you release the outcome. It’s not about trying to grab on to or force success. You can make the assumption that OF COURSE if you –

Do 10 sales activities a day

Write every day

Workout every day

Work on business growth every day


That you’ll get certain results, and you very likely will. But you can’t do it FOR that reason as such, even though of course you do it for that reason. Confused?? Okay, let’s make it simple:

Set your goals, set your intent, decide what outcome you want and then do the (daily!) work to get there, and just trust that it WILL work at some point, when it’s good and ready. In the day to day of it you can’t be focused on / demanding about the result. You don’t go and do a killer workout then jump on the scales to see if you lost a kilo, and if you do then good luck not turning into a raving binge-eating mess.


The VERY easiest way to get all this working is to just become the person who.

Become the person who works out every day and that’s just how it IS.

Become the person who eats a certain way.

Become the person who communicates her message from the heart daily, regardless of how messy / awkward / irrelevant it may feel.

Become the person who actively engages on social media in a way that supports growth.

Become the person who puts attention into business growth / automation / leverage.

Become the person who does ‘x’ amount of sales activities each day.

Become the person who speaks up for what she believes.

Become the person who takes daily time for herself, for fun or joy or play or adventure.

Become the person who expects a certain standard in business, in her relationships, in self-care, in anything that fucking matters!

And so on.

Anxiety, panic, overwhelm – all of these things WILL at some point again be part of your story. This post isn’t about turning into a robot who never feels stuff 🙂

But you CAN take so much of the emotional turmoil out of it by just making success – and the action towards it – an automated process of sorts. You CAN become the person who just lives / acts / creates in a certain way, day in and day out. It really does save a lot of angst! When I think about why I’ve felt so anxious and scared these past few days, it’s not at all because the stuff I’m anxious about is beyond my reach or is going to require great pain or struggle.

It’s pretty much just because it’s new.

Because I don’t have a process; a system around it yet.

And so therefore it’s natural to wonder if I have what it takes / really want to / am good enough.

I can spend my time trying to get myself emotionally ‘ready’ to do what needs to be done, or I can simply release emotion around it for now, and discipline myself to do the fucking work. And then if I really feel like it’s necessary, a few weeks down the track when all my new activities are an automated habit, I can wallow in my feelings of fear and overwhelm!

I probably won’t though 🙂

Here’s a reality about successful people to leave you with:

The rich really do get richer and the successful people get more successful, most of the time. The more I connect with the top 1% of entrepreneurs, leaders, artists the more I see people who are not only rocking it in BUSINESS but also in their health, their relationships, their joy for life, their lifestyle, indeed in every part of their life that they turn their attention to.

Wanna know the simple reason why this is the case, and why success breeds success?

Success is a habit.

Stop asking yourself whether you can, and just make it yours.