The reason shit isn’t working for you the way you want it to and also know it should be, is you’ve been fighting AGAINST your nature instead of with it.

When you give yourself permission to lean fully into what nature would have you DO, the road to gettin’ wherever it is you are ACTUALLY meant to go is paved with marshmallows and rainbow unicorns, and you’ll merrily skip dance and sing your way there in no time.

Sure, unicorns can be spiky and shit, so I’m not saying there won’t be any challenges or ups and downs, and if you’re anything like me you’ll probably go splat a few times, but all in all?

> It’s gonna WORK when you do the work you came here to do. <

Wanna get honest about it with me for a minute? Let’s go:

– Where are you right now fighting against yourself with what you are trying to build
– Where are you running AWAY from soul with how you are trying to sell?
– Where are you flat out lying to yourself about what it is you think you should do, or prove, or be?

And, the worst one of all and therefore my own personal favourite to answer honestly –

Where are you trying to convince the world that you’re something you’re not and in deep down ACTUAL fact –

don’t even wanna be?!

Throat punch:

Would not choose to be a for a minute if you already knew and valued your own inherent worth!

Listen –

it’s extraordinarily unlikely (read: not gonna fucking happen) that you will convince the world you are something which you do not have your SELF convinced you are.

So … what ARE you? But really?!

Because there’s not a snowflakes chance in hell that you’re going to EVER convince yourself you are something you’re not.

– I came here to be …
– When I just follow my true nature, what I know I must do is …
– The yearning of my soul is …
– I just want to …. !

These sorts of questions need to be asked of yourself on the regular, and answered honestly, until you are CERTAIN you are living your truth and backing yourself to be who you really are.

Me, I came here to write, and speak, and create, to let the message come forth each day however IT wants to come forth. I came to be a channel THROUGH my writing and speaking and unleashing, a channel to inspire, educate, motivate, empower, and kick the ass of the already driven high-performing ones.

I did not come here to write to an outcome.
I did not come here to make things ‘so that’ they sell.
I did not come here to create from a place of what ‘should’ be done, or even what could.

I came for the chaos.
I came for the random.
I came for the madness.
I came to throat punch a bad bitch like YOU straight in the soul.

Everything else? The building of businesses and structure and systems and OUTCOMES?

It works when it follows the fucking flow I just listed above.

How ’bout you?


how ’bout you do that?