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I didn’t and don’t actually want to build an empire.

I just wanted and want to do my art.

I know that I HAVE an empire, an empire in the personal growth space, an empire beyond that in my life and in which my digital business is just one part, but the truth?

It’s not what I came here to do.

And yet, when things work best, and when I AM fully in ‘what I came here to do’, the natural by-product of that is that yes baby, YES.

Girl’s got an EMPIRE. And growing!

And yet and yet, whenever I seek to GROW said empire, to put things in place to do so, or turn my eye to the how of simple empire-ish things, things any great CEO would ‘obviously’ consider and attend to …

shit does not grow.

Girl not happy.

Art falls by the wayside.

Everything slows down.

Gets harder.

And yuck.

And so time and again, I’ve returned to the fact that I DIDN’T AND DON’T WANT TO BUILD AN EMPIRE, and I don’t overly care one way or the other whether or not I have one, it’s just that when I’m being me one shows UP,

and can’t not.

And as far as the ‘things any great CEO would ‘obviously’ do’, well –

I never did much wanna roll with the runway of obvious.

Do you?

Yeah. I didn’t think so.

So let me tell you something about being a true artist. One with a calling to message. To unleash. To be the vessel. And the voice.

It works when you let the art be the art.

It works when you let the message be the message.

It works when you consistently put first things first, so much so that all other things kind of fall by the wayside, or just – fade away.

It works, quite simply, when your focus is where your focus is meant to BE,

and not on building or growing things.

Where is your focus meant to be?

And, if you truly went all in on that, what do you think a very natural by-product or outcome of that might be?

And, do you understand or are you willing to accept that whatever the answer to that is is not the raison d’etre for you DOING anything.

Most especially your art.


some of us came here to make millions.

Impact millions.

And change the fucking world.

Some of us will never do that if they keep trying to make millions,

impact millions.

And change the fucking world.

Because for some of us?

It always was and only ever could be a side effect of being fully you.

And you sure as shit do a shitty job of that when you try and build shit you don’t actually at your core care about,

because the diverted focus means it’s coming at the cost of being you.

The vision was never you putting the bricks one on top of another, was it?

The vision was always that you breathed life into where life was meant to be breathed.

And the damn thing built itself.

God, soul, and life, co-creating with you when you get on up and BE you.

Can’t very well happen if you refuse to do your bit.

Now remember – !

Life is Now. Press Play.



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